Memories: Ch11

Grudgely, I woke up. I didn’t want to, but I knew if I fell asleep again, there’ll be no getting to school in time.

I stood up and went to the bathroom, and cleaned off my scales and hair. I picked up my water bottle, stuffed it in my bag, picked up the bag, and headed for school.

I flew slowly, eating a bread with jam. Not only did I have enough time, but I was also tired. ‘I shouldn’t have slept at 3am.’ I thought. I had been reading a book on my phone last night and went to sleep at about 3am. Hence why I was so tired.

When I arrived at school, I slowly flew up to the 3rd floor, heading for the lockers. First class was geography, so I pulled it out of the locker, and shut it, locked it. Another start of a boring week.

The day before yesterday had been actually great. Avil and I met out, flew around talking to each other. We mostly talked about our questions about each other, and our own interests. We found out that we had a few things in common. We both liked books, though I liked it more than her, and we both liked electronics. Though I liked them more as well. To simply put it, I was the nerd while she was an ordinary dragon just liking those things. But we had differences as well. As I expected, she had lots of friends while I didn’t. She loved being active while I didn’t. She was above or just around average in most classes while I only excelled in English and math.

We laughed while talking, and played aerial tag as well. I had quite a lot of fun. I mean, seriously, aerial tag never gets old. Not only hatchlings enjoy it, but adults enjoy it from time to time as well! Though… most dragons usually moved over to Kedl as they grew up. But you know, that didn’t mean the aerial tag was any less popular.

After a few hours, we departed, saying goodbye to each other. And like that, most of the Saturday went by.

But now, it was Monday. Not as fun as weekends for sure. I sighed, and went to class, sat down. I was tired. Really, I shouldn’t have slept late… And with that, I lowered my head and slept through the class.


The bell rang. It was now P.T. class. The 4th class of the day. I went to the locker, put my society book in, and pulled out my bandages. Then I stopped. Maybe… maybe I’ll let myself off today and just stay in class? Yeah. I’ll do that. I had another P.T. class tomorrow anyways. I could punch the sandbag all I want tomorrow. I put the bandages back in my locker, and shut it.

Some time later, I was in my homeroom, scrolling through a list of cars. I was looking at my dream cars. A Porsche 996. But it all looked damn expensive… but someday, if I work hard, I could get it, right?

I closed the window and opened up another one, and typed in another model. A 2003 Hyundai Azera. It was my father’s old car, and I had a lot of memories with it. So, I decided that I want that exact car as my first car. Also, it only coat about a thousand dollars, which was a fraction of a price I originally thought of, so it was more affordable. With luck, I would be actually able to get this.

Like that, with me scrolling through a list of cars, P.T. class ended and it was soon lunch period.

I got fried chicken from the cafeteria, and headed out to the courtyard, to my usual spot. This time, Avil was already there, waiting for me. ‘Hey.’ She greeted me.

‘Hey.’ I replied, and sat down next to her. I wiped my claws with a wet cloth, and started to eat.

‘So… how’s school been so far?’ Avil asked.

‘Borwing.’ I replied, my mouth full of chicken. Avil had some bacon, and she started to eat as well.

I swollowed my chicken. ‘Eh. It’s school, you know? And none of the classes I had in the morning really interested me.’ I said as I bit into another chicken.

She looked at me, then resumed to eating. ‘So what about you?’ I asked, trying to keep the conversation going. ‘Had fun in class?’

‘Umm… wasn’t so bad, but I wouldn’t call it fun.’ She replied. Eating her bacon.


I tried to get the conversation going, but nothing came across my kind to talk about. So we ate in awkward silence, and stood up when we were finished. ‘Good to be eating with you, East.’ Avil said. ‘You wouldn’t mind if I eat with you tomorrow as well, would you?’

‘No! Of course not!’ I said, a little too enthusiastically. She smiled, and flew away. I smiled as well. It had gone better than I expected. I didn’t make any stupid mistakes. I sat back down, and pulled out my phone, loaded up the book I was reading. Then I started to read. This lunch period was the best of today so far, and I was in better spirits now.


The bell rang, indicating the end of lunch period and the start of 5th class. For me, 5th class was math. I got my math book, and headed towards class.

With hope, it’ll not be boring.


Umm… no hope. The math class was boring as hell. But on the upper side, I did get to know how to solve one of the questions I didn’t know how. In a semi-high spirit, I headed to English class, and this time, with a bunch of paper held in my claws instead of a notebook.


I was sitting in English class, writing ADL Ch10. Of course, I wasn’t paying any kind of attention whatsoever to Ms.Han. She passed by, giving me a look. I ignored it, and continued writing.


It was now study time at night. I was studying math once more, unconsciously swishing the water inside the bottle on my desk. After discovering my powers, playing with it has become kind of a habit to me.  It was… you know, fun. I knew this power could be used both for good and bad, and if other dragons knew about it, they would most likely call me a freak. But for now, fun is what I cared for. It wasn’t even like anyone was paying attention to a normal water bottle on the desk anyways.

Soon enough, the bell rang, indicating the end of study time. I packed my bag, and flew out of school. I lit a cigarette, and drew a breath from it.

So far, it was a real good day.


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