Memories: Ch8

I woke up as the alarm rang. I reached over to the side table, and tried to turn off the alarm. ‘Crap’ I said, as I entered the wrong digit and the phone went into snooze mode.

I swore under my breath, and stood up from my bed. Guess I’ll have to fully wash within 10 minutes if I didn’t want my whole family to be annoyed at me. I went to the bathroom, quickly washed, or tried to, when the alarm blared and I swore. I quickly dried off my scales, as my hair would dry itself out, and rusged to my room. And this time, I entered the correct digit, successfully turning the alarm off. Thank god the alarm didn’t blare for long or my family would’ve been pissed at me.

I took a pill dedicated to my mental health, picked up my bag, stuffed a bagel in my mouth, and stepped out of the house. Time to go to school again.

I flew, eating the bagel. I flew slowly as I had quite a bit of time left. Soon, I reached school, and headed to the lockers. I put my bag in, pulled out English, and closed the locker.


It was English class. I was as always, writing. The teacher didn’t seem pleased to teach us because of yesterday’s events. Well, guess we deserved it.


It was math class. The 3rd class of the day. Avil was already there, and I asked if I could sit beside her. She said yes, and I sat.

‘East. I have a question.’ She started. I got a bad feeling from her tone. ‘What was that that happened during Ms.Aliea’s class?’ she asked, discomfort evidently showing.

I knew she would ask of this. Better answer quickly before she got angry. ‘Umm… one dragon borrowed some clothes as his was torn, and he returned it after washing it for him. Apparently those…women thing got mixed up in the pile, and it was with the cloth. The some no brainer stuck it to the blackboard as a joke before Ms.Aliea came to class.’

‘And you all laughed?’ she asked, a bit angrily.

‘Umm…’ I shifted nervously. ‘Yeah… I was embarrassed, but went with the rest of the class. I don’t know what I was thinking… sorry.’

‘Don’t say sorry to me! Say sorry to Ms.Aliea!’ She said, angrily. ‘Damnit, East! I didn’t think you as this type! I’m really, really disappointed. Don’t talk to me before you right things up!’ she said, and turned away from me.

‘Sorry…’ I trailed off, knowing that she’ll more likely not listen. I got up from my seat, and changed into another one. She didn’t glance at me. ‘Why did I do it? I shouldn’t have laughed with the others.’ I thought, regretting my actions. I spent the class thinking of how to properly apologize to Ms.Aliea.


It was lunch, and I was slowly flying towards the cafeteria. On the way, I met with Ms.Aliea. I instantly said ‘I’m sorry for laughing. It wasn’t thoughtful of me.’ But I made another mistake. I was kind of nervous and embarrassed, so I laughed a bit to hide it. I instantly realized the mistake, got more embarrassed, and quickly flew away before hell could damn me.


It was japanese class. But I wasn’t in that said class. Instead, I was in a therapy session in school. I had a bit of anger issue, and the therapy was for solving it. Anyways, therapy time.


Therapy was soon over, and I said thanks to the therapist, and closed the door behind me. One more additional class and it would be dinner time, when I can be free. I was definitely looking forward to it.


It was dinner time.

I didn’t feel like being in school today. So I packed up my bag, picked up dinner, and headed out of school.

I ate while flying home, and dumped the disposable plate into a nearby trashcan. Then I pulled out a cigarette and lit it.

All had been going so well. But thanks to yesterday’s events, all progress I made with Avil might be gone down the drain. I sighed, and drew a breath from the cigarette.

So much for trying to attract my interest.

Well, to be fair, I did have faults. I really shouldn’t have laughed. And, I really shouldn’t have laughed while apologizing. And, I shouldn’t have flown away, embarrassed. I should have apologized again, sincerely.

I threw the stud of the cigarette away. My mind felt cleaner now, and I wasn’t going to risk my health for another cigarette right now.

I sighed, and went home. I’ll need to buy a new pack of cigar anyways. I smoke the whole pack.


I arrived home soon. I lied to my mom that I needed to buy some books, and got my next month’s allowance early. I went to the nearby store, and purchased a pack of cigarette.

Now that I got my pack of cigars, I headed out to the academy to study there.


It was night when I finished studying. 9pm to be exact. I packed my bag, and got up. Avil’s words still weighed a lot on me, and I’ll have to apologize sincerely again to Ms.Aliea tomorrow.

I said goodbye to Mrs.Oblia, and headed home.

Maybe I would be released from this weight temporarily if I slept.


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