This is my review of Samsung Micro SDXC 64G card.


The package is simple. It’s consisted of the card itself and a micro sd card reader. The latter being extremely useful to me, as my deskto doesn’t have a sd reader integrated in it.

This card is a UHS-10, and a class 10. It basically means it’s a good card, I guess. Yeah. I don’t know what that means, either. But the package says that it’s capable of transfering files at 48mb/s. Pretty fast, I must say.


So, where do I use it? On my surface pro, of course! I use an i3 64gb surface, so an extra memory to store all my stuff is crutial. And this memory does that job very well with it’s small size and quick transfering speed.

So, the speed. I already said that this card is capable of 48mb/s, and I believe it could actually do it with the right equipments, as I got 41mb/s out of my surface pro. I’m pretty sure it’ll be able to get up there.

The reliablility. Well, it’s a SD card. It’s only going to be as reliable as any other cards. So don’t store any important files on it, or save another copy of it somewhere else. It does have a 10 year warranty, so that makes it a little bit better.

The protability. Well, I’ll pass this. You all know it yourself.


The actual usable storage. 59.6 out of 64. I wonder where the other 4 gigs went. Lol.

The value. I got this for 30 bucks. In my books, that’s not a bad deal, especially with a card reader included.

So, my points? I’ll give it a 9/10. That 1 other point is because of the 4 gigs that just evaporated. Other that that, I can say that I’m satisfied with the performance of this card. Thanks for reading, and if you enjoyed it, please, share, leave a like, and follow.


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