One Last Flight.

Envlin had been flying. She loved flying. The wind rustling against her scales, the speed she traveled at. The feeling was unmatched by nothing else. It was something she could only get by flying. With a cry, she dived down from the skies towards the ground. The speed got higher and higher, and just when she was about to hit the ground, she opened her wings and shot back up. She thought she could do this forever.

She thought it would last forever.

But she couldn’t. Things went downhill quickly as she was diagnosed with Winaolis, a disease which starts from one’s wings and spreads down to one’s insides. It was considered rare yet deadly disease, as it cannot be cured if it was in the later stages and it was hard to detect in the early stages.

She was at first devastated when she found out that she had Winaolis. The disease was already at an irreversible state, and the doctor said that she could only live a few months now. She was so shocked that she couldn’t even cry. She had a hard time just understanding what the doctor said.

But now, Envlin was done with lying down on the bed. She was done with the doctor shaking his head whenever she examined her. She wanted wind back under her wings. She wanted to fly. She wanted freedom. If she was going to die, fine. But she wasn’t going to die like this. She wasn’t going to die on the hospital bed, clinging on the hope that she might miraculously make a recovery. No. She had seen enough of those through her life, and she didn’t want to end her life like that.

So Envlin set up a plan. She was going to escape the hospital.

She was going to escape the hospital, and do whatever she wanted to do for the rest of her life, not caring about how much was left.

So she did just that. She escaped at night, when no one was looking, and set her plan to work. She went to the beach, enjoyed the sunset, partied with strangers, and drank until she passed out. She flew and flew, and traveled to wherever the wind took her. She took pictures, bought souvenirs, and talked with residents there. Finally, after her trip, she went to her parents, told them she loved them, and hugged them, saying that she had always did. Her parents didn’t yet get the news of her being sick, and replied by saying that they loved her as well.

Envlin was now at her home, typing on her laptop, writing her travel blog. This was going to be one of her last blogs. She could feel the pain rising up from her insides. It had gotten worse in the last few weeks. She didn’t have long now.

Envlin finished typing on her laptop and uploaded her post. The pain was stronger than ever. And she had one last thing she wanted to do. And it was now or never. The pain was going to get stronger, and if it got stronger, she was never going to be able to do it. So Envlin quickly wrote a note before she left the house.

‘Dear Mom and Dad.

I’m sorry for leaving you like this and not telling you the truth. I have been diagnosed with Winaolis. It was already too late when the doctors found it. I’ve gone to do what I want to do lastly in my life. Flying. And it’ll probably be too late when you find this note. But don’t be sad.

It’s been good being a daughter to you, mom and dad. And I hope you have a happy life together. I’m sorry for not telling you the truth, but I didn’t want you to worry about me, and I wanted to do what I’ve always wanted to do.

I will love you forever and ever. I will miss you. But don’t be sad. I’ve gone to the other side doing what I want to do. And I don’t regret it. And I’m not sad either.

So don’t be sad, mom, and dad.

Please don’t. Again, I will always love you.

Love, Envlin.’

With that, Envlin put the note on the counter of her home and went out. She flapped her now weakened wings, and took off into the sky.

This was going to be the last flight of her life.

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Evelyn looked up from her laptop. Time for a cigarette. She got up from her seat, got her pack of cigarettes, and walked outside.

She breathed a small flame on the cigarette, lighting it, and breathed in the odor. She started smoking because of her mental therapy. There was that one time when she got so stressed out after the therapy that she asked her friend for a cigarette.

‘Ironic.’ she thought. ‘I went to get mental therapy for my mental issues,and now I’m here, smoking thanks to it.’

She breathed in another drag from the cigarette, and puffed the odor out. She did try to stop smoking, but even though it only had been 5 months since she started to smoke, she found it hard to stop. Nicotine was some strong chemical.

Evelyn looked around. Dragons were either flying by or walking down the streets. Some were young, some were old. A normal day. She drew another breath and puffed it out again. Her cigarette was halfway done. She looked at it, and without thinking, drew another breath from it. Now it was two-thirds of the way done. Evelyn looked around again. Cars passed by, and dragons were crossing crosswalks.

