Memories: Ch15

It was a few days after. I continued to hang out with Aster. I learned that she had found her powers when she was still a hatchling, and her parents proudly announced this to their family and friends. Then, one day, a group if governors arrived at their home followed by a truck load of army guys. Her parents were captured, and she escaped by a sheer miracle, while her guards were not focusing on her. She then escaped to the streets, where she lived and still lives. She severed all the connections with her relatives as not to affect them, and still has no one. She cried a few times while saying this, and told me over and over not to tell anyone about these powers. I promised her not to, and now, I’m waiting for Avil-Aster to come after dinner. I had something that I had in mind.

‘Hey, Avil.’ I said. We agreed to call her Avil as to let Aster remain incognito. She smiled when she saw me.

‘Hey, East. Had a good day?’ she asked, while landing beside me.

‘Nah. Was way too hot.’ I replied.

‘Yeah. It’s kind of hot now as well. So, what are we going to do today, East? You said you had something in mind.’

I was waiting for this. ‘Better talk this over a flight.’ I said. ‘Come.’

Aster followed me, in a bit of confusion. Soon, I slowed down a bit, letting Aster catch up. ‘So what is it, East?’ Aster asked me. ‘Is it something important?’

‘Yeah.’ I replied. ‘So you said you lived in the streets, right?’

‘Yeah?’ Avil replied.

‘Well… I would like it if you’d stay with me.’ I said, trying to look as if it ‘s no big deal, which it wasn’t.

‘Huh? Why?’

‘You said you live in the streets. That isn’t safe, you know.’

‘But you know I have my powers, right? I can literally live in the middle of a group of bandits, and they won’t dare touch me.’ Avil said, looking at me. ‘It’s no big deal.’

‘It’s a big deal to me.’ I said, looking straight in her eyes. ‘You know, you cant exactly sleep well knowing that your girlfriend could be mugged, robbed, or killed at any time.’

‘You’re talking about things that wont happen.’ Avil said, with an amused face. ‘But thanks for worrying for me. I really appreciate it.’

I frowned. This wasn’t how I wanted this to go out. ‘Avil, please. You said you don’t want to lose me. I don’t want to lose you as well. So please, stay with me?’ I asked, pleadingly.

Avil sighed. ‘Fine. I guess a few days wont hurt.’

I yelled ‘Yes!’ and that got a few other dragons looking at our way. Aster looked at me with a ‘Really?’ look, and I laughed awkwardly.


It was 6 in the afternoon. We decided to skip study time, as I would have quite a bit to explain to my parents. We packed our bags, and headed out of school.

‘So, you got anything to gather up?’ I asked to Aster, who was flying beside me.

‘Umm…no. I got all my stuff always with me.’ She said, nodding to her pack.

‘All good then, right? Let’s go!’ I said, and shot forwards. I loved the rush of wind on my scales. I heard Aster laugh and beat her wings to catch up. I smiled, and headed to my home.


‘What are you talking about, East?’ my mom, Liya asked.

‘Like I said, mom, she doesn’t have a home. Cant she stay at ours?’ I asked, hopefully.

‘Why? Why doesn’t she have a home?’ mom asked again. ‘She’s not kicked out, is she?’

I sighed. ‘No, mom. It’s a long story. Although I cant tell you the details, as I promised to Avil, I assure you she’s not a criminal nor kicked out.’

My mom and dad sighed. Finally, my dad, Getli, spoke. ‘Ok. But we don’t have any spate rooms, so she’ll have to stay in your room. And no funny business!’

‘Thank you so much, mom and dad!’ I yelled, hugging my parents. ‘You wont regret it, I promise that!’

‘Hopefully we wont.’ Mom said. ‘So why don’t you introduce us to your friend?’


After introducing Aster to my parents, we headed up to my room. All had gone better than I had imagined. My parents nor Aster freaked out, and my parents didn’t suspect a thing. I landed in front of my door, and put the key into the keyhole.

‘You look your door?’ Aster asked, laughing.

‘Uh…yeah. Don’t worry. I always leave the window open, so it wont stink or anything.’ I said, as I unlocked the door and opened it. ‘Ladies first.’ I said, smiling.

‘Haha.’ Aster said, and headed inside. ‘Well, it’s cleaner than I thought.’ Aster said, after looking around my room. ‘You got quite a collection of books as well. All yours?’

‘Yeah. That was before I started to write. Feel free to look around. Although… there’s not much of interest here.’ I said, then threw my bag on the floor, and sat on the bed.

Aster looked at my collection of books, and pulled one out. ‘You don’t mind, do you?’ she asked, and opened it, started reading.

After looking at her for a moment, I started unpacking my bag. Once I was done, I started to type on my phone. Time to upload ADL again.


It was now night. I told my parents and pulled out a sleeping bag from the closet. Aster looked at me with curious eyes.

‘Is that where I’m gonna sleep in?’ she asked.

‘No.’ I replied. ‘You’re taking the bed. You know, guests first ‘

‘Oh.’ Aster said, looking a bit dumb folded. ‘Thanks.’

‘No problem.’ I said, and unrolled the sleeping bag. I shut the light off after checking Aster, and crawled into the sleeping bag.

‘Night.’ Aster said, looking at me.



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