I failed.

I know it’s only been a few hours since I posted I quit smoking.

I failed.

I failed miserably.

I wanted smokes so badly.

My hands were shaking, and my breath quickened. I couldn’t think straight, and the only thing that I could think of was cigarettes.

Why the hell did I even start smoking?

It’s only been a few months since I started smoking. But the effects are stong as fuck.

I shouldn’t have started smoking. I shouldn’t have.

To anyone who’s looking at this article, please, Please, don’t smoke. You can’t quit.

I hate this. I want to cry.

I want to quit smoking, but I can’t.

I know I need to try harder, but will it be enough?


I’m quitting smoking.

Smokes are way too pricy. $4.5 per pack. And I smoke two packs a week. That means $36 per month. And I only get $50 per month as my allowance. Not to mention my health has gone down a notch as well.

So yeah. I’m quitting.

Not right now, but from tomorrow. I have 5 cigarettes left. I’m probably going to smoke them all today, so tomorrow’s the day I quit smoking.

Hopefully it goes well.


Evelyn looked up from her laptop. Time for a cigarette. She got up from her seat, got her pack of cigarettes, and walked outside.

She breathed a small flame on the cigarette, lighting it, and breathed in the odor. She started smoking because of her mental therapy. There was that one time when she got so stressed out after the therapy that she asked her friend for a cigarette.

‘Ironic.’ she thought. ‘I went to get mental therapy for my mental issues,and now I’m here, smoking thanks to it.’

She breathed in another drag from the cigarette, and puffed the odor out. She did try to stop smoking, but even though it only had been 5 months since she started to smoke, she found it hard to stop. Nicotine was some strong chemical.

Evelyn looked around. Dragons were either flying by or walking down the streets. Some were young, some were old. A normal day. She drew another breath and puffed it out again. Her cigarette was halfway done. She looked at it, and without thinking, drew another breath from it. Now it was two-thirds of the way done. Evelyn looked around again. Cars passed by, and dragons were crossing crosswalks.

Evelyn smoked the rest of the cigarette, and threw it, stepped on it to put of the fire. Then she turned and went back into her apartment. It was a normal day.

My Reivew of Tonino Lamborghini Icebolt GT

Disclaimer: This article consists of pictures of cigarettes, and is not suitable for non-adults. Smoking is bad for your health. Smoke at your own risk, and read this article at your own risk.

So, this is the Tonino Lamborghini Icebolt GT.

There are 20 cigarettes in one pack, and the cigarettes are shaped like this.

First, the scent of this menthol cigarette.

If you don’t light the cigarette and draw a breath from it, you can smell the strong menthol scent from the filter. If you light it and draw a breath, the scent gets even stronger., If you burst the capsule inside the filter, then menthol scent gets even more stronger. I smoked a few kinds of cigarettes, but in my opinion, this is the strongest menthol cigarette that I’ve ever smoked.

Next, the amount of smoke. This cigarette is surprisingly easy to control the amount of smoke you en hale. It’s simple: If you smoke slowly and let the center of the cigarette to burn off, you’ll en hale less smoke. Only a little bit, in fact. If you smoke fast and draw breath after breath from the cigarette, you’ll be surprised at how much smoke comes out of it.

Third, the heaviness of smoke and the swallowing of smoke. I’ll be fair. It’s lighter than Malboro, but it’s still heavy. Though it’s expected from a 5mg nicotin and 6mg tar cigarette. The swallowing of smoke isn’t the most pleasant, as it is rougher than Malboro, but I’m not exactly a fan of smooth swallows, so I prefer this over the Malboro series. This may depend on the person’s preferences. In short, the Tonino Lamborghini is rougher to swallow than Malboro, despite the fact that it’s smoke is lighter.

So, that was my review for Tonino Lamborghini Icebolt GT. Follow me if you liked it, and if you want more reviews like this. But remember! Smoking is bad for you, and smoke at your own risk.

Dont ever start smoking.



If someone near asks you to smoke, dont.

It’s not worth it.

Nor is it easy to stop.

Just… Dont do it.

I’m telling you this from my heart.

Just don’t.

Do not ever start smoking.