Evelyn smoked the rest of the cigarette, and threw it, stepped on it to put of the fire. Then she turned and went back into her apartment. It was a normal day.


Ilinous woke up, startled. It was that dream. The same dream over and over again. So clear that she can remember every part of it.


A grenade landed somewhere close, and caused the dirt to shower over her. She squealed in surprised and horror, and darted under her mother’s wings who quickly covered her.

Ilinous shuddered at the memory. The dream… it was so real… and it reminded her of her life every time. She hated it. She hated every bit of it.

‘Pew pew pew!’

Rifles and machine guns shot at each other. Little Ilinous was terrified. She clung tightly onto her mother, who didn’t seem to know where to go, but continued walking. Her father led them, into the woods to get out of the war zone clearing debrees that was fallen on their way to let them through.

Ilinous felt heat on her back, although there was no heat there. She knew it was nothing, but she couldn’t help but sink lower into her bed.

suddenly, fire started to spread. It was there before, but it didn’t spread as much. Suddenely, there were fire everywhere, surrounding them. Her father yelled in surprise, and her mother panicked a bit. Little Ilinous clung even more tightly to her mother.

Ilinous felt liquid on her back. She knew there would be nothing, but nevertheless, touched her back. Of course, there was nothing.

Her mother screamed. One of the burning trees’ branches had fallen off and pierced her wing. It didn’t go all the way through, but it still was inches away from piercing Ilinous. The branch was still burning, and her mother kept screaming from the pain. Her father ran over to them in alarm, and her mother pushed Ilinous away to her father. Her father got hold of her, and safely took her beneath his wings. Then she reached out for his mate’s pierced wing, which was now dripping blood and turning black from the fire.

Ilinous felt a sudden rush of heat.

But just when her father was about to pull her mother out, a cracking noise was heard, and both looked at the source. The tree that the branch came from was cracking, and more pieces started to fall. They pierced both her mother and father.

Ilinous felt her heart thumping.

She saw her mother getting pierced by more burning tree pieces, and heard her father groaning as he too got pierced, but kept the pain down and tried to help her mother.

Ilinous got up and walked over to the window. She won’t be getting any sleep tonight.

Just when her father was stretching a claw over to her mother to pull her out, a piece of burning wood fell and pierced her father’s paw. But her father didn’t even groan. He instead extended another paw to his mate and pulled her out of the chaos. Her mother had multiple pieces of wood sticking out of her, and had blood dripping on the ground. Little Ilinous cried and cried. She ran over to her mother and hugged her. She whispered ‘Please don’t die.’ countless times. And when her mother finally got her strength back, little Ilinous looked over to her father.

Ilinous felt a chill run down her spine. She shuddered at the memory/dream.

Her father was impaled with countless burning sticks. He had blood running down the side of his mouth, and was coughing blood out. But he had a faint smile on his face, which confused her. Her mother looked at her father, and cried out in surprise and fear. Her father said something soothing to his mate to calm her down, but it didn’t work well. Ilinous’s father gave up and turned to Ilinous. He smiled at her. Ilinous felt fear. She didn’t know what kind of fear it was, probably fear for her father’s life, and she ran over to him and hugged him. ‘Please don’t die.’ she pleaded. ‘Please don’t.’ Her father looked at her with saddened eyes, but his mouth still had a smile on it. ‘Ilinous, my daughter.’ he said. ‘Be strong. Be strong for your mother. Be strong for yourself. Be strong for me.’ And with that, her father fell to his side, sides heaving, slowly going unconscious.

Ilinous felt her heart tighten. It was that moment again. She let in a deep breath and let it out. She had to calm down. She had to.

Her mother rushed to her father’s side with a startled cry. She talked to him, she pushed him, she hit him. But her father won’t get up. He said some words to her mother, but his mother shook her head. Every time her father said something, her mother shook her head in denial. She tried to push him on his feet, but for some reason, her father just couldn’t get up. Then finally, her father looked at her one last time. The light in his eyes were fading. ‘I love you, Ilinous.’ he said. Then he turned to her mother and said the same thing. By now, her mother was crying, and shook her head rapidly, saying he couldn’t die. But little Ilinous saw the light in her father’s eyes fading. And soon, his side stopped heaving, and the light in his eyes faded completely. Blood slowly rand down his back where the sticks had impaled him. There was no sign of his life anymore. Little Ilinous nudged her father to wake up. She wanted to believe that he was only asleep. She wanted to. Her mother let out a painful cry of devastation, and cried and called for her father. But her father didn’t move. Nothing of her father moved.

