Jade: Chapter 3

‘Mom? Dad?’ A voice called. Jade opened his eyes. Parker was standing in front of him and his mate. Etica was still lightly sleeping against his scales. He carefully stood up, and blinked his eyes, and looked at the clock. 9 in the morning. Not too late. He stood up, stretched is limbs, and softly called Etica.

‘Etica. My love, time to wake up.’ he called.

‘Mmmmh… Do I have to?’ his mate said, drowsily.

‘Ok. I’ll wake you up after I wash up. Sleep till then.’ he said, and turned towards his hatchling. ‘Go wake up your sisters. And wash up as well. We’ll leave as soon as we’re all ready.’

Parker left the room, and Jade got up from bed, and headed towards the bathroom. He washed up, and while washing his face, looked at the mirror. A tear started to roll down his face. He had so much left for him. His hatchlings, his mate, maybe another clutch… His whole life. And it was all ruined by cancer. He snorted, and continued to wash his face, then his body. It wouldn’t matter. It wouldn’t matter how much he regretted. The cancer will continue to eat the insides of him. What mattered was how much he made the rest of his life count. He continued to wash up, and left the bathroom clean. Then he went to his mate to wake her up.

‘My dear, it’s time to wake up now.’ he called softly into his mate’s ears. Etica opened her eyes, and turned her snout, and kissed him briefly. Then she got up, and went to the bathroom to wash. Jade, in a better mood, went to the dresser and packed their bag. When Etica came out of the bathroom, he was done packing, and was zipping up their bag.

‘I’m going to the bank to get some money. I packed the bag for both of us. Feel free to check if I missed something.’ he called to his mate, and went out of the house, and headed towards the bank. He retrieved one hundred thousand dollars, the fifth of his savings, and headed back towards his house. When he arrived at his house, his family members were waiting for him, having packed all of their bags.

‘Where are we going?’ Lilda asked, curiously.

‘Dunno. Where do you want to go?’ he asked in reply. ‘Let’s go anywhere you want to go to.’

‘Paris!’ Parker yelled with excitement in his voice.

‘Then Paris it is. You ok with that, love?’ he asked Etica, who was looking at him with a weird expression.

‘Sure.’ she replied, but also added ‘You didn’t think of where to go?’

Jade, not surprised, replied by saying ‘Of course, I didn’t. It’s a family trip, and we actually have enough time to all where we want to go. I want this to be a memorable trip for all of us, Etica. I don’t want the hatchlings or you following where I want to go. I want to go where we want to go.’

Etica’s eyes got a little bit red as she was reminded of the reason behind this trip. Noticing this, Jade nuzzled his mate lovingly, and soon, Etica’s eyes returned to their normal color. She nuzzled Jade back, and they once again turned their attention towards the hatchlings. They looked eager to start the trip, so they herded the hatchlings out, and locked the door behind them. Jade passed the key to Etica, and Etica safely put the key away. Then Jade opened his wings, with a bag attached to his back. ‘Let the trip begin!’ he said, and set into the sky. His mate, and their hatchlings soon followed, letting out excited yells. Jade smiled, and took out his phone, opened up the map, and entered paris into it. The map showed him the general direction, and he set towards the direction. His family followed him.


It was now night, and the hatchlings were asleep on his and Etica’s backs. He and Etica agreed to fly all night to reach the destination as fast as possible. Now they were mid way across the ocean, and although they were tired, they knew there would be no rest till they see land. So they continued on. Jade had some music playing on his phone, and the two listened to it in silence. Finally, Jade decided to break the silence after a few hours.

‘You good?’ he asked his mate.

‘A bit tired, but that’s to be expected, right? Are you good? It’s you who we should be concerned about.’

Jade shook his head to say no, but then, a pain rose from his chest. It was just for a brief second, but it was intense, and the pain showed on his face. Etica, seeing it, panicked a bit, but Jade, recovering, shook his head. ‘Don’t panic.’ he said. ‘Remember you have our hatchlings on your back. We don’t want to wake them up.’

‘But what was that!’ Etica exclaimed, nearly shouting and waking up the hatchlings. ‘Maybe we should go back. It’s not too late. Maybe you should be in bed. Maybe you could be recovered.’

Jade, again, shook his head. ‘I told you, Etica. There’s no going back for me. I can’t be fixed, and I want the last of my days memorable. Besides, it was just a slight bit of pain. No need to fret, just yet.’

