Memories: Ch5

I woke up, as light shone through my eyelids. The lights were on. I looked at the clock. 2am. I swore under my breath, and changed clothes, and turned off the light that I did not turn off. Then I went to sleep again.


Light shone through my eyelids again. I woke up. It was morning. I looked at the clock. 10am. I unlocked my phone and checked for notifications. A few mails, a few game alerts, and other miscellaneous things that I didn’t care about. I closed my phone again, and opened my flip phone. Nothing. I closed my phone and yawned, then sat up on the bed.


I felt lazy. But I knew I had to do something than roll around in my bed. I got up, went into the bathroom, washed, and went to the kitchen. I was hungry. My parents were in the living room, sitting on the sofa. I said ‘Good morning’ and they greeted me back. I went back to the kitchen and looked for something to eat. The rest of my family ate toast, so I decided to make some as well. I got some eggs and dunked some bread in it. Then I fried the said bread, making toast. Well… I more like burnt it. I was horrible at cooking. I didn’t know when something was cooked right, so I always burnt it to make sure.

Despite the burnt state and the burnt taste, the toast was actually quite good, except for it being way too slimy for my taste.

I finished the toast, put the dishes in the sink, and went back into my room. I unlocked my LG G5, and started war dragon. I did a few attacks, and trained my dragons to another level. This was a game I loved as I normally sucked at games but this game required no skill and I was quite good at it. I sighed. If only life was this simple as well.

I closed my phone and got up. I had to do something productive. And there was only one productive thing I could do. I packed my bag, told my parents that I’m going to school, and stepped out of home. I jumped into the air and started to fly.

I lit up a cigar and drew a breath. Clean scent filled my mouth and my mind felt cleaner. I drew up another breath. Then I threw it away. I was not going to smoke a full cigarette when my mind was clean enough.

Soon I arrived at school. I once again went to my homeroom and unpacked my bag, and started to study.


I was using my phone. I really didn’t feel like studying today. Nor could I focus on what I was doing. ‘Maybe I should go back home.’ I thought. ‘Yeah. Let’s just go back home.’ And with that, I packed my bag again. 2 hours wasted. I didn’t study, but that didn’t mean that I played either. I was somewhere in between, and that was something that I did not like.

I flew back out of school, and went back home to leave my bag there. I threw my bag on my bed, and went out again.

I flew around for a bit, just going wherever the wind took me. I flew around with no aim, flying high and low. I just wanted the air on my scales.

After flying around for a bit, I went back home. I had a society assignment I had to complete, and it required a computer. I went to the computer in the living room and turned it on. The screen flickered, then came to life. I loaded up Microsoft PowerPoint, and clicked on ‘new presentation’. Then I started to make my presentation.


I was tired. I didn’t want to do anything. I sighed, and saved the presentation I was making, and closed the window. Apparently, today was one of those days when you didn’t want to do anything but laze around. I slowly dragged myself back to my room, and plugged my phone in. Then I just fell onto my bed.

‘Damn, I don’t want to do anything.’ I thought. But in the corner of my kind, I knee that I would have to finish the presentation today, as today was the day I could have the most time making it. But I was tired. I wanted to rest.

I sighed again, and reached for my phone while lying down on my bed. There wasn’t anything noteworthy, and I started up a game. But I had no fun playing it as well, and I shut my phone and threw it on the counter beside my bed.

And without knowing, I went to sleep, again, with the lights on.


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