Ilinous felt her heart beat rapidly, and her breath tightening to the point where she had to force herself to breathe.

Her father was dead.

The door of her room opened, and her mother came in. She had at least survived, though having to go through multiple major operations. She didn’t say anything till Ilinous had calmed down. She just walked up to her, and embraced her in a tight hug. After she had calmed down, her mother spoke to her. ‘You’re a fine little dragoness, Ilinous. Your father will be proud of you. He’s always up there, you know, watching you. Don’t be sad, my dear. Don’t be sad.’

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Ice was getting bullied yet again. This time, the bullies took his pencil-case and wasn’t returning it.

‘Give it back!’ He yelled at the bullies. The bullies just snickered, and kept making fun of him. Ice was getting angrier and angrier. But he had no solution. He knew the bullies were trying to make him beg for his pencil-case, but he had his ego. He won’t give what the bullies want from him. He won’t let himself get low in front of the bullies. He won’t.

‘Give it back!’ Ice yelled again, as his pencil-case one again flew over him and into another bully’s claws. The bullies just snickered again, and shook his pencil case in front of him, making fun of him again. Just then, their home room teacher came in. It felt like a beam of light in the middle of storm to Ice. Maybe she would help him and teach the bullies a lesson! Ice walked quickly over to his homeroom teacher.

‘Ms, those dragons aren’t giving back my pencil-case. Can you do something about it?’ He asked his teacher hopefully. But he didn’t expect what he heard in reply.

‘What do you want? What do you want me to do, Ice? That’s your problem. Learn to deal with your problems, Ice! You’re 13! You’re old enough to deal with that!’ His teacher scolded at him. Ice looked at her, shocked, and hurt. But the teacher ignored the look, and continued towards her desk and sat down. Hurt and shocked, Ice walked back over to his desk, where his bullies were snickering at him. He ignored them, but couldn’t deny that all the snickering and making fun of him always left him a scar. Trying to shut down his feelings, Ice sat down on his desk once more, and just looked straight forward. He was going to tell his mother about it, and ask for help.


-An hour later-

School was finished, and Ice almost home. He was going to tell his mother about what happened at school. He was going to teach his bullies a lesson. He unlocked the door of his home, and went in.

‘I’m home!’ Ice yelled into his home. His mom replied by ‘How was school?’, and that was what Ice was waiting for. ‘About that, I have something to talk about.’ He replied.

‘Oh? What’s that?’ his mom asked.

‘The bullies. They keep bothering me. Can you do something about it? I told the home room teacher, but she won’t do anything,telling me that I’m old enough to deal with it myself.’

‘Umm… Ice. I think your teacher’s right. You’re old enough to deal with it yourself. Did you ask the dragons about bothering you nicely?’

At that, Ice was shocked. His home room teacher was one, but never did he think his own mother would talk to him like that! ‘Of course I did! Please, mom, can’t you do something about it?’

‘No, Ice. Deal with it yourself. I’m not helping you.’ His mom said, shocking him furthermore. Ice looked at his mother in disbelief. Then the shock turned into anger and sadness. ‘Fine.’ Ice said. ‘Fine.’

Ice went to his room, and got his portable multimedia player. It was something he treasured, as he watched movies and read books off it. He threw it on the floor, smashing it in anger and sadness. ‘Fine. If you don’t care about me, then why did you buy me this? Huh? Why?! Why did you even lay me?!’

‘Ice!’ His mother yelled at him. ‘Stop that right now!’

‘Why?’ Ice yelled. ‘You don’t even care about me! Why should I stop?’

‘Don’t be unreasonable! Stop that right now!’ His mother yelled.

‘You’re the one being unreasonable! And I’m not stopping!’ Ice yelled as he stepped on the portable media player. His mother yelled at him again, but he didn’t hear what she said. He just banged the door of his room closed behind him.


-A few years later-

‘So that’s one of the events that happened.’ Ice finished explaining to his mom. ‘I wasn’t really happy about that event. Other dragons put porn and such in my locker as well. And did much more than I could remember.’

