Memories: Ch9

Ot was Thursday. I woke up to the sound of the alarm, and just turned it off, went to sleep again.


I woke up again to the sound of my phone ringing. It was a morning call from my mom. I closed the phone, and looked at the clock. ‘Crap.’ I said. It was 7:55. I was late. But nothing could be changed even if I rushed as I was extremely late. But not so late that I’ll have a mark on my school love. So I moved to the bathroom, washed, got mu bag, and headed out. No need to rush today.

I flew slowly, reading a book on my phone. I got rid of the same gender love book, as I just couldn’t stand it with that, and read the old one I already read once. The one with an easterb dragon controlling water. ‘I really wish I could control water as well… it looks so cool… And I doubly it’ll get old as well.’ I thought, and continued flying to school.

Behind me, a pool of water twitched, unknowinly to me.


It was now Korean class. The 3rd class of the day. I had apologized again to Ms.Aliea, and she accepted it. I was writing at the moment. Then Avil came in, panting, and sat next to me. She looked less angry today. So I tried to start a conversation. ‘Hey.’

‘Hey. Avil replied, thankfully.

‘Umm… are you still angry at me?’ I asked, carefully.

‘Yeah. But a bit less today. I heard you apologized to Ms.Aliea. So I’m less angry at you. But don’t get it wrong. I’m still watching you.’ She said, then smiled a bit.

I sighrd inwards, letting out the breath I was holding. At least she was less angry at me. That was better. As I sighed inwards, for some reason the water in a bottle on my desk shot up and settled down. Avil saw it as well. ‘What was that?’ she said, slightly bewildered. ‘Dunno.’ I replied, kind of shocked as well. The calm water shook, as if it was representing my shocked state. Avil looked at the water closely, while I tried to calm down. The water calmed down with my heart. I didn’t say it, but I was getting slightly curious. What had caused that? Or did I have powers to control water like the character in the book?

I shook my head. Nah. That power was long lost, along with the westerner’s power to breathe or control flames. I definitely read too much fiction. I looked at the clock. Time was ticking. And I had limited time. I shook off my thoughts, and started writing again.


It was lunch period. I pulled out lunch from my bag, as the cafeteria was closed for today and tomorrow. I ate, and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I looked at the water, and thought of what happened in Korean class. Just for fun, I told the water in my mind ‘Go up.’

To my surprise, the water went up and floated in the air! I got shocked, and lost concentration. The water went back into the sink with a splash. I calmed my beating heart, and tried again. The pool of water floated again. I put a claw in it to see if it was real, not an illusion in my mind. It wasn’t. It was real. The water was floating.

I dropped the water, and quickly looked around if anyone had seen that. Thankfully, apparently no one did. I let out a breath, qbr walked out of the bathroom. This was… something. I had hoped for this power, but didn’t know what to do once I had it.

I walked around as if nothing had happened. I didn’t know how others would react to this. Better hide this info before someone calls me a freak. But I couldn’t help but be a bit excited at this new information. I got power! The long lost power of eastern dragons! The power to control water!

The bell rang, indicating the end of lunch period. I want to my locker, got math out, and headed to class.


It was the said math class, and I was not participating in class. I was thinking. Should I tell anyone about this? If so, won’t they take me as a freak? What will they thibk of this?

After thinking for a bit, I decided to keep this ‘Power’ a secret to myself. I didn’t want to be taken as a freak or anything like that. I’ve had enough of that.


It was 7th class. Another study time. I just wrote. There was a lot on my mind. What had happened… debates on whether I should truly keep this a secret… doubts about this power… I couldn’t write. But I pushed myself. I needed to get this done. I pushed all the thoughts away, and tried to concentrate.


‘God damnit!’ I said. I just dropped my phone, and it went screen first to the ground. No doubt it would be even more cracked than it was.

I picked up my phone, and turned the screen on. It was indeed cracked even more, and now the crack ran down all the way down from the bottom to the top when it was only cracked on the top side before.

I swore, and thought for a second if it would be a wise idea to change to a new phone. LG G5 wasn’t the newest phone on the market, and even though I could live with a cracked phone, a new phone didn’t sound bad. I debated on the idea, but decided against it. I would rather put all that money into a new laptop I needed. I could live with a cracked phone, but having no laptop was a pain in the ass.


I was on my way home.

A lot had happened today. I could control water. I cracked my phone. And Avil was starting to accept me back.

I pulled out a cigarette and lit it. Hopefully Avil won’t be against cigarettes. I drew a breath, and puffed out smoke.

It really was an eventful day.


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