Etica huffed, but couldn’t find anything to reply with, so looked at Jade with worried eyes, but continued to fly without any more comments. Jade, unlike the outside, shook in the inside, thought ‘I should visit the doctors when I arrive at paris. Maybe it’s worsening.’.


The sun began to rose. Jade yawned, and looked at it with the most mesmerized eyes he could manage. Then an idea rose in his head, and he shook himself, waking Lild who was on his back. ‘Huh? Are we there?’ she asked him, rubbing her eyes.

‘No, daughter.’ he said. ‘But look at that.’

Lild rubbed her eyes, and looked at where Jade was pointing. Then her pupils got wide as she saw the sunrise. ‘Wow.’ she said in awe. Looking at her, Jade laughed. Etica laughed as well, and shook herself to wake Odessy and Parker. They looked at the sunrise in awe as well, and so the family enjoyed the sunrise.

The sun fully rose soon, and the family continued towards their destination. A few hours later, they saw land, and they realized that they reached Europe. They lowered their altitudes, and searched for the row of flags that identified the country they were closing in. Soon, they saw the giant flags and to their delight, it was France!

‘Look! France!’ Jade said to Parker, who was straining his neck to look more closely. Lild and Odessy joined in as well, faces brightening. Etica closed in on Jade, and looked at him lovingly. Jade reached over to her and nuzzled her. They soon reached the beach of France and landed. Jade looked for the international inspection booth, and when he found it, pulled out his family’s passport, and got inspected. They all passed, of course, and Jade pulled out his phone again and looked for Paris. It once more showed the general direction of it, and he led his family towards it.

Parker flew beside him, gawking at the sight in front of him. Jade chuckled at him, and he looked at the scene as well. It wasn’t as cool as he saw in the pictures, but that was to be expected. Still, it looked cool.

By noon, they lowered down and visited a random resteraunt they saw. The waiter came, carrying five glasses of water. Having flown all day and night, Jade and Etica gulped it down quickly. The hatchlings drank it slower, and they ordered their selection of meals. After a few moments, the waiter came back with their meals. Jade tipped the waiter, who thanked him, and started on his dish. He ordered duck with baked bread, which he hadn’t tasted at all, and even before he started to eat, he had to admit that the smell was amazing! Hungrily, he dug in, and the taste was even better. It was by no means the best dish he had eaten, but it was damn near it! He offered a piece each to Etica and his hatchlings, and they enjoyed it as well. After finishing, the family decided to slow down and look around for a bit. The scene in front of them was something that they haven’t seen for their life time. They awed and gawked at the scene, and took a lot of pictures. Jade didn’t forget to take family pictures as well as each individual’s pictures. He took a lot of them. That was the whole point of this trip, after all. They posed in front of a random beautifully decorated shop, an unknown statue, and so on. As they did this, the day slowly ended, and they started to look for a place to stay. They finally settled in a small motel, and unpacked. After they had all washed and eaten, the hatchlings went to sleep, exhausted from all the action they had taken. Jade and Etica were tired as well, but being adult dragons, they could last for a week with no sleep. Nevertheless, Etica prepared to sleep, curling herself up on the bed. Jade didn’t prepare to sleep. Instead, he pulled out a laptop and a portable hard drive from the backpack he was wearing, and turned it on. Then he connected the camera to it, and started to export the files into the hard drive. Etica was almost asleep with dropping eyelids when she felt there was no one beside her. She opened her eyes, and yawned, and looked around to see where her mate was. When she saw her mate typing in front of the computer, she blinked at the bright light. Then she called for her mate.

‘Jade.’ she called. ‘Aren’t you going to sleep?’

Jade turned around, and looked at Etica. ‘Just a second.’ he said. ‘I’ve almost wrote all of this. Wait for me, love?’

Curious, Etica got up and walked over to her mate to see what he was doing. Seeing a bunch of lines of words and a few pictures here and there, she looked at Jade questioningly. Jade felt her mate look at him, and turned around to face her. ‘I’m writing on a blog.’ he said. ‘So you and the hatchlings can remember what today was like later.’ He didn’t attach the part after he died, as he didn’t want to upset Etica again. After all, what good will it be if his mate would be constantly worried about him on a family trip?

Etica nodded, and said ‘Finish it fast. I want you beside me.’

‘Yes, Ma’am.’ Jade said, laughing softly. Etica nuzzled him before heading to bed once more and waited for Jade to join her. Jade quickly finished the blog file he was writing, published it, and joined her. Jade curled up around Etica, and together, they went to sleep.