‘I’m sorry… I didn’t know I acted like that. You were the only one who survived my first clutch that I thought you were strong and… I’m sorry.’ Ice’s mother said.

Ice sighed. It was hard enough for him to remember what happened. It was even harder to solve the past problems. He really wanted to avoid whatever that happened during he was 13. It was not the best life of his life. And it would probably be the scar of his life.

‘It’s ok…’ Ice said. What else can he say?

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Ruseth drew a breath, and let it out. The tree in front of her started to burn. She drew another breath, and let it out again. The tree in front of her started to burn fiercer. Satisfied, she turned around, and faced… her angry mother. ‘Ruseth!’ She yelled. How many times do I have to tell you to stop burning things in the house? If you want to practice your aim, you have your rock over there!’

She cringed. But just spitting fire at a rock that won’t burn whatever you do wasn’t fun. She wanted to see something burn. Something that would give her heat and energy. She could burn the paper waste, but for some reason, she was attracted to burning the trees on her lawn. She knew it was a bad thing to do, especially since trees took forever to grow. ‘Sorry.’ She said. ‘I’ll try not to make it happen again.’

‘You said that last time!’ Her mom yelled. ‘Just stop! You’re old enough to know that it’s a bad thing!’

‘Sorry…’ She said, quietly, looking at the ground. Now she was regretting her acts. Maybe she should’ve just practiced her aim on that rock instead, however it was boring to do. Fuming, her mother stormed back into the house. Ruseth just stood there, looking at the ground and regretting her acts. Then her father came out. ‘Have you burnt another tree again?’ He asked, flatly. Ruseth cringed inside even more. She’d disappointed her father as well. Great. ‘Good job, Ruseth.’ She told herself. ‘You know that’s a bad thing, Ruseth.’ Her dad said, in a bit less flat tone. ‘Don’t do it again, ok?’

‘Yes…’ Ruseth said quietly, still looking at the ground.

‘Ok. Now go apologize to your mother. That tree you’ve burnt was one of your mom’s favorites.’ Dad said softly, but in a way that meant that he won’t accept no. ‘Yes, father…’ Ruseth said, and hanging her head, went inside the house and looked for her mother. She was sitting on the sofa, still fuming. Carefully, Ruseth approached her mother, and sat down in front of her. ‘I’m sorry, mother.’ She said, looking at the ground. Her mother huffed, and looked at her. ‘Don’t do that ok? I’ll pass yet again, as you’re still on the stage of growing up, but if you do that again, it won’t be easy like today, got it?’

‘Yes, mother…’ She said, and turned around, went into the lawn again. Her fire bladder was still wanting to spew out more fire, and this time, she wasn’t going to just spew out fire at the trees. She didn’t want to disappoint her parents a second time today. When she got out, she saw her father burning off the remainder of the tree to plant a new one in the place.

‘Apologized to your mother?’ Asked her father, turning around and looking at her.

‘Yes.’ Ruseth said, still looking at the ground.

‘Good. Cheer up, daughter. Your mother won’t be mad for long. We can’t be for long at you. We understand. You’re growing up and you want to spew fire every few minutes. Although we can’t understand why you are so attached to burning trees. Come over here and help me burn the rest of the tree? I’m sure your fire bladder is wanting to spew out fire, and this time you have my permission.’

At that, Ruseth instantly cheered up and bounded towards her father. Together, they burnt up the rest of the tree, and planted a new one in the place. Then her father turned towards her. ‘Come. I’ll show you something fun.’

