Grace woke up. She stretched her wings and body. Bones popped into place, and she got up. She went to the bathroom and washed. Then she oiled her scales, put on some jewelry, and we out of her house.

Another day of work.

She arrived at her office, and set to work. Already there was a huge pile of papers on her desk she had to approve of or disapprove. She was the head of the ‘Walker Import’, which she inherited from her father. Father. Grace’s eyes wandered over to a picture on her desk. By god, she missed him. He had died from cancer a few years ago. But she had memories. Memories from her dragonlet-hood. Memories of her playing with her dad, talking with her dad, playing pranks on her dad. Even though he was always tired, he always had time for her. She missed him, dearly. And today was his birthday.

‘Knock, Knock’

Someone knocked on the door of her office, and she opened it. One of her staff members were there, and held out a pile of papers. ‘Miss, there needs to be approved.’ the staff said. Sighing, Grace took the pile, and closed the door behind her. What she wouldn’t give for a day of perfect rest! But of course, as the head of the company, she didn’t really have any rest. Contacts always called her to solve problems, and other companies who wanted to have contacts between them always called her. At least she made a lot of money.

Grace put the pile of paper she was holding on top of the pile she was working on, and walked over to the window. She didn’t know then, but her dad had been a really good father to the family. She was always exhausted after work, but her dad, having done the same thing, always had time for her after work. She sighed again, and walked away from her window, and sat at her desk.

She opened up her laptop, and looked through the mails. A few important mails from her contacts, but the rest were ads or spam. She erased them, and decided to go through the mails first. She opened one of them, read it, then opened another tab and opened YouTube. Then she connected her laptop to her stereo…her father’s stereo, and played her favorite list of songs. Might as well listen to music while working.

After a few hours, she had gone through all of the mails and most of the paper contacts. She looked out the window, and saw that it was a bit after noon. She decided to take an early leave, and closed her laptop and picked up her phone. She opened her office door and walked out. ‘I’m leaving early today.’ she said to her assistant, and he nodded politely. ‘Have a good day, Miss.’ he said. She nodded, and stepped into the elevator. She went to the parking lot, and started her car. She preferred flying, but she always used her car coming to work.

She drove, and drove. She arrived at her house, and quickly put her bag down and picked up another one more casual. She parked her car in her garage, and walked out the door of her house. Then she took into the sky, towards her family’s grave.On the way, she visited the flower shop and picked up the bundle of flowers her dad always liked. She had it on special request, so they were already made. She thanked the worker and paid her, and took into the sky once again.

Soon, she arrived at her family grave. She walked over to each family member’s grave, and said her greetings and wished god be with them. Then at last, she stood in front of her dad’s grave.

‘Hey, dad.’ She said, looking numbly at the grave. ‘Hope you’re having a good life up there. The company’s going great, and everything’s all right.’ Then she paused for a minute, then added ‘I miss you, dad. I really miss you.’ Then she laid the flowers in front of his grave. ‘These are for you. You always liked these flowers. Hope you like it.’

Then once more, she took into the sky. Flying always made her feel better. And she was going to fly for quite some time today. Before she took off, she looked at her father’s grave again, and said ‘I’ll see you around, dad.’

This was my first Short story.

Thank you for reading, and please, like, follow, and share if you enjoyed!


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