My review of Surface Pro i3 – in 2017!


This is my review of the Surface Pro 3 i3 – in 2017!

I bought this surface a few days ago, and felt like I needed to review it as I didn’t make a review of any of the Surfaces I owned. (Total 4 of them, including this one.) So here’s my review.


The performance.

This particular Surface has an i3-4020y with 4 gigs of ram and 64 gigs of ssd. So, is it good in 2017? Umm…No..? Cause it lags a bit. Again, it’s a Y instead of a normal U. The lowest of the CPU bunch. Or near it. Whatever. But is it usable? Yes, it is. For normal users who normally have 2-3 tabs open at a time, this Surface won’t exactly lack performance. But for mid to heavy users like me who have more than 1 program running and more than 5 tabs at a time, this Surface definetely lags and lacks performance. While it is definetely usable, it also lags in mid to heavy usage. So, if you’re buying a surface pro 3 in 2017, I recommend more than a i3 and more than 4 gigs of ram. For this surface, I’m personally not giving it a pass.


The design.

The design is pretty good, even by today standards. The surface still looks sleek and professional, and personally, I think it looks even better than the pro 4 or the new Surface. So it’s a pass for me.

The compatability/expandability

The Surface Pro 3 is actually quite compatable with other surfaces. Whichever type cover could be used on any Surface, and it’ll work fine. The chargers of 3 is compatable with 4 and vise versa. The dock is also compatable with each other as well. For expandability, the surface has a micro-sd card slot, 1 usb port, 1 mini display port, and 1 charging port. Not much. If you want to change your ssd, you have to totally tear apart the surface, and the ram is stuck to the board. So for expandability, it isn’t really that good, though you can always use a Usb hub or a higher speced out Surface. So… I’m not going to give it a pass for expandability, while I do give it for the compatability.


The screen.

The Surface has a 2160X1440 IPS display, and I must say, it looks sharp and bright even by today standards. So the Surface passes with flying colors.

The Weight.

The Surface itself is under a kilogram, which makes it extremely light, even with it’s rigid build. (Of course, except for it’s touch screen which cracks very easily.) So it’s easy to carry it around, so I also give it a pass.


The speakers.

The speakers are still quite good. Microsoft says that it’s a stereo, and when you use it, you really do feel it being a stereo. With the speakers being mounted on both sides of the screen. The screen, being 12 inches big, you really do feel the stereo. The speakers don’t feel too bassy or trembly, and personally, I give it a pass with flying colors again, as I think this is one of the best speakers I heard on a laptop.

The cameras.

Well…They suck, ok? So let’s just pass this, shall we? They’re only there for looks, nothing more. It. Simply. Sucks.


The kickstand.

Mine’s still in good shape, but the kickstands do tend to get loose over time. It happened to my 2nd Surface, the surface with an i5 and 8gigs of memories. So… I’m not going to give it a pass. You never know when the hinge is going to give up on you. Even if it doesn’t, it feels way too unsteady as the time goes by.

So that was my review for the Surface Pro 3 i3 – in 2017. It got 5 passes out of 9 tests. Not bad, I guess. My score for the Surface Pro 3 i3 in 2017 is a 6.5/10, as it is quite aged and slow at this point of time.

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This is my review of Samsung Micro SDXC 64G card.


The package is simple. It’s consisted of the card itself and a micro sd card reader. The latter being extremely useful to me, as my deskto doesn’t have a sd reader integrated in it.

This card is a UHS-10, and a class 10. It basically means it’s a good card, I guess. Yeah. I don’t know what that means, either. But the package says that it’s capable of transfering files at 48mb/s. Pretty fast, I must say.


So, where do I use it? On my surface pro, of course! I use an i3 64gb surface, so an extra memory to store all my stuff is crutial. And this memory does that job very well with it’s small size and quick transfering speed.

So, the speed. I already said that this card is capable of 48mb/s, and I believe it could actually do it with the right equipments, as I got 41mb/s out of my surface pro. I’m pretty sure it’ll be able to get up there.

The reliablility. Well, it’s a SD card. It’s only going to be as reliable as any other cards. So don’t store any important files on it, or save another copy of it somewhere else. It does have a 10 year warranty, so that makes it a little bit better.

The protability. Well, I’ll pass this. You all know it yourself.


The actual usable storage. 59.6 out of 64. I wonder where the other 4 gigs went. Lol.

The value. I got this for 30 bucks. In my books, that’s not a bad deal, especially with a card reader included.

So, my points? I’ll give it a 9/10. That 1 other point is because of the 4 gigs that just evaporated. Other that that, I can say that I’m satisfied with the performance of this card. Thanks for reading, and if you enjoyed it, please, share, leave a like, and follow.

My review of Firelight by Sophie Jordan

Book - Firelight (Jordan)

This is my review of Firelight by Jordan.