Kind of confused and excited for what waited, Ruseth followed her father into the sky. Her father headed for the local shooting range. ‘Pass for two, please.’ he said into the ticket booth. He got the pass, and went into the shooting range. Ruseth followed him into the range, and saw dragons shooting a variety of guns. She jumped at the sound of exploding gunpowder and shrank away from them. Jay laughed at the sight of her daughter trying to get away from the sounds of exploding gunpowder and waved her over to a corner. ‘Here. Step on this.’ He said when Ruseth hurried over, pulling over a chair for her. Ruseth stepped on the chair unsurely, and her father stood beside her. ‘Now, fire at that board.’ Jay said to his daughter. Confused, Ruseth looked at her father. ‘What? Fire.’ he said, again to his daughter. After a moment, he got that his daughter was confused, so he decided to take action and show her an example. He shot a fireball at the shooting board. The fire marked where it was hit on the board. Then Jay looked at his daughter. ‘See?’ He said. ‘Just like that.’ Understanding what to do, Ruseth shot a fireball at the shooting board. She got it near dead center. Jay, shocked, looked at her, then at the shooting board, then at her again. Confused, Ruseth looked at her father. ‘Had I done something wrong?’ She asked. Jay just shook his head. Then he spoke. ‘No…Not at all… It’s just that your aim’s much better than what I expected it to be. Come on. Keep going. Shoot another one. Maybe you’ll get it in the center next time?’

So Ruseth kept shooting fireballs at the shooting board. Multiple times, she hit the center of the shooting board. Jay looked at her with wide eyes. Never have he seen any dragon hit the center of the board as many times as he did now! The sound of gunshots stopped as well. Everyone in the range was looking at Ruseth shooting at the board with surprised expressions. Not hearing any gunshot sounds, the manager came in and saw Ruseth shooting fireballs as well. When Ruseth finally stopped, there was a smoking hole in the middle of the metal board. Then Ruseth turned to her father and saw that everyone was looking at her. ‘Why? Have I done something wrong? Was I not supposed to shoot at the middle?’ she said, confused.

‘No, no. You didn’t do anything wrong, dear. It’s just that your shooting… that’s quite something. Are you always that accurate?’ Jay asked his daughter.

‘I don’t know… I always shot at the rocks and they seemed to get hit well, but I don’t know.’

‘Want to try again?’

‘Yes!’ Ruseth replied excitedly.

‘Can we have another board, please?’ Jay asked the manager. The manager nodded, and went to the counter to get another board. Other dragons returned to their booths but not until they each congratulated Ruseth on how good her aim was. Then just before the manager changed the metal shooting board, one of the other dragons called her. ‘Hey. Wanna shoot a gun? See how much you’re good at it?’

Jay thinking that his daughter might be nervous, was about to ask his daughter about it when Ruseth just bounded towards the said dragon. Smiling, Jay followed his daughter, thanked the dragon, and asked him to teach Ruseth how to use a gun. After a few experimental shots and a few surprised squeals from the recoil of the gun, Ruseth got the hang of shooting and shot in a semi-rapid pace. Almost all of the bullets hit the center of the board, which shocked other dragons again. Jay thanked the dragon who let Ruseth shoot his gun, and led Ruseth back to their booth. ‘See?’ He said. You can shoot your fire here all you want, and no one’s going to say anything to you. This place here’s for shooting. Whether you shoot your fire, a gun, or something else, it’s your choice. Next time you want to burn something, let’s come here, ok?’

Ruseth thought. She had fun today. Actually, it felt even better than setting fire on trees. She was more than happy to come here again. ‘Yes!’ she said, enthusiastically.


‘I’m here!’ Ruseth yelled into her parents’ house. The world class shooting tornermant was finished, and she took first place easily. Now she could easily shoot dead in the center, and she was an unmatchable opponent to anyone else. She was the nation’s player in any kind of shooting tornermant. And she was proud of it. So were her parents. Her mom ran out and hugged Ruseth, and moments later, Jay joined in the hug as well. When the hug was finished, Ruseth nuzzled both of her parents. They nuzzled her back.

‘So, how did it go? Although we already watched it on TV.’

‘As you’ve seen, quite well. How did I do?’

‘Very well. We’re proud of you.’

Ruseth smiled, and went to the door when it ringed. She had something to show her parents.

‘Mom, Dad, I want you to meet my daughter, Yuri. I adopted her a week ago, just before I went on the tour. Yuri, say hi to your grandparents.’

Her parents both smiled and greeted Yuri. Yuri was shy at first, but was soon playing with both dragons. Ruseth, smiling, watched the scene, and took a picture. It was going to be her phone’s background. The dragons she loved the most in the world.


