Memories: Ch7

It was Monday. Well… technically it was. It was 3am, and I wasn’t sleeping. I was looking at my phone, reading a story on Wattpad. It was a story of a person who turned into a dragon. So far, I was having fun reading it. The story was good.


It was now 4am. I was reading chapter 12. Umm… I really liked how the story was going, but not on one thing. It looked like this story was going to be kind of a gay story. Rrally hope it’s not, though.


God… my suspicions were right. Ima go kill myself now. Why? Why did you have to make this story a gay, author? It was so promising! Nooooooo!


I woke up as my alarm rang. I looked at the clock. 7:45. I needed to get up. I stretched, and sat up on the bed. I blinked a few times, focusing on them. Light shown through my window, lighting up the room. Apparently I fell asleep without knowing again. I stood up, went to the bathroom, and washed. Then I packed my bag, changed clothes, and stepped out of home. Time to go to school again.


It was 10:40. I was preparing for my presentation I needed to do at society class. With hope, it’ll go well.

Soon, Mr.Bea came into class. Soon, I was called out, and had to start the presentation. I connected my phone to the TV, and loaded up the file.

‘Hello, class.’ I casually stated, or tried to casually state. ‘I’m going to talk about the society being divided into two parts. The rich, and the poor. And how that badly affects the whole society and what I think of it.’ And with that, I started my presentation, trying not to get stage fright. I read from my pre-written script, and tried to look at the class at the same time. Apparently it didn’t work well as I got a ‘C’ by the teacher.

‘Well, at least I got good reviews from my classmates.’ I thought. We had two grading terms. You get graded by the teacher, and at the same time gets graded by the classmates. The final score is the sum of both grades. Because many raised claws at ‘A’, I think I got a not-too-terrible score.

I sat back in my seat, breathing deeply. Damn, did I hate, and I mean hate, presentations. I hated stage frights that came from it. I didn’t know how to deal with it. Well, at least it was all over.

Three more dragons had presentations after me. All of them being considerably better than I in my opinion. I sulked, and waited for the bell to ring. And when it finally did, I gathered up my stuff and went to my locker, got ready for P.T. class. It was kind of a class I liked. Mostly cuz I get to punch the sandbag all I want.

I got some bandage, and wrapped then around my claws. Wouldn’t want the punch to break my claws or dig them into my flesh. I went ti the gym, and waited for my classmates to arrive.



The sandbag slightly swayed at my hit. I put all my strength in my right claw and punched it again. Then again. Then again.

Damn, did I love this.


After about 30 minutes of pure punching, I was panting. I stopped. ‘Time to rest a bit before class ends.’ I thought as I unwrapped the bandage from my claws, stuffed them in my pocket, and pulled out my phone. I loaded up the book I was reading, and started to read. Hopefully the bell would ring soon and I would be able to eat as lunch was next.


It was lunch period. ‘Finally!’ I thought as I raced to the cafeteria. ‘Finally I could eat!’ By god, did I love eating. I got some dumplings, and headed out to the school courtyard. I ate, while reading a book on my phone. And yes, this book indeed did have lovers of the same genders. Although one was a transgender. I winced inside, and continued reading. As much as I didn’t like same gender love stories, this book was great, and I wanted to continue reading. But don’t get me wrong here. I’m not ‘against’ same gender love. It’s just that it’s not on my most liked list, that’s all.

I continued reading, and when my battery flashed 50%, I closed my phone and put it back in my pocket. Time to move around. Nothing could be achieved if I just sat around on my haunches.

I thought of what to do. I could go on a flight, but I didn’t feel like it. I could play kedl with my friends, but I knew it would end horribly with me saying sorry every 5 minutes. In the end, I decided to go punch the sandbag again.


The warning bell rang, and I stopped punching, panting. I then went to my locker and pulled out the math book. I looked at my claws, as it hurt after punching. The flesh around the claws were red. ‘Great.’ I thought, and went to the math class.

When I arrived there, some dragons were fussing over something. Then one dragon ran forwards and stuck something on the blackboard. It was a white cloth, and somehow managed to stick there. I didn’t know the purpose of it. So I went to the head of the class and asked what it was.

‘Umm… it’s a woman’s thing.’ He replied when I asked.

‘What woman’s thing?’ I asked, not understanding. ‘What’s that?’

‘Umm… that thing woman uses on their ‘day’. He replied.

