Memories: Ch6

It was Friday again. I was at the art class, trying to solve a few questions. But I couldn’t. I really just didn’t feel like solving those questions. So I pulled out some papers and tried to write. I couldn’t.

I sighed, and went to the front of the class to get my art work. Might as well work on it to get some progress going.

I looked for my work at the front of the class, but didn’t locate it. The teacher told me to look at the back of the class, that my work might be there. I nodded, and turned around. I looked at the desks, expecting a pile of papers, buy did not find it. The only artworks were on the wall, hanging.

‘Nooooo!’ I thought as I reached the wall. ‘I don’t want my artwork displayed!’ and with that, I looked for my artwork with a truck in it. I soon found it at the bottom of the display, unpinned it from the wall, and took my artwork away.

I went back to my seat, and started coloring it. Soon, I was done doing it. I really didn’t have much to color. Only the truck and the background needed coloring as other stuff were already colored.

Jay tapped my shoulder. ‘Hey.’ He whispered. ‘I cant get a math question right. It’s on level3-3. Can you help me?’

I looked at the question. It was one of the questions I already solved. ‘Sure.’ I said, then proceeded to solve the question. I needed to solve the question to teach J about it. While I was working on the question, J looked at the answer sheets for some clue. Then he clapped his claws as he understood.

‘Aha!’ he said. ‘I calculated wrong. Never mind.’ He said. I looked at him with a ‘Really?’ look, as I was solving the very calculation that he got wrong. He laughed, and a second later, I laughed as well. Then Yun tapped both of our shoulders. ‘Hey. I cant get this English question. Mind if you two take a look at it?’


It was math class. Well, to be exact, it was going to be in 2 minutes. I was preparing for my presentation I had to do. I say presentation, it’s actually teaching the whole class.


The bell rang. It was properly math class now. I was already seated, having been preparing for my presentation all recess. Ms.Aliea soon came to her class, and we greeted her. She called me out, and I started my presentation.


Phil, who was my groupmate, took over the presentation and was doing a good job. Me, on the other hand, didn’t. Or at least that was what I thought. Ms.Aliea said I did well, but I could’ve prepared better. I kind of regretted it.

‘…and that’s how you solve question 4.’ Phil said, looking at the class. ‘And now I’ll tell you how to solve the next question in a way the answer sheet doesn’t tell you.’ And he turned around and wrote on the board with a chalk in his claws.


Math class was done. Next up was English. The first English of the day. I went to my locker, pulled out my book, and went to Mrs.Han’s class. I arrived a bit early, and took a seat. Soon, other dragons started to file in and fill the class. And by some miracle, Avil sat next to me.

‘Hi.’ I greeted her.

‘Hey.’ She replied back. ‘Had a good day so far?’

‘Yeah. You?’

‘Me as well. So… shall we study?’ she said, smiling.

I was dumbstruck for a second at her smile, but soon said yes and opened my book and looked at the questions in front of me. Then I remembered it was English, and I took out my papers to write. Avil looked at my bunch of papers and looked at me. ‘What are you doing?’ She asked.

‘Writing.’ I replied. And read the last chapter I wrote, trying to get hold of the story again.

‘What? A story?’ She asked, sounding interested. ‘May I have a look?’

I hesitated. My work wasn’t that good. I only had a few readers of my blog, and I wasn’t sure if they truly liked it, either. To show my works to another dragon I knew, and moreover I liked, was not an easy decision to make. But I said yes, as my story might not be ‘that’ bad. I took the rest of the chapters oyt and handed it over to her. She took it, and started reading.

The bell rang, and Mrs.Han walked in.

She checked if all the dragons came, and started class. Avil just read my story, and I continued writing.

A while later, Avil handed me my papers back. ‘It isn’t the best work I’ve ever read… but keep it up. Maybe you’ll get good one day, you know?’

I knew my work wasn’t good, but still, those words stung. I hid my emotions, and said ‘Thanks.’ And took my chapters back. I tried to continue writing, but somehow couldn’t. Her words really did sting. But I knew it was true. I wasn’t a professional writer, nor was I a good one. I sighed and put my paper back into my bag. If I kept writing right now, no doubt it would turn out horrible. I should take a rest.

I focused on the lecture for the rest of the class and Mrs.Han seemed pleased to see me actually focusing. That got my mood a bit lighter, but not much. Then, the bell rang, and it was lunch time.


I got some steak and sauce, and came out to the courtyard of school. I sat underneath a tree and ate. After eating, I was in a somewhat better mood, and decided to go on a flight. A cigar would have helped me, but I decided against it as I was still at school, and I didn’t normally smoke before class ended on weekdays.

I flew out of school, and flew as high up as I could. Thin air always helped me focus on what was important. ‘I should continue.’ I thought. ‘I’ll get better one day. No one’s perfect from the start.’ I cheered myself up.

I flew back down. Then into school. Then into the next class I had. Then I pulled out my papers, and started to write again.



The bell rang. Class was finished for the day. Finally! Weekend again! I stood up from my seat, and went out to get dinner. Dinner sounded good.


I was currently dragging Focaly around with me. I finished dinner, and came out of school to get a breath of cigar before study time. I took a breath from the cigarette, then another.


I had finished the chapter. It was currently the end of the first half of study time.

Now, I could type.


The bell rant. School was completely finished for the week. I could head home now. I packed my bag, slung it over my shoulder, and headed out of class.

It was a good day. Well, except for the part I showed my works to Avil. Still. It was a good day.


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