It was night. He was sitting on the porch in front of his trailer, accompanied by the small light coming from the lantern beside him. Again, he was thinking about the war. He was a soldier at the World war II. That war changed everything. The war ended by the civilians and soldiers rebeling against the government. So the government, both offensive and defensive, got a truce agreement, and the war ended. Still, it was too late. Thousands of dragons died, and more were either wounded emotionally or physically. And there was no erasing what the war did to all dragons. Funnily, some dragons from the government wanted to celebrate the end of the war by giving him and other war heroes by awarding them with medals. Snorting and angry, Rustle refused. How could they celebrate when so many had died or got wounded?

Rustle opened the beer bottle he had in his claws, and drank from it. He was not an alcoholic, but alcohol let him forget about the killings he did and the faces of the dead. It let him live, if you can call his life a life. He lost his whole family in the war, and now lived alone, only with his gun from the war to keep him company. He wanted a hatchling, but everytime he tried to get another mate, he was always reminded of his old mate and his hatchlings and how they died. He didn’t want to suffer again. So he was alone, and unknowingly, slowly, he grew grumpier and grumpier, like an old dragon would get. Sighing, Rustle looked around territory. He still had a good eyesight, thankfully. Nothing seemed to be moving except for the slight movement caused by the wind. That was good. During his 3 surveys of his territory, he found nothing, so it had to be like that. Sighing, Rustle got up from his chair, and headed inside his trailer. Time to go to sleep again.


Sun shone through the window of his trailer. Blinking, Rustle woke up. He tidied up his bed, and washed. Another day. Couldn’t he die already? He was already over 200 years old, and living was just a constant pain for him. Everyday he was reminded of deaths, and the killings he did. The faces of the dying he killed, the faces of his comrades who was dying from the attack from the other side. It was just constant pain. Sighing, he washed up, and opened the door of his trailer. He was about to get out when he saw… a hatchling in front of the stairs of his trailer.

‘What the…’ he thought, as he approached the hatchling. There was only one hatchling, strangely. Dragons laid hatchlings in 2-4 at a time, and it was strange seeing only one hatchling in the basket. Still, he approached the hatchling, and saw that it was sleeping. ‘At least I don’t have a hatchling that’s crying…’ Rustle thought as he picked up the basket hodling the hatchling. He looked around, hoping to find the one who put the little hatchling here. He surveyed his land a few times, but didn’t find anyone. A little bit shocked and annoyed, he brought the sleeping hatchling inside his trailer, and thought. This was the unthinkable for him, especially since he lost his whole family in the war. ‘What has the world come to?’ He thought, as he stared at the sleeping hatchling. He sure was going to give a long speech to whoever left the little hatchling here once he found him/her. But first, he’ll have to visit the police. Rustle opened his trailer door once more, and walked out with the basket with the hatchling in it and headed towards the police station, careful not to wake the sleeping hatchling.

About an hour later, he was at the police station with the still sleeping hatchling. He was going through the list of lost hatchlings list, but seemingly, none seemed to match the hatchling he had in the basket. He was a well known grumpy-war hero throughout the town, having saved his whole squad from death, so the commissional general was beside him, looking at the list together. Rustle was a bit furious at the amount of lost hatchlings, and the general was a bit frightened, being over a hundred years younger than him. Carefully, the general said ‘He doesn’t seem to be in here, sir.’ to him, and angrily, he said ‘thank you.’ to the poor general, and walked out of the police station with the basket with the hatchling in it.

Next he headed for the nearest hospital in the town. Maybe the hatchling had a birth certificate or something in the near hospital. But that turned out to be false as well.

So getting angrier each time, which he hadn’t been for the last century or so, he went to every hospital in the near by town of his trailer. But he couldn’t find any trace of the hatchling. No birth certificate, no trace of parents, no nothing.

Angry with the parents of the hatchling he held, he went back to the police station once more to check if anyone had reported more missing hatchlings, but that turned out to be a dud, again. Sighing with anger, he headed towards his trailer after he got the permission to keep the hatchling from the police.

Once he was home, (a.k.a his trailer) he put the basket down and went to the fridge and pulled out a beer. Again, he thought ‘What has the world come to?’, and drank from the bottle. He walked over to the sofa, and sat down. Maybe some beer would help him forget this cruel world as well.

