Memories: Ch12

I drew up a breath, and let it out. While smoke flowed around me. I drew up another breath, and let it out again. Nicotine started to flow around my veins. Carbon dioxide started to fog my mind a bit. I drew the last breath from the almost stud of a cigarette, and threw it away.

I continued towards school. I was almost at school, and one of my fellow students, though probably a lower grader, was watching me interestingly, probably because I smoked. I ignored him and continued to school. I was going to be 18 in a few months, and then I can legally smoke. But who cares? I could literally smoke now, and no one gives a shit. Nor do I give a shit as well.

When I arrived at school, I headed straight for the lockers. I pulled out English and some papers, then headed for class. Time to write.


It was now math, the 3rd class of the day. I was solving a math question, one of which Ms.Aliea handed out. I solved them all, except for the last question that I was solving at the moment. God damnit, it was tricky. But soon, I solved it, and tucked the papers into my desk. Then I pulled my writing papers out, and started to write.

10 minutes into writing, and 3 minutes before deadline, Ms.Aliea made an announcement. ‘Be sure to write the whole solving technique, class.’ She said, making me semi angry and worried at the same time. ‘She hadn’t mentioned that at first!’ I thought, a bit furiously. ‘and thanks to that, I didn’t write any techniques! Fuck!’ but then a thought came to my mind. She didn’t tell us about it in the first place, right? So it’s her fault that I didn’t write any techniques. So I guess I’ll return the handout without any techniques written.

With that, I returned to writing. Soon, Ms.Aliea gathered up the handouts, and gave us the answer sheets to us. I ignored the answer sheets, and continued to write. Then the bell rang, and I packed my bag, walked out of class. Next up, Korean.


The bell rang, and I rushed out of class, to the cafeteria. Today, I would beat Avil to the meeting place. I quickly got some fruits and chicken, and headed out to the usual place where I ate lunch. Avil wasn’t there yet. I sat down, and waited for her to come.

Soon enough, she came and sat down next to me. ‘I see you’ve got chicken again.’ She said, looking at my plate. ‘And some fruits.’

‘Well, I see you’ve got yourself some chicken as well.’ I said, looking at her plate.

‘Yeah. You looked like you were enjoying chicken yesterday, do I decided to try some as well.’ She answered.

‘Well, good! Shall we dig in?’ I suggested, and we both dug in. I finished my chicken faster, and started to eat my apples and strawberries. Avil finished her chicken as well, and waited for me to finish my fruits. We returned the plates in the cafeteria, and I suggested we go for a flight. She agreed, and we took off into the sky.

We flew wherever the wind took us. We randomly talked about whatever crossed our minds. You know… friends get closer this way…right? We talked about the weather, any special kind of events that happened, and so on. Then the warning bell rang for 5th class. We both sighed, startling each other.

‘You hate it too when a good conversation has to end?’ I asked.

‘Yeah. You as well?’ she asked back.

‘Yeah. Umm… then if you don’t mind, can we meet at dinner as well?’ I asked, hopefully.

‘Yeah! Good idea, East!’ Avil said, cheerfully. Almost too cheerfully.

That filled my heart with hope. Maybe she was liking me back! ‘I’ll see you later, then’ I said with a smile on my face. She smiled as well, and we departed to our lockers to get our books.


It was now 8th class, and I was typing on my phone. I was typing ADL Ch11, and my class hurt. Like, seriously, I really needed to get a keyboard. I finished typing, uploaded the file onto my blog, and waited for the bell to ring. When it did, I headed for the cafeteria for dinner. Darn, was I hungry.

I arrived at the cafeteria and waited in line. I was just about to grab a dish and get some food when I spotted Avil behind me, in the middle of the line. I decided to eat a bit later, and went to Avil. Avil looked surprised and other dragons behind Avil complained for cutting them off, but when I explained that I’m from the front of the line, the grumblibgs soon ceased.

‘Since when did you locate me?’ Avil asked.

‘Just now. You don’t mind, do you?’ I asked back.

‘No,no. Not at all. We promised to meet anyways, remember?’ she said, smiling.

We got our food, me chicken again, and Avil beef, and sat in the cafeteria this time. We ate quick, as it was way too noisy in the cafeteria, and got out. We separately brushed our teeth, and met up again out in the school courtyard.

‘So… what now?’ I asked. ‘Any ideas?’

‘Nope. You?’ she replied.

I ahd ine, but it wasn’t the best idea, and I didn’t know if Avil would approve of it. Plus, it didn’t include Avil in it as well. ‘Umm… you wont like it. And it doesn’t involve you.’ I said, trailing off at the end.

‘Let’s hear it. Don’t worry. I consider myself a very accepting dragon.’ She said.

‘you might not…of this one. Best if I go alone.’ I said, and quickly took off. ‘Sorry, Avil, but I’ll be back soon!’ I yelled back, and went to the nearby smoking area. Not an official smoking area, but still, every dragon who smoked in school came here to smoke. I landed, took out a cigarette, and lit it. I drew a breath, and let it out. White smoke floated around me. The something I didn’t want happened. I heard wingbeats behind me.

‘East!’ Avil yelled. ‘Seriously?’

I turned around. Avil looked angry. ‘was this why you wanted me out with you this dinner?’ She asked, angrily.

I shook my head. ‘No, no. Not at all. I’m sorry. But I forgot that I smoke after dinner. I’m sorry.’ I replied, hanging my head a bit.

Avil sighed, and stepped closer. ‘I’ll have to think about this.’ She said, and turned, and flew away.

I dropped the cigarette, and crushed it with my claws. Why the hell did I forget about my habits? Now I might lose Avil. ‘Great job, East.’ I scolded at myself.


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