My own Review of Cars 3

​This is my review of cars 3.
Before I say anything, let me just say that I’m still new to this, so if you want a professional review, please click backwards.

So I saw this movie about 4 days ago, and I must say that it was a fantastic sequel to the cars series, and way better than Cars 2, which didn’t exactly have a big relation to the original Cars.

There are a few reasons why Cars 3 was a good sequel.

First of all, it took the movie back to it’s original stage, the Nascar. The original movie was based on Nascar, with a racer who was full of himself. The third Cars movie brought the first movie back very well. Lightning Mcqueen learnt his lesson, and his pit crew is still Guido. The background is still Nascar, unlike Cars 2, (I’m not a hater of Cars 2! Don’t get me wrong!) which brought the movie back to it’s original starting line.

Second, it brought Doc Hudson back. I must say that although I’m not a huge fan of Doc, I was extremely happy to see Doc back in the movie. Some of the clips didn’t exactly fit, but never the less, I was happy to see Doc or the cars/tracks related to him.

Third, it brought a new challenge to Mcqueen. Unlike cars 2, which didn’t exactly feel like a challenge to Mcqueen nor the audience, Cars 3 was a real challenge from the start. Lightning won, then Lightning’s rival won, then…Lightning crashed, lol. It’s kind of sad that the movie didn’t show Lightning’s recovery, but looking back again, it’s kind of acceptable. Maybe it wouldn’t have fit the movie, or maybe it would’ve changed the whole movie if they put it in it. Anyways, it felt way more like a challenge than the first or the second movie of Cars.

Fourth, it didn’t only aim for the youths, but it also aimed for the adults / adolescents. At least, it felt that way for me. The movie had the depressing fact that all athletes become old and get replaced in the end, which would strike the older people harder than the youngsters.

But there was a bit of downside as well. And the biggest was…that there probably won’t be anymore sequels. Cars 3 was the last planned movie of the cars series, I read. Some articles say that there might be Cars 4, but still, it’s sad that such a good series has come to an end. Especially to people like me who watched the movie from the start when we were young.

Next is that the part of Cal Weathers was so small. You would think that it Cal won against Mcqueen, then he would at least be an important part of the movie. The fact that he only made a brief entrance in the movie felt like ‘What about him?’ to me throughout the whole movie. The movie did put Cal back in the movie at the end for a little laugh, but still, it felt like the character deserved a lot more appearance throughout the movie.
Except for those two, I can’t exactly find any faults with the movie. Over all, I can say that it was a movie that was very well put together. It was a great movie, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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