Some time later, the hatchling started to stir, and wake up from it’s sleep. He didn’t know if the hatchling was a he or she, but he didn’t intend to find out. It didn’t matter. From what he found out today, this hatchling was thrown away by it’s parents. He felt sad for the hatchling. The hatchling didn’t have any family. Just like him. Just like him…

Then a thought flashed across his mind. Maybe the hatchling didn’t have to be alone anymore. And maybe he didn’t have to be alone, either. Maybe…Maybe…

He got the now awake hatchling back inside the basket, ignoring the hatchling’s surprised squeaks, and rushed out of his trailer. He headed straight for the police station, and asked the commissioner if he could adopt the hatchling as his own. The commissioner thought for a bit, then said yes, but only because of his social status. In a brighter mood, Rustle got over all the steps he needed to pass to become a parent once again, and when it was finally over, carried the hatchling back to his trailer, set him down on the table in front of his sofa. He thought for a bit, and decided to call his hatchling ‘Future’ as it meant a new future for both him and the hatchling.

‘Future.’ Rustle said to the hatchling’s curious eyes. ‘I’m your daddy.’


-15 years later-

‘Father, father! Look what I brought!’ Future yelled, running into their house. Rustle bought a house as the trailer would not be sufficient to raise a hatchling in it. Rustle also cut on the amount of alcohol he drank, as to raise his hatchling in a more healthy matter. Rustle looked up from the book he was reading, and looked down at the little hatchling…well, the adolescent dragon in front of him. He was holding a test sheet in front of him. ‘I got an A+! And none other than I have got it!’ The adolescent dragon yelled excitedly. Rustle chuckled, and nuzzled Future lovingly. ‘Good job, son.’ He said. ‘Now I suppose you have a date waiting for you?’

‘Yes. So… 10pm?’

‘Yes. Be home at dead 10, alright? Now, go enjoy your free time.’ Rustle said, pushing the Bronze adolescent towards the door. Future ran out, and before he got out of the house, Rustle yelled ‘I love you, son!’

Future replied by ‘Me too!’ And flew out with his date.

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Circle of Pain.

Nida looked at the scene in front of her emptily. She had just killed her torturers. But she didn’t feel anything. If she had to live this way, so be it. She hated the world, hated it more than anything. No one had cared when she suffered. No one had asked why she always had bruises covering her body. No one cared what her family did to her. No, no one did. Instead, they laughed at her. And now, she was done with it.


-17 yeas before-

‘Dada?’ A small voice called. ‘Dada?’

‘Oh for god sakes, give it a break! What the hell do you want now?’ said a grumpy voice, clearly unhappy. But the small Nida didn’t recognize the grumpy tone and called ‘Dada!’ happily, and tried to climb over the larger dragon. Seeing that it was nothing but just a calling from the hatchling, Pib grumbled, and turned and looked back to the TV blaring in front of him. Not getting the attention she wanted, little Nida called her father a few more times, then wailed. Swearing, Pib got up and went to Nida and shook her bed roughly. Shocked, Nida looked up at Pib with wide eyes, and saw that the larger dragon was angry. She shrank down, trying to dig into the mattress. But the larger dragon wasn’t fazed, and shouted ‘Shut Up!’ at her, and went back to his comfortable position, and continued watching TV.

Sulking, Nida tried go bo back to sleep, and closed her eyes. Unknowingly to her, a tear fell down and trickled down her face.

-12 years before-

‘Mom?’ Nida called. ‘Mom?’

‘What?’ Ihca asked irritatedly.

‘Can I have some juice?’ Nida asked, looking at the floor. She was hoping that her mom wouldn’t be angry with her today. ‘Guess my hopes never come true…’ She thought to herself.

‘Whatever! Just don’t interrupt me! I’m watching drama!’ Her mom said, angry at her. Sighing softly to herself, she went to the frige and poured herself a glass of juice and drank.

