Memories: Ch17

It was a few days after. I had managed to summon a puddle of water. Each day, after the training, I fell face first into my sleeping bag, exhausted. Each day, my skills continued to improve. I was getting the hold of handling my power, and it required less and less energy to do the same kind of trick each day.

‘Ok. That’s enough.’ Aster said, stopping me. ‘Let’s resume tomorrow.’

‘Sounds good to me’ I said as I panted. ‘I’m out of energy anyways.’

We got out of the abandoned factory, and flew towards my home. Once we were there, I instantly grabbed my clothes, and got a shower, then plopped onto my sleeping bag.


‘Hey, Focaly.’ I called my friend. It was the day after and I was at school. I had just finished Korean, and it was now a day before summer break. ‘What are you gonna do on summer break?’

‘Umm… study? Read fiction? Play video games? Whatever that comes to mind, I guess.’ He replied.

‘Oh. Why study, though? You know the part that counts when you go to university is done.’ I said, curiously.

‘Well, we still got that big test that could change the name of the college, you know. Gotta study for that.’ Focaly replied, casually.

‘Oh.’ I said, and went away.

I went back to my locker and pulled out English. Time to write. I headed towards Mrs.Han’s class, and laid out my books and papers. I put the book on the desk, and piled up my pencil case, phone, and wallet on top of it. I wasn’t going to concentrate on English this class anyways.

I pulled some paper towards me, and started writing. Soon, class started, and Mrs.Han started to teach the class. Of course, I didn’t give a damn about the class as I already knew what she would teach.



Mrs.Han was looking at me. Aster snickered beside me. ‘East.’ Mrs.Han started. ‘I know you’re good at English, but maybe not even opening your book is going too far.’ She said.

‘Sorry, Mrs. Han.’ I said. I cursed my luck underneath my breath. I had to get caught, didn’t I? I opened my book, and pretended to look at the page. My mind was still wandering around writing. Mrs.Han gave me a warning look, and went away. I put my papers under the book, and continued to write. Aster looked at me, and snickered again.


It was now lunch time. I got a plate of fruits as I wasn’t feeling that hungry, and Aster got some beef. We sat down under the ususal tree, and ate.



I growled. This was the 8th time today. Apparently, Aster wasn’t happy with the results. I focused on my powers, and called for water again. I felt a drop of water, then a puddle of water. Then a little more. Then a little more. I didn’t close my eyes anymore, so I saw the whole process. Water was appearing out of this air. I looked at Aster. She shook her head. It wasn’t enough.

‘Urgh!’ I yelled. I was tired. I was exhausted. I was trying hard. Yet, Aster didn’t seem to be planning to stop me anytime soon. I evaporated the water back into the air, and started again. This time, this time, I would do it.

I watched a drop of water become a puddle, and the puddle became a larger puddle, qnd the large puddle became the size of a… car?! Suddenly, water was gathering faster and faster, and suddenly, I knew how to control my power at full potential. I looked at Aster in shock, as if felt like nothing I’ve ever felt before, and she… nodded? And smiled? Although I was confused, I still concentrated on the water. It soon became the size of a small pond, then a large pond. Then it became a floating lake, filling up the whole factory. I looked around. Water was getting pulled out of the air, from the soil, from everywhere! I saw drops of water heading for the mass of water. I saw them unite and become one. I saw… what I could do.

Aster signaled me. I stopped gathering water, and ordered it to return where it came from. It did, and shortly after, there was no mass of water floating in the air. It was as if nothing had happened.

‘Good.’ Aster said. ‘Very good. What you did just now was break your own limit of power. Now you can control your power at full potential. Nice job.’

I was going to reply, then I realized something. I wasn’t panting for breath! Nor was I feeling tired or exhausted! Looking at my surprised pose, Aster laughed. ‘Once you unlock your limits, it doesn’t exhaust you. At least, not by a short shot. I never tested it out on a long shot, but I expect it to be the same.’ She said.

‘Wow.’ I said. ‘That was… incredible.’

‘It was.’ Aster replied. ‘Now you can protect yourself or attack your offender. The style is chosen by you.’

I got confused. ‘What do you mean?’

‘That there’s no regulated style of offence or defense. It’s chosen by you. I guess you can make a water wall to block bullets.’ Aster replied.

‘Oh. I said, then remained silent.

After a moment of rest, Aster finally said ‘Shall we go home?’


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