Review of MetalsAndPebbles’ Be A Dragon Necklace.


So, this is my new necklace.

I bought it from here:

I bought it on September, and it was delivered just yesterday, from the U.S. It took about 3 weeks to arrive, but it was holiday here in Korea, so if you count those days out, I guess it arrived in 2 weeks via post.

It is made of sterling silver 26 gauge, and is quite highly detailed as well as professionally made. Mine has the option of sterling silver chain as well, and I must say, it really looks good with the pendant itself.

It cost me 28 bucks, (Although 43 bucks included with post) but I must say, I didn’t expect this much quality from a necklace that only cost 28 bucks. It’s really high quality.

The customer service was exceptionally good as well. As the impatient person I am, I contacted the shop asking when my necklace would arrive. The seller was very kind, and answered my questions willingly. When I finally got the product and made a review and contacted the shop again, the seller responded within a few hours, thanking me again, and giving me a discount code. I didn’t expect a discount code, but hey, who knows? I might buy from this shop again.

So finally. What do I think of it and what are my points for it?

Well, again, I think it’s extremely high quality, and exceptionally good for it’s price. Do I recommend this product to anyone else? Hell yeah! I would recommend not only this product, but this whole shop to anyone who’s looking for accessories. And finally my points? Well, it would be a shame if I didn’t give this product and shop a 5 out of 5.

So yeah. This was my review of MetalsAndPebbles’ Hand Forged Be A Dragon Necklace. I obviously am very happy about my purchase, and might even buy another one from the shop. Thank you for reading, and if you enjoyed it, please Follow, Like, and Share!


Making a custom laptop sticker for my Surface Pro.


Browsing through pictures and picking what I want…


Then getting a vinyl sheet and laying it flat. Mine was folded up, so…


Then printing my selected art from google and sticking it on the vinyl…


I cut the paper with the vinyl stuck beneath it.


I then cut all the insides of the dragon as I want the shape of the dragon to show.


THEN I stuck the dragon to my Surface Pro and stated to peel off the paper on top of the vinyl.


And… Done! It looks quite good, at least for my first attempt. Now the back of my Surface doesn’t look so bold and boring. Haha! Success!

Thank you for reading, and if you enjoyed it, please Like, Follow, and Share!

Painting a dragon 2

Dis is the templete. Just googled it.

Now get a wooden board, tape it all around, then put glue on it.

Stick the templete on, then start chutting the parts you want to paint.

Carefully carve out the templete and the tape.

Then paint it. The tape will act as a masking tape.


Painting a dragon.

Got a picture, using it as a templete.

Got some wood.

Forgot to take any pictures in between.

Stuck the picture on the wood with glue, cut the black parts. Spary paintied it with montana black power red.

3rd coat.

Well, f*ck.

I should have used tape instead of paper. What was i thinking?

Failure… at least i learnt a lesson.