I got to know about this book by GoodReads, when I was searching for dragon-related books. (I’m a huge fan of dragons!) The ratings wasnt as high as I would’ve liked, but still, I gave it a shot. And here’s what I thought.

Is it good?

Umm…Maybe. I think it’ll depend on the person heavily. Through all the way, I was reminded of Julie Kagwa’s Talon series. And I have to say that I personally think this Firelight might be the downgraded version of it. A little less violence, and a little less intensity. Basically a little better for younger readers. But that also makes the book less fun, less enjoyable. So, is it good? Or is it bad? Well, if you want a casual book that you can just read, then yes. But if you’re deep into fantasy like me, then No. It depends on your reading choice and preference.

What book does it remind you?/is it like?

As I said earlier, this book is quite like Julie Kagwa’s Talon series. They both have human-transforming dragons, and they both have the main characters falling in love with the enemy. The citicens of both books dont know that dragons exist and dragons have to hide. They are both hunted and slain. The main characters in both books go with their lovers, not their fate. (at least, as long as i’m aware.)

But there are a few differences as well. The first thing you notice is that it’s draki in Fireelight, who descended from dragons, opposed to dragons in Talon, who are actual dragons. The Firelight aims for a far more younger audience while the Talon aims for a more mature audience. Firelight has a more lighter atmosphere, as it is more like general romance stuff while Talon has a more heavier atmosphere due to a lot of events going on at the same time and making the readers think more.

Do you recommend it?

I’d say I recommend this book for people who like romance or dragons, but to none outside the boundaries. This book simply doesnt have it’s own personality to be special or it to be enjoyable. The book feels…surpressed. It feels like jordan could’ve put more details in it and made it more fun, but didnt add it in. It goes like this. You start to read. Then you enjoy it. You expect much more stuff to enjoy as you turn the page, but suddenely, the writer ends the event and goes on to the next event. You kind of get let down, but you hope for better as you turn the pages. But it only repeats the cycle over and over. But it’ll be good if it feels like a tease, or something like that, right? No! It doesn’t! THAT’S the biggest let down of this book. It doesnt feel like a tease, and it’s always at this awkward place between pleasure of reading and getting bored. Something always feels like missing, and slowly, you get tired of it.

So, what are your points for this book?

I’d say… 7/10. If it didnt have dragons or I wanst a dragon fan, I would’ve given it 6.5/10. It really lacks it’s own personality, being so similar to other books, and that ws the biggest let down of this book.

So, that was my review of Firelight by Jordan. Thanks for reading, and if you liked it, please, like or follow my blog.

My Review of LG G5 – in 2017!

My review of LG G5 – in 2017! So, I got this phone a few months ago. As you can see in this picture, the screen might be… cracked. That’s ‘cause I bought the phone with a cracked screen, and might have played with my friends roughly totally forgetting about my phone in my pocket. So please understand, and I assure you, it didn’t affect my review.

So, Is the LG G5 worthy in 2017?

In short, Yes. It totally is.

The performance is still great, as it has a Snapdragon 820 in it. It still runs heavy games like WarDragons very well, even with screen recording on. For normal daily use, it still has more than enough performance to cover all of it.

The battery. Well, to be fair, at this time of use, your battery might be draining extremely fast. After all, it’s been almost 2 years since this thing launched. But no worries. This phone has a removable battery, so if you just swap it out for a new one, it’ll start to last long again.

Next up, the screen. I must say, that the screen on this isn’t bad or get schooled by new phones by any means. As long as I’m aware, the screen has a 2k resolution, and has a pixel density of 400ppi. It definitely isn’t the sharpest display on the market, but still it’s one of the best, and personally, I think it’s good enough.

The UI and the user support. Personally, I’m not exactly fond of LG’s customer support, as they tried to discontinue the V10’s support so fast. You really don’t know when LG decides to discontinue the G5’s support as well. You’re really walking on thin ice here, using this phone. As for the UI, I must say that this time, LG designed the UI very well. It is easy to use, and looks organized.

The design. Well, there’s nothing that can exactly change with a phone, as it’s just one of the mass-produced products. I personally am fond of it. But as always, it’s heavily depended on the person’s preferences.

And the Modules. There hasn’t been any new announcements of the G5’s module after it’s camera grip and the HiFi module. Both, which are…useless for me. But again, this might depend on the person’s preference.

Finally, the cameras. The G5 has three cameras. One wide angle back camera, one normal back camera, and one front facing camera. The cameras are still quite good, though not as good as the newer G6 or the V20. But that doesn’t mean that it’s bad. As a former flagship phone, the images taken by those cameras are still sharp and the colors are quite nicely depicted. It might not be the top of the line camera, but still, it’s more than enough for a moderate daily use.

To sum it up,


-the screen

-the camera

-the performance

-removable battery

-user friendly UI


-the lack of module

-customer support

-the battery might be draining extremely fast

So, this was my review of the LG G5 in 2017. Thank you for reading, and please leave a like, and follow me if you want more contents like this.

