Making a custom laptop sticker for my Surface Pro.


Browsing through pictures and picking what I want…


Then getting a vinyl sheet and laying it flat. Mine was folded up, so…


Then printing my selected art from google and sticking it on the vinyl…


I cut the paper with the vinyl stuck beneath it.


I then cut all the insides of the dragon as I want the shape of the dragon to show.


THEN I stuck the dragon to my Surface Pro and stated to peel off the paper on top of the vinyl.


And… Done! It looks quite good, at least for my first attempt. Now the back of my Surface doesn’t look so bold and boring. Haha! Success!

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I’m quitting smoking.

Smokes are way too pricy. $4.5 per pack. And I smoke two packs a week. That means $36 per month. And I only get $50 per month as my allowance. Not to mention my health has gone down a notch as well.

So yeah. I’m quitting.

Not right now, but from tomorrow. I have 5 cigarettes left. I’m probably going to smoke them all today, so tomorrow’s the day I quit smoking.

Hopefully it goes well.

It’s 4 in the morning and I’m not sleeping…

Guess I’ll have to stay up the night.

I can’t sleep. I’m looking for a new phone in the budget of a hundred fifty bucks.

Damn, it’s hard to find a cheap ass phone that can still run War Dragons.

P.S. My Pheonix OS failed. So I erased the OS, and now I need a new phone.

Unboxing and Review of Xiaomi Router 3


So, my Iptime Router died suddenly yesterday.

I got a new one. It’s Xiaomi Router 3. Of course, as tradition, I’m doing an unboxing and review of it.


This is the backside of the router. It got numerous features, like USB, security, and such. Probably none which I’ll use. It also got 128mb of storage. Which is something that I will also not use.


If you unbox the package, you get this. The router itself covered with white plastic. It was straight and unwrinkled at first, but I got it wrinkled, so… sorry.

You also get a power adapter, and an owner’s manual. You don’t get a lan cable, so you’ll have to prepare one for yourself.


This is the picture of it set up under my desk. That small light in the middle changes depending on what state the router is in. It’s orange as it’s not yet set up properly, but now it’s blue, which means it’s working correctly.


Setting up the router is fairly easy. The router does everything for you.


But for advanced users, they give you this page to work on. Everything’s here, including the ddns and such.

So, what do I think of it?

Well, I got this router for 35 bucks. For 35 bucks, I think it’s a deal. It got 2 2.4ghz antennas, and 2 5ghz anthennas. It supports 1gzh ethernet, and although I don’t have a gigabit internet, I’m fairly happy with the results. It’s considerably faster loading stuff than my broken one, and It got more settings you can mess with.

My finaly score is 4 out of 5.

Do I recommend it? Well… yeah. But beware! This router might have some unclear stuff cuz it’s chinese! (Not being racist. I just don’t trust some of the makers yet, that’s all. My apologizes if you got offended.)

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…and my router failed.

My router failed today. About 2 hours prior to this article.


First I accidentally erase the windows on my computer, and now my router fails?


I might have accidentally erased windows.


I might have acidentally erased windows from my Surface Pro.

Yes, I am writing on my Surface Pro i3 right now, but I really did erase it from my computer.  I was trying to get Phoenix OS working on my computer, and accdentally erased the main drive of my computer.

So yes, all my data has gone to hell.

Thank god I already backed up all my important files (Music, Writings, Reviews, Pictues, etc) onto my other drive.

What I learned from today is that I should do backups on a normal basis. I still lost a few images and such, but nothing too important and nothing I can’t recover. Some are backed up to my google drive, and some are on my external sd card.

So, yeah. Thank gods I already backed the most important files, and thank god nothing really went wrong with my surface pro.

09.15.17 (Fri)


Goint 2 skool.


I’m tired…


Just smoked a cig. Now to have lunch.

I should really cut on cigs…


Writing Jade Ch9. Hopefully it’ll be done today.