Memories: Ch13

It had been a few days since that incident. Avil avoided me since, whenever I tried to talk to her. So I gave her room. No good to push someone when the said dragon was trying to avoid me.

I went back to my old routine. Sleep whenever I wanted to ignore class, write stories, and eat alone and fly.

Soon, it was tome for the exam of the first semester. I didn’t study, but still took the test. I didn’t simply care. Not about the exam.

It literally took 5 days for the exam to finish. 3 subjects per day, and 5 subjects on the last day. By the end of day 5, I was exhausted. At least school finished early. I flew home tiredly. Normally, I would’ve played around with my powers, splashing the water around in my bottle, but I was too tired to even do that.

I arrived home, literally threw my bag on the bed, and went to the kitchen to get something to eat. Then I got my phone, and headed towards the computer. I had seen some dust on the CPU fan, and was going to clean it off. With a piece of bread in my mouth, I opened up the computer case abd disassembled the fan. Then I pulled it out of the case, and went out to clean it. On the way, I grabbed a can of compressed air to clean the fan off. I stepped out to the balcony, and cleaned the fan off. Then I assembled the fan again, and turned the computer on.

It didn’t work.

A panic rose in my mind, but I shoved it off. Maybe a piece of dust was stuck between the CPU and the motherboard. Or maybe it was just the ram not connected properly.

I disassembled the whole computer part by part, and assembled it again. Hoping it would work, I pressed the power button. I really wanted to play Assassin’s Creed, and I really didn’t want the computer to be broken! But it still displayed nothing on the screen. I swore, and disassembled the whole computer. Then I plugged it all in, hoping it would work this time. It didn’t.

Swearing, I pulled out my phone and searched on google for the possible cause of this problem. I found some answers, but none of them worked. Finally, after a few hours, u swore loudly and gave up. I reset the motherboard, cleaned up everything, and still it didn’t work!

‘Still broken?’ my mom asked, looking at me.

‘Yeah. I’m pretty sure the motherboard’s dead somehow.’ I replied, angrily. ‘It’s just great. I feel like I’ve broken that thing now! I should’ve just left it dusty.’

‘It’s not your fault, East. You didn’t break it on purpose. Those things happen. Don’t worry.’ My mother said, trying to soothe me.

‘But still, I feel like I broke it! How long has it been since we got this computer? Maybe we’ve still got warranty left.’ I said. I really didn’t want this computer to be broken. It made me feel guilty.

‘4-5 years? It’s been some time since we’ve got that computer.’ Mom said. I felt my hope crumble down.

‘Damnit!’ I said, and went back to the computer. For an hour’ I tried fixing it. It didn’t work. I swore, and gave up, feeling tired now. ‘Call the computer store.’ I said. ‘I’ve done all I can. I’m pretty sure it’s the motherboard, but they’ll have to take a look at it.’

My mom nodded, and turned back to her book. Without saying, I knew she would call the nearby store tomorrow. I sighed, pulled out my phone, and went to my room. I loaded up War Dragons, and started playing it. At least this game always went to plan.

After 30 minutes of playing, I closed the app and put the phone back in my pocket. I went to the kitchen, got a bowl of cereal and milk, started to eat. Then a message arrived on my phone. ‘Probably another advertisement.’ I thought, as I unlocked my flip phone and clicked on the messege.

It wasn’t another advertisement. It was Avil. ‘You still smoke?’ the message said.

‘No.’ I replied. I stopped smoking after a few days after that incident. Not only did I not want to lose my interest, but it also felt dull instead of refreshing now that I’ve smoked for long.

Her reply came immediately. ‘Good. Cause I was about to say goodbye to you if you still smoked, and I didn’t want to. So, why did you stop? Because of me? It’d better be more than that.’

I explained to her. Her reply didn’t come for a while, indicating that she was thinking. Then came her reply. ‘Ok. So I’ll pass this time. But you have to promise me. Don’t smoke again, ok?’

I thought for a second. Will I truly stop smoking? I had originally thought that I would only temporarily stop smoking. But then a thought came to me. Or rather, a feeling. The heaviness of the smoke, and the hardness of breathing in that smoke, thanks to my lengthy smoking period. So I decided. I would stop smoking. And I replied. ‘Yes.’

‘Ok. I believe in you. Please keep your word, ok? Not only am I against it, but it’s also baf for you.’ The reply message said.

‘Ok.’ I replied. I would’ve said more, but I decided to save it to tell her when I met her in person.

‘K. See u at school?’ she texted.

‘Yeah. And I’m sorry that you had to see me smoking.’ I texted back.

‘No worries. Long as you don’t smoke again, I’m happy to forget it.’ She replied back. ‘It’s late. Night?’

I looked at the clock. It was indeed late, being 10pm. ‘Night.’ I replied. ‘And thank you for giving me another chance.’

‘Think nothing of it. But don’t smoke!’ she replied, and I close the phone, smiling.

I might have another shot at being her boyfriend.


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