07.24.17 (Mon)


Went to a local hospital to get something called 보건증 (sorry. Dont know what it’s called in english) to work at a hamberger place as a part time job, only to find out that the place doesnt do that.


Now gotta walk for a few hours to go to another hospital.


Still walking…


On the sub.


My mom knows that I’m not at school. Fuck.


School finished. Going home.


Going to that math class.


Got another check card with another bank account. This’ll be my allowance account. Yes!


Going to Kumdo.


I wasnt as horrible as I thought i would be. Or so i think.



My Reivew of Tonino Lamborghini Icebolt GT

Disclaimer: This article consists of pictures of cigarettes, and is not suitable for non-adults. Smoking is bad for your health. Smoke at your own risk, and read this article at your own risk.

So, this is the Tonino Lamborghini Icebolt GT.

There are 20 cigarettes in one pack, and the cigarettes are shaped like this.

First, the scent of this menthol cigarette.

If you don’t light the cigarette and draw a breath from it, you can smell the strong menthol scent from the filter. If you light it and draw a breath, the scent gets even stronger., If you burst the capsule inside the filter, then menthol scent gets even more stronger. I smoked a few kinds of cigarettes, but in my opinion, this is the strongest menthol cigarette that I’ve ever smoked.

Next, the amount of smoke. This cigarette is surprisingly easy to control the amount of smoke you en hale. It’s simple: If you smoke slowly and let the center of the cigarette to burn off, you’ll en hale less smoke. Only a little bit, in fact. If you smoke fast and draw breath after breath from the cigarette, you’ll be surprised at how much smoke comes out of it.

Third, the heaviness of smoke and the swallowing of smoke. I’ll be fair. It’s lighter than Malboro, but it’s still heavy. Though it’s expected from a 5mg nicotin and 6mg tar cigarette. The swallowing of smoke isn’t the most pleasant, as it is rougher than Malboro, but I’m not exactly a fan of smooth swallows, so I prefer this over the Malboro series. This may depend on the person’s preferences. In short, the Tonino Lamborghini is rougher to swallow than Malboro, despite the fact that it’s smoke is lighter.

So, that was my review for Tonino Lamborghini Icebolt GT. Follow me if you liked it, and if you want more reviews like this. But remember! Smoking is bad for you, and smoke at your own risk.

My own Review of Cars 3

​This is my review of cars 3.
Before I say anything, let me just say that I’m still new to this, so if you want a professional review, please click backwards.

So I saw this movie about 4 days ago, and I must say that it was a fantastic sequel to the cars series, and way better than Cars 2, which didn’t exactly have a big relation to the original Cars.

There are a few reasons why Cars 3 was a good sequel.

First of all, it took the movie back to it’s original stage, the Nascar. The original movie was based on Nascar, with a racer who was full of himself. The third Cars movie brought the first movie back very well. Lightning Mcqueen learnt his lesson, and his pit crew is still Guido. The background is still Nascar, unlike Cars 2, (I’m not a hater of Cars 2! Don’t get me wrong!) which brought the movie back to it’s original starting line.

Second, it brought Doc Hudson back. I must say that although I’m not a huge fan of Doc, I was extremely happy to see Doc back in the movie. Some of the clips didn’t exactly fit, but never the less, I was happy to see Doc or the cars/tracks related to him.

Third, it brought a new challenge to Mcqueen. Unlike cars 2, which didn’t exactly feel like a challenge to Mcqueen nor the audience, Cars 3 was a real challenge from the start. Lightning won, then Lightning’s rival won, then…Lightning crashed, lol. It’s kind of sad that the movie didn’t show Lightning’s recovery, but looking back again, it’s kind of acceptable. Maybe it wouldn’t have fit the movie, or maybe it would’ve changed the whole movie if they put it in it. Anyways, it felt way more like a challenge than the first or the second movie of Cars.

Fourth, it didn’t only aim for the youths, but it also aimed for the adults / adolescents. At least, it felt that way for me. The movie had the depressing fact that all athletes become old and get replaced in the end, which would strike the older people harder than the youngsters.

But there was a bit of downside as well. And the biggest was…that there probably won’t be anymore sequels. Cars 3 was the last planned movie of the cars series, I read. Some articles say that there might be Cars 4, but still, it’s sad that such a good series has come to an end. Especially to people like me who watched the movie from the start when we were young.

Next is that the part of Cal Weathers was so small. You would think that it Cal won against Mcqueen, then he would at least be an important part of the movie. The fact that he only made a brief entrance in the movie felt like ‘What about him?’ to me throughout the whole movie. The movie did put Cal back in the movie at the end for a little laugh, but still, it felt like the character deserved a lot more appearance throughout the movie.
Except for those two, I can’t exactly find any faults with the movie. Over all, I can say that it was a movie that was very well put together. It was a great movie, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.