Memories: Ch14

‘Hey, East!’ Avil yelled. I turned around, and was met with a crushing hug. I looked at her with bewildered eyes, while she looked at my expression and giggled. Finally breaking off the hug, she stepped back and looked at me. ‘You good? You look a bit shaken.’ She said, stiffling a laugh.

‘Yeah. I’m good.’ I replied. ‘But why did you hug me?’ I asked, still a bit bewildered.

‘Cause I like you, dummy! So no smoking, ok?’ She said, grinning.

‘Ok. I’ll try.’ I said, and went over to Avil. ‘You really like me?’ I asked, hoping for a yes. She looked a bit flustered, but looked at me in the eye and said ‘Yes’. I couldn’t hide the grin, and smiled broadly. She looked at me, then smiled as well. I slowly walked up to her, and hugged her. She hugged me back. Then we separated, and looked at eachother.

‘So…’ I began.

‘So…’ she began as well, trailing off like me.

‘We friends?’ I asked, hopefully.

‘Umm… I was thinking of something more than that. How about couples?’ she suggested, making me happy.

‘Great!’ I said, happily. ‘Though… I have to ask. Since when did you have interest in me?’

She got flustered again, but still said ‘Not for long. Probably since I ate with you. At first, I thought you might be a good friend. But I guess the more I knew you, the more I liked you. I that’s that’s how came to like you.’

I looked at her. I just stared at her. Then I walked up to her, and took her claws into mine. She squeezed mine slightly. I decided something. ‘Come.’ I said. ‘I have something to show you.’


I went to the school courtyard, with a bottle of water in my claws. I decided to show her my powers, against my better judgement. I just wanted to share my secret with someone I trusted before I told things to the wrong dragon. She looked kind of confused about my actions, but I assured her that it’ll cause no harm. Finally, I stopped under a tree and set the bottle down. Then I opened the cap and sat back.

‘What?’ Avil asked, confused.

‘Just watch.’ I replied, and ordered the water to come out of the bottle. It did, and Avil looked kind of shocked. Then I ordered the water to float in the air. It did. Avil looked at it with wide eyes, and I chuckled. I ordered the water to get back into the bottle, and Avil looked at me.

‘Was that magic?’ she asked me, still wide-eyed.

Still chuckling, I said ‘No’.

‘Then what was that?’ Avil practically exclaimed.

‘Powers.’ I replied.

‘What powers?’

‘You know the old lost powers? I think I might have it.’

Avil went speechless for a moment. After a moment, she finally said ‘Really? You’re not joking?’

‘Yeah.’ I replied, now fearing what her reactions would be.

‘O..k…’ Avil said, as if she was uncertain about something. ‘Can you shoe me more? Like… move that puddle over there?’ she asked, carefully.

‘Umm…ok.’ I replied, and concentrated on the said puddle of water. I moved it up, and moved it sideways. Then finally, I evaporated the puddle into the air.

She looked stunned, and slowly turned and looked at me. I was hoping that she wouldn’t freak out. But something unexpected happened.

We were holding claws, and her claws suddenly got hot. Her claws got so hot that I had to pull out my claws to not get burned. Then she put her claws on the grass, and the grass instantly turned to ashes. I looked at her with wide eyes. Did she..? Did she have powers as well?

‘East…’ Avil said, looking at me. ‘This… this has to remain a secret. Don’t tell anyone, not even your parents about what happened today. And hide your powers. It’s a curse. The government will be after you. The military will be after you. The whole world will be after you.’

‘Wha…what?’ I stammered. Avil had those powers as well. The powers of an ancient western dragon. The long lost powers of the westerners.

‘Don’t tell anyone. You’ll be like me if you do. Just…just don’t. I don’t want to lose you as well.’ Avil said, tears starting to form on her eyes.

‘What are you talking about? I’ll be like you? What happened?’ I asked, trying to calm her down.

She took a few deep breaths, and calmed down a bit. ‘Avil…Avil isn’t my real name. It’s Aster. I’m currently being hunted. So I had to change my name, and abandon my family. I don’t know where my parents are now. For all I know, they could be dead right now!’ she said, tears starting to form again. ‘So please… please don’t tell anyone about what happened today. Don’t be like me. I made the wrong choice, and if you do as well, you’ll be hunted as well, and I don’t want to lose another loved one. Two is enough. Please…please promise me, East. Don’t tell anyone. About both you and me.’ She said, at the verge of crying.

I was kind of shocked. Many questions arose, but I knew better than to question them now. I just said ‘I will promise you, Aster. I wont tell anyone.’ And walked up to her, and hugged her, trying to comfort her.

She cried in my arms to sleep. Then the bell rang, indicating the start of 5th class. I decided to skip class, and laid Aster down on my laps. She was sleeping peacefully, with tear stains on her face. I wiped them off, and thought of what Avil-now Aster just said.


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