Memories: Ch3

It was Friday. I was flying to school once more. At the moment, I was in high spirits as I woke up early and I had two English classes today. More time to write, and no need to rush.

I went through the school gate, and headed for the lockers. Once I was there, I stuffed my bag in there, and pulled out a few books and papers. I stuffed the papers in my pocket, and held the books in my arms as I headed for the first class, which was art. Art wasn’t my favorite class, but it wasn’t my least, either.

‘Wait a second.’ I thought. ‘I don’t need the art book. Why am I holding it?’ and I went back to my lockers and put the book back in. We always did something that we either made or draw, we didn’t need our books at all. So why had I pulled it out on the first place? Lol.

I flew up to the 6th floor, and went into the art class and went into the art class. Today, we were to draw creatively, changing the original painting of Mona Lisa. I drew a bunch of dragons sitting in the back of a truck, and named the painting ‘To the farm.’ I snickered a bit at my painting. Then I handed it over to the teacher for grading. Then the bell rang.

I went to the math class, and prepared for the presentation I had to do. I had to solve the question Ms.Aliea gave out as an assignment. The presentation went smoothly, and I was pleased with myself. Maybe I have improved, you know?

The one before lunch was English. As always, I pulled out my pen and paper, and started to write. The main character’s friend was kinda my fantasy. I didn’t have any old-friends, so I made her a life-long friend, and I didn’t have any girl friend, so I made her a female. Basically my own fantasy. While I was writing, Mrs.Han passed by, looking at my work. Soon, I ran out of ideas, and put the paper back in my pocket. Maybe I’ll get some more ideas later.

I started to think about what to do at lunch period. And, more importantly, what to eat. I was hungry, as I always ignore breakfast. Today was the same. I skipped breakfast, and was now starving. But I didn’t want a burger today. Maybe I should get steak? Yeah. Steak sounded good. The bell rang soon, and I dumped my books in the locker, and flew to the cafeteria to get some steak. Thank god not a lot of dragons liked rare steak, or else it would be out like those well-done steaks.

I grabbed a dish, and took a seat near the window. I slowly ate it, then grabbed another dish of steak. I ate it as well, and went out under the same tree as yesterday and started to read. Everything was peaceful, and the breeze was just right. I continued reading.


The bell rang, indicating that I had 5 minutes till class starts. I closed my phone, stuffed it in my pocket, and got up. Time to learn about geography. Boring, but better than Korean.

I went to my locker again, and pulled out the book I need. But I felt tired. Maybe I’ll ignore this class and sleep..?

I walked to class debating on whether to or not to sleep in class. Eating two chunks of steak definitely made me drowsy. But, it was delicious, so it’s not bad…right..?

I say down, and soon one of my friend joined me. It was colin.

‘Hey.’ He said.

‘Hey.’ I replied.

‘You listened to the lecture about that college yesterday, right? Why did you? You said you’d go to an automotive college. Changed your mind?’

‘No. The college I thought of is kind of a campus of that said college. So I thought, you know, maybe u’d get some info? Didn’t though.’

‘Oh. You’re really gonna go to that automotive college, aren’t you? Then… you know whay a crankshaft is?’ He said, trying to challenge me.

I laughed inwardly. I always won these kinds of challenges, yet he still tries to challenge me. ‘Of course I do! Then, you know what a camshaft is?’ It was a basic question, and I was kinda mocking him. To my surprise, he nodded, but suddenly went silent. So I doubted that he actually knew what a crankshaft is.

‘I’m going to sleep.’ He said, and laid his head down on the desk.

‘I’m going to as well. I’m tired, too.’ I said, abd laid down on my own desk.

And like that, the geography class went by, with both of us sleeping.


The class got noisy, and I woke up. Colin was already up. In a few minutes, the bell would ring, and I would be able to get out of this class. A few minutes later, the bell indeed did ring, and I got out of class. History next.


It was now the second English class, and the last class before one additional class and self-study time. Also, one hour before dinner. I did all my works I had to do, and was now writing once more. ‘If I’m lucky, I might be able to finish this chapter.’ I thought. ‘Hopefully I can.’


It was dinner time. I didn’t fee like eating a lot, so I just got some salad and fruits.

The salad… was rather warm, and I didn’t enjoy it a lot. But the fruits were ice-cold, and ripe just right. I did enjoy them. After dinner, I found my friend Focaly, who was another easterner, and urged him to go to a nearby store with me for a flight. I myself, not having much appetite or money, didn’t buy anything, but I did make Focaly buy a roll of bread to eat. You know you’re a real bro if you don’t use any money but make others use, right? Ok, ok. That was a joke. Anyways, then we flew back to school, and went to each one’s classes. We had self-study time before we could go home.


It was the second half of self-study time. Only a bit of time left before I could finally head home.


The bell rang, and now I could go home. I packed my bag, and enthusiastically went out od class, as it was the last day of week, and crashed into… Avil. I dropped my bag because of the crash.

‘Sorry.’ I said, and picked up my bag and her books.

‘No,no. No need to. I’m the one who should have been cautious.’ She said. She was holding a bag as well.

‘You going home?’ I asked.

‘Yeah.’ She replied, and looked at my bag. ‘I see you’re going home as well.’

‘Yeah. Umm… mind if I accompany you to the school gate?’ I asked, trying not to sound rude or offensive.

‘No. Let’s go then, shall we?’ she said, and led the way. I quickly caught up to her, and flew on her side. The school gate wasn’t far, so we had to part ways very soon.

‘Bye.’ She said.

‘Bye.’ I replied, and waved a claw at her. She smiled at me, and flew away. I continued on my way, and despite my tired condition, my mood was high. I went home, got some cereal and milk, ate, then started tying again. Faster than normal, ADL Ch3 was done, and I went to sleep, feeling happy.

It was a good day.


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