-11 years before-

‘Get out of the house, you useless piece of shit!’ Her dad yelled at her, drunk. He had been fired from his work, and he drank, and now he was pouring his anger at her. Nida cringed and crept into the corner more. But her father continued towards her, and stopped in front of her. ‘What good are you? You don’t do anything worthy! You’re worthless! You’re just a endless pit that collects food, shelter, and other various resources! Get the fuck out of the house!’ He yelled at her, eventhough she had done nothing wrong. She felt a tear roll down her face, and quickly wiped it before her dad saw it. Too late. Her dad saw it, and it enraged her dad even more. ‘What? You’re crying? What right do you have to cry? You’ve done nothing worthy of crying! Get that shit off your face!’ But this made her cry even more. ‘I said, get that shit off your face!’ Her father yelled at her. But she couldn’t stop crying. It had been like this to her, for the last 7 years. She was always bullied in the house eventhough she had done nothing wrong. Her parents hated her. Her grandparents were dead. Her neighbors ignored her. Her friends, as you call them, always made jokes of her and left her out of anything they did. She didn’t know why she deserved this. She didn’t do anything wrong, but everyday, she was bullied inside and out of the house. She had no one. Her dad, seeing her still crying, raised his claw, and striked her. Nida, shocked, instantly grabbed her chin, and looked at her claws. There was blood all over her claws. Shocked, she looked at her dad. But her father didn’t seem to regret anything. He still looked at her with an angry expression, Crying, she ran to her room, and locked the door behind her. She could hear her father punching the door, trying to break it. Curled up in a corner, she cried herself to sleep. Why did she deserve this?

-5 years before-

Nida was covered in bruises. She was still bullied in school, and it had only gone worse. The boys called her a whore, and the girls spread fake rumors of her sleeping with somebody and called her a bitch. But it was nothing compared to what she was dealing with at home. Shakily, she opened the door of her… no, her dad’s house, and crept in. Her dad never got another job after losing his, and was now an alcoholic mess. He had tried to rape her, struck her with his claws multiple times, and always called her a worthless shit. She saw her dad sprawled on the sofa, in front of the TV. As quietly as she could, she crept over to her room. But then a floorboard creaked, and hearing it, her father opened his eyes. Nida bolted towards her room, and she could hear her father swearing and trying to catch her. She looked back, and saw something horrifying.

Not only was there her dreadful father with his hated looks at her, but there was also a feral look in his eyes.

She bolted inside her room, and tried to lock the door. But she couldn’t. With his bigger body and stronger strength, her father crashed into the door, and grabbed her by her neck. ‘Where do you think you’re going?’ Her father growled at her, while she gasped for air and struggled against him. ‘You’re going no where, that’s where.’ Then he turned her, and beat her. She cried out in pain, howled, and yelled, but no one cared. Finally, exhausted, she submitted, only wincing everytime a claw or punch landed on her, hoping that she would get unconscious soon, But even more horrifying thing happened. Her dad laid her, beaten, and worn on the floor roughly, and locked the door behind him. Then he closed the curtains, making the room dark. As her foggy eyes slowly adjusted to darkness, she felt something pierce her. She cried out in pain, but her screams were soon drowned to nothing as her dad hit her in the head, hard, enough to make her get unconscious.

A few hours later, she woke up in her room, with a strange ache in her back. Her mind was still foggy, so she waited till her mind got clearer. Then she located the pain on her back, neck, and wings. There were numorous claw marks on her. Wincing, she crept into a corner, after making sure the door was locked, and looked at her wounds closely. Most of them were clogged with blood, but some were still bleeding. She licked her wounds clean, and crying, went to sleep. She didn’t know why she deserved this.

-1 hour before-

She was done. Today, she was going to end this circle of pain herself. And she was halfway there. She grabbed the blood caked knife she in her claws, and headed towards her home.


She thought of all the stuff that happened today. She had killed the bullies, and her parents who never thought of her except for a punch bag. Now only one step was left for her to end the circle of pain. She heard the police ciren blare outside her house, and looked at the loop in front of her. ‘Till the end, no one cares about me. Funny.’ She thought, and laughed. But it was a sad, bitter laugh. Making sure the binds were tight on her wings, she put her head through the loop and kicked the chair under her. She was struggled and choked for air.

Her last thoughts were ‘Goodbye, cruel world. Let’s never see each other again.’

I’m not going to ask for follows, likes, or shares this time. This is a commison for everyone who’s beaten, abused, or bullied all around the world. I know this writing is bad and all, but PLEASE, CARE FOR YOUR NEIGHBORS, FRIENDS, AND FAMILY.