My review of using a flip phone – in 2017!

This is my review of using a flip phone – in 2017!


So, I started using this flip phone since I started to attend high school. About 3 years now. What is it like to use a flip phone for years while others use smart phones? Here’s my review of it.


Well, as you can all imagine, carrying around a flip phone is extremely easy. Mine, being smaller than the iPhone 4s, is very easy to carry around while my LG G5 was a pain in the ass at times to carry around thanks to its big size.


This is something that you’ll expect well of as well. Mine lasted for 5 days at a charge with average use when it was new. Now it only lasts a day, but still, it’s remarkable when you think of some smart phones that needs charging a couple of times a day.


I’ll say it straight forward. There. Is. None. Well, almost none. The seller did give me a case when I first bought the phone, but after that… I’ve not had any case whatsoever. Not that I needed it anyways. At least this particular phone has a feature that allows it to attach a key ring to it, so that’s better than nothing. I got a stuffed whale-shark figure attached to mine.

The build quality & structure sturdiness

The build quality is actually quite nice. I’m guessing it’s because this phone was made with the smart phones, which means it has to be solid, not falling apart. So the build quality is good, and the structure sturdiness… as you would expect from a flip phone, it is very sturdy. Countless times I threw this phone out of frustration, and countless times I dropped it out of mistake. But still, this phone functions well, and has had no faults. All the marks of it being used roughly is on the outside, which is dented, scratched, and starting to fall apart.

The connection to the world

Well… There’s no internet, but there’s this big thing called Calls and Texts, you know? If you use a flip phone for 3 years, you’ll get used to it.

Music, calendar, and other functions

Well, there is music, but it’s as good as nothing as the phone doesn’t have enough storage to store any song, and the calendar is as good as not being there. The only things I find useful in this phone is the phonebook and the radio. At least those two function well. And yes, I do listen to the radio, what else is there to do when you have this phone?

When you transfer files from or to your phone.

Well, you simply can’t. you can, but you can’t view the files on your phone. And, the steps to do are so tedious and mangled up, that you’ll find yourself rather not doing it. So, you’ll find yourself never ever transferring files to your from or to your phone. By the way, that makes it very hard to live in a smart phone world. You can’t view emails, you can’t view the internet, and you can’t do your work on the go.

Phone addict

Don’t worry. You ain’t getting that anytime soon if you’re using a flip phone. There’s simply nothing to do! You’ll rather go out to the library than stick with your phone all day! (Not that I hate books. I’m a reader myself.)

So, that was my review of using a flip phone in 2017. I recommend using a flip phone if you are an addict, a student, or someone who needs to stay away from your phone, but to none others. Thank you for reading, and please, like, follow, and share if you enjoyed!


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