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Jade: Chapter 2

Jade stopped in front of his house door. He didn’t know how he should tell his mate and hatchlings about the news. But they had to know. They were not going to have a mate/father in 3 months or less. ‘Three months…’ Jade thought. ‘Three months…’ Jade took a deep breath, and opened the door of his house.

His family was in a nice mood. ‘So, how did your visit to the hospital go?’ His mate, Etica asked. Jade thought quickly, and said ‘Quite well. Just some stretched muscles, that’s all.’ He decided to tell his mate later, and his kids even later on. He didn’t want to break the happy atmosphere. ‘What’s for dinner?’ he asked his mate. ‘Beef?’

‘You guessed it. Want to have it now?’

‘Yup.’ he said. ‘I’m sorry, Etica.’ he thought. ‘This might be the last normal meal we can have together.’

His mate enthusiastically prepared dinner. Looking at the scene, Jade found his heart dropping. This might be the last normal dinner he would have with his mate. Feeling guilty, he helped his mate prepare dinner. Surprised by his act, Etica looked at him, but continued preparing dinner. The two prepared dinner, and soon, it was ready to eat. They called their hatchlings, and started to eat.

‘So, how did your day go?’ Jade asked Etica, cutting a slice a beef with his claws after washing them.

‘Nice, I guess. The hatchlings are now grown up enough not to cause too much trouble, and other household work is easy enough for me.’

Jade nodded, and continued to eat his share of beef. He was a quick eater, so he ate quicker than any other family members. After he finished eating, he put the dishes is the sink, and sat back down and watched his family eat dinner.

Etica, Lild, Odessy, Parker…

His beloved mate and three hatchlings. He would hate to leave them behind. But he knew he would have to. And that made him sad.

A tear rolled down his face without him knowing. But it did not get unnoticed by his mate.

‘Are you crying?’ she asked him carefully. ‘What’s wrong?’

Jade quickly wiped his eyes, and stood up. ‘I’m going to get some rest.’ he said to Etica. ‘I would like it if you joined me.’

Concerned, Etica finished her dinner quickly and followed her mate to their room.

‘It’s your health, isn’t it? What’s wrong?’ She asked Jade quietly, and soothingly. ‘I’m sure they can fix you.’

‘They…they can’t.’ Jade said, trying not to cry. ‘I’m going to die, Etica. In three months. Three months! Three months and our hatchlings are not going to have a father anymore, and three months and you’re not going to have a mate anymore! I’m sorry, Etica. I’m sorry…’ Jade said, and fell into his mate’s wings. He wanted to cry, but tears won’t come out. He was worried. Worried about his family. Worried about their future. Worried about everything. And he was sorry. Sorry for his mate for not listening to her advice of stop smoking. Sorry for his kids that he’d failed them. Sorry for everyone for letting them down.

Etica got numb for a second, then thought straight again. ‘Calm down, Jade. Calm down. What do you mean by you’re going to die in three months? Calm down and explain to me. Maybe there’s a way.’

So Jade calmed a bit down, and explained everything to Etica. From the pain he was having all night long, the check, then his check for his cancer. Etica listened, and listened. Her expressions didn’t show much, but Jade knew that Etica was as off set as he was by the news as well. It was just that Etica was trying not to lose her head. Finally, when he was done explaining, Etica took a few deep breaths and looked straight at Jade. Then she slapped him. She hit him multiple times here and there, and when she finally stopped hitting him, she cried her heart out. Jade felt awful.

‘Why…Why…Why… Why Jade? Why didn’t you just quit smoking? Now what are we going to do? If the doctors can’t fix you, then what can we do?’ she cried out. Hearing the whole noise, the hatchlings opened the door and saw their mother crying as well. They had already heard what Jade had said through the door, so they didn’t need any explanation. Instead, Odessy and Parker went to their mother and sat under her wing, distant, while Etica hugged them tight with her wing. Lild, being the first of the clutch, came up to him.

‘Dad, why didn’t you tell us sooner? That’s some kind of news we needed to know!’ She said, quietly, but also disappointedly at him. Jade felt even more terrible. All he could manage to say was ‘I’m sorry.’.

Jade felt terrible. He already did feel sorry, but now, to hear those disappointed voices from his own hatchlings… it made him feel miserable. What kind of father was he? What kind of mate was he? What kind of horrible father/mate would do this to his family?

Jade hung his head, and slowly walked out of the room. Etica kept crying, and Lild and Odessy and Parker were all around her, taking in the shock. He went to the fridge, and took out a whisky, and went out to the porch in front of their house. He opened the lid, and drank a sip from it.

