06.26.17 (Mon)

1:39 (Morning)

I am reading a story on wattpad. There r 2 dragons. I am really hoping that it’ll not be a gay (manxman) story. The author said he did like gay stories, but i really am hoping that this story’ll not be one. Cuz this story is so far so good…

Please, let it not be a gay story…

2:37 (morning)

The storyline’s great. Everything’s great. I love the story. But there’s one thing i dont like. It’s gay.



Im exhausted…


Someone just put a women’s personal thing on the black board.

Teacher wasnt so pleased about it…




@ math class.

Smoked. Gonna quit after this year. Im going to do it. I will do it.


Finally finished.

Im exhausted…


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