Memories: Ch16

‘Waky waky’ someone said.

‘5 more minutes, mom.’ I mumbled.

That someone laughed. That someone was a she. She laughed heartily and loudly. Confused, I opened my eyes to see… Aster laughing. I got embarrassed and got up. ‘You could’ve just shook me up, you know.’ I said, getting up from my sleeping bag. ‘That wouldn’t have been fun.’ Aster replied, smirking. I sighed, and went to the bathroom to wash. ‘You can have the other bathroom. It’s unused, so think of it as a bathroom for guests.’ I said, as I went out of my room. Aster nodded, and gathered up her clothes, and went to the other bathroom.

After washing my scales and hair, I went back to my room, and picked up my bag. Aster soon joined me and picked up her bag as well. I said my departures to my parents, and headed over to school with Aster. Another day, another day at school.


It was now lunch time. I went to the cafeteria, and got a piece of bread with jam. That got me thinking. How did Aster get food on that day the cafeteria was closed? Just as I was about to think more about it, Aster came with a bowl of fruits. She sat down next to me, and offered me an apple.

‘Thanks.’ I said, as I accepted the apple. ‘Umm… Avil. I have a question. How’d you get that food when the cafeteria was closed? You said you got that sandwich again. Are you really living on the streets?’ I asked, carefully. Aster looked at me, then sighed. ‘Fine. I guess there’s no keeping this away from you. I might have ‘persuaded’ a few dragons to help me with my powers. They’re a group of gang who tried to mug me at the start, but after a few examples, they were convinced to stay out of my bad sides. And a few of them run shops, so… that’s how I got my lunch.’

‘Is that where you get the money from as well?’ I asked.

‘Yeah.’ Aster replied. I was dumbstruck. When she said she could live in the middle of bandits, I didn’t think she meant it literally. But she was! And she was ruling over them! ‘Wow.’ I managed to say.

‘That reminds me.’ Aster said, biting into aj apple. ‘We should train.’

‘Train what?’ I asked.

‘Train your powers.’ Aster replied.


‘You heard me.’ Aster said. ‘You should train. I’m pretty sure your powers can come handy as well. Just…think if it as preparing for bad times.’

I thought for a second. Then Aster spoke again. ‘What happened to me… can happen to you. Don’t tell anyone about your powers, but protect your family. Don’t end up like me.’

I looked at her. She kept a straight face, but I knew she was thinking about her family. I shuffled over to her, and hugged her. I felt her tense a bit, then relax. ‘Don’t worry.’ I said. ‘And thanks. Thank you for your help. I’ll train. So when do we start?’


We ate dinner, packed our bags, and left school. Aster, living on the streets, knew the streets better than I did, and knew an abandoned building where we could practice. When we arrived, I saw that it was an abandoned factory.’

‘Ok. Try to summon water.’ Aster said, when we were inside the factory. I pulled out my water bottle, opened it, and set it down on the floor to order the water to float. But Aster stopped me and closed the cap. ‘I said, summon water, not use water that you already have.’ And she handed me the water bottle back. I got confused.

‘You mean make water out of thin air?’ I asked, confused. ‘How do you do that?’

‘Just call for water. And as for making it, you’re not exactly making it. It’s more like you’re gathering up the moisture from the air. Here. Take my claws. I’ll show you.’

I took her claws, and soon, her claws started to get burning hot. I had to removed my claws before it got burnt. ‘Because there’s nothing available to burn, I can’t make a flame. But, I can make my claws hot as so to burn whatever if something touches my claws. You can do it as well. Concentrate on your power, and call for water.’

I closed my eyes, and concentrated. I held my claws out, and called for water. Then something touched my claws, and I opened my eyes in surprise. It was Aster, holding one of my claws. ‘Don’t look at me! Concentrate!’ she said. ‘I’m checking if you’re working hard. Concentrate!’

I focused on my powers once again. I called for water, and called for my powers.


I was home. Exhausted, I threw my bag in the floor, and fell onto the sleeping bag. Man, did that training take a lot out of you! I succeeded in summoning water, or gathering water, as Aster called it, but it was after numerous attempts and numerous failures. When I finally was able to summon a drop of water, I nearly fainted with exhaustion. Aster congratulated me, and announced that we would resume training tomorrow. Then we headed home, and now I was here, lying on the sleeping bag.

‘East, you know you have to wash up, right?’ Aster said, standing over me. ‘C’mon. Wash up, and you can sleep, ok?’

I mumbled sleepily, gathered up my clothes, and went to the bathroom to wash. After having a shower, I went back to my room, and fell head first into my sleeping bag. Damn, was I tired. Aster snickered, but I didn’t reply or do anything. I was too tired.

Before I knew it, I was fast asleep.


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