Memories: Ch4


I woke up, stretching. It was Saturday, which meant I could wake up late. I, however, had an extra math class I signed up for.

I got up, went to the bathroom, and cleaned up my scales and hair. Then I prepared to go to school. I was already kind of late, as I needed to get up early but didn’t, so I took my time preparing.

I came out of my uomr, and started to fly over to school. I dug through my pocket, and pulled out my flip phone and smart phone. I used two phones, as I needed a smart device to write my diary and story. I opened my flip phone and checked for notifications. There wasn’t anything noteful.

I unlocked my LG G5, and opened the music app. I connected my earbuds since my headphones broke, and started one of the music I had. I was a giant music fan. I simply loved music. I only had 616 files on my phone, but I had a bit over 2300 files on my computer.

I hummed along to the tune as I flew. Soon, I arrived at school, and I flew up to the 3rd floor where the math class was located. I entered the class, and was kinda shocked.

Only 2 dragons, excluding Ms.Aliea was there. There was supposed to be at least 10. Somehow they were all late like me or all decided to skip class. Lol.

I took a seat, and started to solve the questions Ms.Aliea handed out. As I solved the questions, 2 more dragons arrived. That made 5 dragons participating in class, including me.

Then Ms.Aliea stopped us and we matched our answers to the official answers. Then we solved the questions we didn’t know together, then the class ended.

Normally, I would have an extra math class out of school at a teacher’s home, but that class for postponed due to Ms.Oblia’s personal errands.

I flew back home, threw the bag on my bed, and said ‘I’m home!’ to my mom. She replied by ‘Do you want breakfast?’ as I skipped it before class, and I said yes. I connected my phone to my Wi-Fi, and checked for notifications. Again, nothing noteworthy. I shut my phone and went to the kitchen for breakfast. It was basically some cooked rice with other helpings.

I ate, abd came back to my room. ‘Maybe I’ll to back to school to study more.’ I thought, and debated on whether to actually go or not.  Finally, I decided to go, and packed up my bag again.

I started back to school, after telling my mom, and stepped out of my house and started to fly again. On mu way. I lit up a cigar and drew a breath from it.

I flew over to school, and went into my homeroom. I pulled out a few books from my bag, and started to study.


It was 5pm. I was packing my bag once more. While I was studying, Focaly came over, and studied beside me. Now he wanted to get dinner before Mrs.Oblia’s class started, hence why I was packing my bag.

‘Good to go?’ I asked.

‘Yeah.’ He replied, and we flew out of school, heading for the nearby vietnam noodle place. Because I had studied for nearly 4 hours straight, a cigarette attracted me and I lit one to clean my mind.

Curse my nation’s education system. If not for it, I wouldn’t be smoking. If not for it, I wouldn’t have to study on Saturdays, Sundays, or other holidays. If not for it, I wouldn’t be so stressed out!’

I cursed in my mind, and finished my cigarette. I threw it away, and quickly caught up with my friend. I had been a bit lagging behind to not give him any harm from the cigarette.

‘Done?’ he asked, and I nodded. Soon, we arrived at the place, and my friend went in to order a meal while I hung out outside. I didn’t have any money to spare, so I really couldn’t afford any meal out of home.


My friend is an extremely slow eater. He literally took an hour to finish his bowl of noodles. I hung out outside, kind of shivering because I wore shorts for the day. He finally came out of the store, finished his dinner, and we headed for Mrs.Oblia’s home, as the class would take place there.


It was not 7. I looked at the clock, then dropped my gaze back at the book. 1 hour till I can head home.


It was now 8. 8 in the night. I had skipped lunch, and was going to have a late dinner. I. Was. Starving. I packed my math books into my bag, and slung the bag over my shoulder.

‘You are to solve the questions till you reach page 236.’ Mrs.Oblia said, and I nodded my head. Focaly had already got his assignment, and was heading out of Mrs.Oblia’s room, which was used for the sole purpose of class. I followed Focaly, said my departures to Mrs.Oblia, abd shut the door of her home behind me. Focaly was waiting for me.

‘Damn, I’m tired.’ I said.

‘You should be. You skipped lunch and didn’t have dinner yet.’ He said.

‘Yeah…’ I replied.

We flew in silence. Both of us were tired. Then I asked ‘Should I smoke?’ to Focaly. Smokes attracted me in my tired state.

‘Umm…no? You already had 3 today, including the one you smoked in-between studying. Mind your health, dude.’ He replied, chuckling a bit.

‘Guess you’re right.’ I said, and shoved the thought away.

I went home, and had some food. Then I went to my room and rested. I was exhausted. ‘I still have to bursh my teeth and wash…’ I thought.

But without knowing it, I was sleeping, with nothing on my mind actually done.


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