‘What kind of father am I? What kind of mate am I?’ he thought, and sipped again on the whisky. He was said, afraid, and sorry. Mostly for his family, but also for himself. He was still young. Only in his early 30’s. There was so much things he would miss. His hatchlings growing up, his hatchling’s offsprings, and another clutch if he and Etica agreed on it again.

Jade sighed, and emptied the paw-sized whisky bottle. Why not enjoy himself if he was going to die in a few months? He went to the fridge and got a can of beer. He opened it, and slowly drank it. Why not drink. It’s only going to be a few months till his death. Might as well enjoy the left time on earth he had.

Then an idea flashed past his mind. Even if his family can’t have him after a few months, they could always have memories with him.

He got up from the porch, and put the whisky bottle and beer can away. He went back to his and Etica’s room, and got his savings account. Then he headed straight for the nearest ATM to check his account, hoping there’ll be quite a bit of money in it. Jade set the account to automatically transport some of the earnings he hade into the said savings account in case he got sick or something. That proved to be a real good idea just now,

Jade reached the ATM, inserted the card, and punched the passcode. The screen said loading for a bit, then displayed the amount he saved. Five hundred thousand dollars. It was more than what he expected. In a much, much better mood, he ejected his card and started back home.

When he came home, he saw that Etica had calmed down and was sipping whisky. The hatchlings were around the table, all having sad and worn faces. It made his heart sting, but nevertheless, he entered the house. He had something to announce.

‘Etica, Lild, Odessy, Parker, I’m sorry for not telling you about my cancer. And I’m also sorry that I’m not going to be there when I’m gone.’ he said, when he reached the kitchen where all his family members were. ‘But hey.’ Jade continued. ‘Let’s make the rest of the time we have left count.’

His family members looked at him, confused. Jade sounded so bright, which wasn’t what they expected. So Jade continued. ‘I have this idea of going on a family trip. We have over five hundred thousand dollars in savings, so money won’t be a problem. Anyone opposed to this idea?’

‘But what about school?’ Odessy asked.

‘Can you skip it for a few months?’

‘Yeah… but won’t that affect our grades?’ Odessy asked, still concerned. She was the best of the three on grades, so it was understandable. But grades were nothing compared to family. So Jade continued.

‘Listen, daughter. Grades are important. Yes. It is. But it’s nothing compared to family. I won’t force you, but I want to make my last days memorable for our family. Do you agree with me?’

Odessy thought for a minute, then agreed with her dad. Happily, Jade announced that they were going to depart on the next morning, and the hatchlings, in a brighter mood, cheered. Jade told his hatchlings to pack right away, before going to bed, and followed Etica back to their room.

Etica looked less happy than the hatchlings. Once they were in, and closing the door, Etica started. ‘Can’t we use that money to fix you up?’ she asked, looking desperate. ‘I don’t want to lose you, and I don’t want the hatchlings growing up without a father. Five hundred thousand dollars isn’t any kind of small money. I’m pretty sure there’ll be someone willing to fix you up for the right price.’

Jade sighed. He knew she would ask this. Thankfully, he had an answer. ‘No.’ he said. ‘Yes, I could try, but the doctor I met already phoned multiple cancer specialists, but they all said it was too late. I don’t want my hatchlings to grow up without a father either, Etica. But maybe it’s too late. I don’t want to spend my whole life’s savings on stuff that won’t work, Etica. It’s my life’s savings. I want to use it for our family. Sure, maybe more medicine or more healing remedies might make me last a month or two longer, but I doubt it’ll be long before I eventually die. I’m living on borrowed time, Etica. And I want to make it count. Both for the hatchlings and for you.’

Etica just came forwards and buried her head in his wings. She smelled of alcohol and sadness. Then she cried. She cried and cried. Jade thanked the hatchlings were asleep by then, else it would’ve taken the whole night for them to get to sleep.

‘I’m sorry, Etica. I’m sorry.’

Etica didn’t reply, but just cried in his wings. Jade looked at his mate sadly, and hugged her. He didn’t know how much time was left before he couldn’t do this anymore.

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Jade: Chapter 1

‘Jade.’ a voice called. Jade groaned, and opened his eyes. His whole body hurt from yesterday’s work. But he had no option but to go to work again, if he wanted to keep the roof up for the family.

Jade groaned from the pain that flashed when he moved his body, got down to all fours, and went to the kitchen. He popped a few pills given to him from his mate, and set out of the house after a quick nuzzle to his mate and hatchlings.

