My second Dragon

The wings are broken.




Making the Dragon

Polymer clay. The main ingredient of the dragon.

Dragon’s eyes. This time, we’ll be using the red ones, cuz my dragon is white.

Somehow I was stupid enough to buy white ones…lol.

Mislanious stuff. Tweazers, wires, rezin.

U dont need ’em.

※Caution. My hands arent the ones of an artist, so this might be very disappoiting※

Dragon without eyes.

Forgot to take any pics before this step.

Dragon with eyes and all four legs.

Still have to make wings.

Tho… how do I make wings? Lol. Pic’s the wire tried to make a wing’s frame of. As u can see, im stuck.

This is gonna be hard…

Got an idea. Well, inspired by a youtube vid.

Hopefully it’ll look good..?

Kinda looks good. Umm… made my dragon a hatchling. Lol.

Those spines took like an hour to make… and it’s not my best job either…

Still, better than nothing.


Lost a horn and a leg.