My review of Firelight by Sophie Jordan

Book - Firelight (Jordan)

This is my review of Firelight by Jordan.

I got to know about this book by GoodReads, when I was searching for dragon-related books. (I’m a huge fan of dragons!) The ratings wasnt as high as I would’ve liked, but still, I gave it a shot. And here’s what I thought.

Is it good?

Umm…Maybe. I think it’ll depend on the person heavily. Through all the way, I was reminded of Julie Kagwa’s Talon series. And I have to say that I personally think this Firelight might be the downgraded version of it. A little less violence, and a little less intensity. Basically a little better for younger readers. But that also makes the book less fun, less enjoyable. So, is it good? Or is it bad? Well, if you want a casual book that you can just read, then yes. But if you’re deep into fantasy like me, then No. It depends on your reading choice and preference.

What book does it remind you?/is it like?

As I said earlier, this book is quite like Julie Kagwa’s Talon series. They both have human-transforming dragons, and they both have the main characters falling in love with the enemy. The citicens of both books dont know that dragons exist and dragons have to hide. They are both hunted and slain. The main characters in both books go with their lovers, not their fate. (at least, as long as i’m aware.)

But there are a few differences as well. The first thing you notice is that it’s draki in Fireelight, who descended from dragons, opposed to dragons in Talon, who are actual dragons. The Firelight aims for a far more younger audience while the Talon aims for a more mature audience. Firelight has a more lighter atmosphere, as it is more like general romance stuff while Talon has a more heavier atmosphere due to a lot of events going on at the same time and making the readers think more.

Do you recommend it?

I’d say I recommend this book for people who like romance or dragons, but to none outside the boundaries. This book simply doesnt have it’s own personality to be special or it to be enjoyable. The book feels…surpressed. It feels like jordan could’ve put more details in it and made it more fun, but didnt add it in. It goes like this. You start to read. Then you enjoy it. You expect much more stuff to enjoy as you turn the page, but suddenely, the writer ends the event and goes on to the next event. You kind of get let down, but you hope for better as you turn the pages. But it only repeats the cycle over and over. But it’ll be good if it feels like a tease, or something like that, right? No! It doesn’t! THAT’S the biggest let down of this book. It doesnt feel like a tease, and it’s always at this awkward place between pleasure of reading and getting bored. Something always feels like missing, and slowly, you get tired of it.

So, what are your points for this book?

I’d say… 7/10. If it didnt have dragons or I wanst a dragon fan, I would’ve given it 6.5/10. It really lacks it’s own personality, being so similar to other books, and that ws the biggest let down of this book.

So, that was my review of Firelight by Jordan. Thanks for reading, and if you liked it, please, like or follow my blog.


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