He worked at a local train station, loading and unloading packages on or off the train. The packages, shaped differently from each other, made Jade use a lot of his body repeatedly, made his muscles sore and age quicker. He didn’t like this job, but he had no choice. He had to hold up his family.

Jade arrived at work, and started to load cargo onto the waiting train. His whole body ached from work, but he ignored it. ‘Next!’ He yelled as he loaded the cargo and grabbed the next one passed onto him.

He worked hard, and soon it was time for lunch. Tiredly, Jade dragged his body to the cafeteria and ordered some lunch. He ate it quickly, and then got some coffee. Some dark coffee with sugar. Sipping on the coffee, he went back to his work. His body was still sore from the continuous work, but lunch and coffee definitely helped.

Time flew past as he worked continuously, and it was soon time to go home for him. He loaded the last package of the day onto the train, checked out, and headed back home. His whole body, especially his back and wings hurt.

‘Great…’ he thought as he headed home. ‘I’ll have to go to the hospital again… My wings and back hurt more than they should…’


It was the next day. This time, Jade woke up earlier than other days, because he needed to go to the hospital. During the whole night, his back and wings had hurt/annoyed him endlessly, and he was sure something was wrong. So he decided to go to the hospital before things got too late. He went to the bathroom, washed up, and headed for the hospital. On his way, he smoked a cigarette. The cigarette was his only way of getting out of the endlessly tiring routine. He knew it was bad for his health, but it was his only exit out. He couldn’t dare eliminate the only exit he had.

Once he arrived, he walked in, and asked the front desk if he could have a check throughly. He didn’t tell the others that he was going to the hospital, his mate because he didn’t want her to worry, and his boss cause he thought he could make it in time, so he hoped that he didn’t have any serious issues, else things could get messy real quick.

After a moment, his name was called, and he was called into a through check. Afterwards, he was told to wait again, and he did. Then he was called into the doctor’s office. He hoped that he didn’t have any serious problems.

‘Mr.Istia.’ the doctor started, looking at him. Jade gulped. He really hoped that he didn’t have any serious problems. ‘I’m sorry, but you seem to have some stretched muscles.’ Jade sighed in relief at that. But the doctor continued. ‘But that’s not the worst. You seem to have lung cancer. We’ll have to conduct another test, to see if it’s really lung cancer. But by the looks of it, it’s only at the starting stage, so you probably can be cured.’

Jade looked at the doctor in disbelief. Lung cancer? Me? ‘Really?’ he asked the doctor. ‘Are you sure? Are you 100% sure? Please tell me you’re not. I have a family to hold up! Please! No!’ he clutched the doctor and pleaded. The doctor looked at him with sorrow eyes, but did not say no. ‘I can only tell you that we q have to conduct another test, sir.’ he only said. Jade was devastated. He had a family to hold up. And with him having cancer, it wasn’t going to be easy. He couldn’t have cancer. He simply couldn’t. It was something that could not happen to him. That something that he would not allow. He took a deep breath. Maybe…maybe there was a way. ‘How long and how much do you reckon to fix me?’ he asked the doctor. ‘We don’t know for sure. We’ll have to conduct another test, as I said, to make sure if it’s really cancer and how much it spread.’

‘Ok…’ Jade replied, distant. He really hoped that his cancer was only at the starting stage. He had to hold up his family. He couldn’t be sick! The doctor interrupted his thoughts. ‘So, when are you free to do another test? The earlier, the better.’ Jade thought for a minute. The earlier, the better. Maybe he should take the day off. He had stretched muscles anyways. Plus, the earlier the better, right? He pulled out his phone and called his boss, and told him that he would not be going to work for the day. He tempered on the thought of telling his mate about it right then and there as well, but decided to face her to tell her. ‘I’m free right now.’ he said, closing the phone.

‘Good. I’ll tell the nurse. Please follow the instructions given by the nurse.’ the doctor said, and opened the door for him. ‘The first place you’ll have to visit again is the front desk. We hope your cancer isn’t too bad so we can cure you.’

From then on, he went through another set of tests. Some were painful, some were not. But the most painful one was when they had opened him up and gathered up a sample of tissue from his lungs. Sure, he was anesthetized, but it still hurt when he opened his eyes again. Then, he waited. He waited for the results. Thankfully, the hospital he visited was quite a fast and big one, so the results were out before sundown. He was once more called into the doctor’s office.

‘So… Is it curable?’ He asked, carefully, and hopefully.

