Memories: Ch10


The bell rang. 3rd class was done. I picked up my math book, stuffed it in my bag, and went to the lockers. On the way, I unplugged my phone from the charger and stuffed it in mu pocket. I had fallen asleep without knowing again, and thus forgot to charge my phone. I pulled out my phone and looked at the battery gauge. 80%. ‘Should last for a few hours.’ I thought.

I put my key in the lock, and opened my locker. I put my math book in it, and pulled out English. As it was English next, I looked for some papers to write on. Then I remembered that I had used them all, and pulled out a notebook. If I had no paper, a notebook would be a good replacement as I could just rip out the pages.

I pulled out my phone again, and looked at the clock. 11:45. 5 minutes till 4th class starts. I started towards Mrs.Han’s class, and met Avil on the way. I greeted her, offered to go to class together, and she accepted. We walked side by side, then sat down together.

‘So…how’s things?’ I asked. Avil looked a lot less angry at me today. In fact, she almost didn’t look angry at all. ‘You done being angry?’ I asked as well.

‘Umm…yeah. Not anymore.’ Avil said, then smiled at me. Then she turned serious. ‘But don’t get me wrong, East. I’m still watching you.’

I nodded, and turned to class. Or rather, turned to my notebook and pulled out a knife, cut the pages off it. I threw the access pieces of paper away, and pulled out my pen, and started to write. Avil, interested, looked at me writing, not participating in class either.

English passed like that.


It was lunch period. I was on my way to my locker. I put the notebook and my English textbook back, and pulled out my lunch package. I then headed out to the courtyard, deciding to eat under the same tree I ate yesterday. I sat down, and unpacked my lunch. There was a bowl of rice, some fish, fried chicken inside with some potatoes. Lunch didn’t look bad. I put the fish, chicken, and potatoes aside, and started to eat rice. Or, was just about to eat my first spoonful when Avil suddenly appeared and sat down next to me. ‘You don’t mind if I eat with you, right?’ she asked, and unpacked her own lunch.

‘Y…yeah.’ I stammered.

‘Good. So what do you have? Rice…fish…chicken…potatoes? Looks good!’ She said, and pulled out a sandwich frim her bag. ‘Urgh. Sandwich again?’ she said with a I’m-tired-of-this face.

‘Umm… wanna trade?’ I asked. I didn’t particularly want a sandwich, but if it would make Avil happy, I could do it. Besides, I had other dishes!

‘Nonono. It’s ok. Enjoy your lunch!’ she said, and bit into her sandwich. I resumed to eating, and soon, I was done. I was a relatively fast eater. She turned and saw me packing up again. ‘You finished already?’ she said, with a face that said ‘wow’. I nodded, and hugged my packed lunch against my chest and sat down. ‘Take your time.’ I said. ‘I’ll wait for you.’

She ate slowly, and when she finished eating and packing her bag, we got up and went to our own lockers, departing. Next up was geography class.


That class was finished and now it was history class. The teacher gave us time to study by ourselves as we got the book finished and the exam wasn’t too far away now. I just wrote, instead of studying like other dragons. I wasn’t exactly fond of exams. Exams made dragons’ minds get stuck in a box and divided dragons solely on their grades. Studying should be done the student’s will. Studying should not be forced like it was now. That was why I ignored my grades, though I did get good grades on English every time. I had almost finished writing ADL Ch9.

Soon, I finished writing, and folded up the paper, wrote ADL Ch9 on top, and stuffed it in my pocket. I would type/Beta read it later.

I looked around. A third of the class was sleeping, gotten tired from all the studying. And the rest was studying. Again, another sign that this society’s studying practices are wrong. I sighed and shook my head, then lowered my head and went to sleep myself. I was tired from all the writing, and needed some rest before doing anything else.


It was now the additional geography class. I was once again, ignoring class and typing on my phone. I was typing ADL Ch9, and beta reading it and fixing at the same time. Hence why it always took me 4-5 hours to write each chapter.

I typed and typed. Damn, this typing on phone made me exhausted. I was only halfway there, but my claws started to hurt from all the typing. ‘I really need to get a laptop soon…’ I thought, as I swore under my breath from my aching claws.

When I finally finished typing/beta reading, and was satisfied with it, only 10 minutes of the class was left. I uploaded the chapter on my blog, and closed my phone. I was tired.


It was the second half of study time. I was trying to solve a complicated calculous question. After staring at the question for 10 minutes and not getting any clue, I gave up and looked at the answer sheet. I swore as the answer was cheeky yet infuriatingly easy. I swore again as I scribbled the answer and it’s solving methods on the paper.


The bell rang, and I was flying back home. A cigarette was already lit and was held by my mouth. I drew a breath, then let it out again.

Finally. Weekend. I could rest.

Then a message arrived on my phone and it rang against my scales. I pulled it out and looked at it. It was a message from Avil. We changed numbers after lunch today. The message said ‘Wanna go out tomorrow?’

I smiled, and replied.


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