‘I’m sorry, sir.’ The doctor said, in a sorrow voice. ‘Your state is much worse than what we expected. Your lung is already quite covered with cancer. I’m surprised that you don’t feel any pain. I’m sorry sir, but we can’t cure you. We’ll give you the results, and maybe some other hospital can cure you. But I doubt it. You can live at most 3 months, sir. I suggest you clean up your life, sir. Do what you need to do, and get plenty of rest. I’m sorry that we can’t do anything for you, sir.’

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Ice was getting bullied yet again. This time, the bullies took his pencil-case and wasn’t returning it.

‘Give it back!’ He yelled at the bullies. The bullies just snickered, and kept making fun of him. Ice was getting angrier and angrier. But he had no solution. He knew the bullies were trying to make him beg for his pencil-case, but he had his ego. He won’t give what the bullies want from him. He won’t let himself get low in front of the bullies. He won’t.

‘Give it back!’ Ice yelled again, as his pencil-case one again flew over him and into another bully’s claws. The bullies just snickered again, and shook his pencil case in front of him, making fun of him again. Just then, their home room teacher came in. It felt like a beam of light in the middle of storm to Ice. Maybe she would help him and teach the bullies a lesson! Ice walked quickly over to his homeroom teacher.

‘Ms, those dragons aren’t giving back my pencil-case. Can you do something about it?’ He asked his teacher hopefully. But he didn’t expect what he heard in reply.

‘What do you want? What do you want me to do, Ice? That’s your problem. Learn to deal with your problems, Ice! You’re 13! You’re old enough to deal with that!’ His teacher scolded at him. Ice looked at her, shocked, and hurt. But the teacher ignored the look, and continued towards her desk and sat down. Hurt and shocked, Ice walked back over to his desk, where his bullies were snickering at him. He ignored them, but couldn’t deny that all the snickering and making fun of him always left him a scar. Trying to shut down his feelings, Ice sat down on his desk once more, and just looked straight forward. He was going to tell his mother about it, and ask for help.


-An hour later-

School was finished, and Ice almost home. He was going to tell his mother about what happened at school. He was going to teach his bullies a lesson. He unlocked the door of his home, and went in.

‘I’m home!’ Ice yelled into his home. His mom replied by ‘How was school?’, and that was what Ice was waiting for. ‘About that, I have something to talk about.’ He replied.

‘Oh? What’s that?’ his mom asked.

‘The bullies. They keep bothering me. Can you do something about it? I told the home room teacher, but she won’t do anything,telling me that I’m old enough to deal with it myself.’

‘Umm… Ice. I think your teacher’s right. You’re old enough to deal with it yourself. Did you ask the dragons about bothering you nicely?’

At that, Ice was shocked. His home room teacher was one, but never did he think his own mother would talk to him like that! ‘Of course I did! Please, mom, can’t you do something about it?’

‘No, Ice. Deal with it yourself. I’m not helping you.’ His mom said, shocking him furthermore. Ice looked at his mother in disbelief. Then the shock turned into anger and sadness. ‘Fine.’ Ice said. ‘Fine.’

Ice went to his room, and got his portable multimedia player. It was something he treasured, as he watched movies and read books off it. He threw it on the floor, smashing it in anger and sadness. ‘Fine. If you don’t care about me, then why did you buy me this? Huh? Why?! Why did you even lay me?!’

‘Ice!’ His mother yelled at him. ‘Stop that right now!’

‘Why?’ Ice yelled. ‘You don’t even care about me! Why should I stop?’

‘Don’t be unreasonable! Stop that right now!’ His mother yelled.

‘You’re the one being unreasonable! And I’m not stopping!’ Ice yelled as he stepped on the portable media player. His mother yelled at him again, but he didn’t hear what she said. He just banged the door of his room closed behind him.


-A few years later-

‘So that’s one of the events that happened.’ Ice finished explaining to his mom. ‘I wasn’t really happy about that event. Other dragons put porn and such in my locker as well. And did much more than I could remember.’

‘I’m sorry… I didn’t know I acted like that. You were the only one who survived my first clutch that I thought you were strong and… I’m sorry.’ Ice’s mother said.

Ice sighed. It was hard enough for him to remember what happened. It was even harder to solve the past problems. He really wanted to avoid whatever that happened during he was 13. It was not the best life of his life. And it would probably be the scar of his life.

‘It’s ok…’ Ice said. What else can he say?

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Summer Limited Edition? Hmm…


hmm… Summer Limited Edition…

Melon… instead of marshmellow… hmm…