‘Huh?’ I asked, the suddenly realization hit me. I felt embarrassed, and went back to my seat. Soon, Ms.Aliea came to class. Then she saw what was on the blackboard. She raged, and demanded to know who did this to her class. No one answered, and that made her even more angry. She threatened to sue us all for sexual harassment, and stomped out of class. A few ‘No Brainers’ grumbled, not getting quite how serious the situation was, but most of us were quiet, as we’ve never seen Ms.Aliea as angry as this before.

‘I should have took it down.’ I thought, and regretted that I did not take action. Ms.Aliea did not come back, and the class ended like that.


It was now the last class of the day. I was writing on my stack of papers. I had almost finished writing, but didn’t know if it was any good. The whole story was written in haste, and I didn’t want to upload a story that I’ll regret later. ‘I’ll have to read it again. Tomorrow. I’ll decide if it’s any good by then.’ I thought, and continued to write.


It was night, being study time. I was currently studying math, as always. I had yet another presentation to do. Yes, you heard that right. Yet another. I had almost finished preparing for it when it when the bell rang, indicating the class was over. ‘Well, I’ll finish it tomorrow.’ I thought, and packed up my bag. Time to go to the math academy.


I smoked on the way over. Damn! Did it feel good to smoke after a whole day of hard work! Not that I recommend it, but it felt that way to me. But guys, don’t smoke. You can’t stop it. Anyways, I was almost at the class, and I threw the stud away. Time to go to class.


The math class was over, and I was completely exhausted. I was with my friend Focaly, going to the nearby crossover point together where we had to depart. Both of us were exhausted, having studied till it was 11:40 in the night.

We departed at the crossover point, qnd went our own ways.

Soon, I was home, and I threw my bag on the floor, and crashed into bed.

It had been an exhausting day.

Memories: Ch6

It was Friday again. I was at the art class, trying to solve a few questions. But I couldn’t. I really just didn’t feel like solving those questions. So I pulled out some papers and tried to write. I couldn’t.

I sighed, and went to the front of the class to get my art work. Might as well work on it to get some progress going.

I looked for my work at the front of the class, but didn’t locate it. The teacher told me to look at the back of the class, that my work might be there. I nodded, and turned around. I looked at the desks, expecting a pile of papers, buy did not find it. The only artworks were on the wall, hanging.

‘Nooooo!’ I thought as I reached the wall. ‘I don’t want my artwork displayed!’ and with that, I looked for my artwork with a truck in it. I soon found it at the bottom of the display, unpinned it from the wall, and took my artwork away.

I went back to my seat, and started coloring it. Soon, I was done doing it. I really didn’t have much to color. Only the truck and the background needed coloring as other stuff were already colored.

Jay tapped my shoulder. ‘Hey.’ He whispered. ‘I cant get a math question right. It’s on level3-3. Can you help me?’

I looked at the question. It was one of the questions I already solved. ‘Sure.’ I said, then proceeded to solve the question. I needed to solve the question to teach J about it. While I was working on the question, J looked at the answer sheets for some clue. Then he clapped his claws as he understood.

‘Aha!’ he said. ‘I calculated wrong. Never mind.’ He said. I looked at him with a ‘Really?’ look, as I was solving the very calculation that he got wrong. He laughed, and a second later, I laughed as well. Then Yun tapped both of our shoulders. ‘Hey. I cant get this English question. Mind if you two take a look at it?’


It was math class. Well, to be exact, it was going to be in 2 minutes. I was preparing for my presentation I had to do. I say presentation, it’s actually teaching the whole class.


The bell rang. It was properly math class now. I was already seated, having been preparing for my presentation all recess. Ms.Aliea soon came to her class, and we greeted her. She called me out, and I started my presentation.


Phil, who was my groupmate, took over the presentation and was doing a good job. Me, on the other hand, didn’t. Or at least that was what I thought. Ms.Aliea said I did well, but I could’ve prepared better. I kind of regretted it.

‘…and that’s how you solve question 4.’ Phil said, looking at the class. ‘And now I’ll tell you how to solve the next question in a way the answer sheet doesn’t tell you.’ And he turned around and wrote on the board with a chalk in his claws.


Math class was done. Next up was English. The first English of the day. I went to my locker, pulled out my book, and went to Mrs.Han’s class. I arrived a bit early, and took a seat. Soon, other dragons started to file in and fill the class. And by some miracle, Avil sat next to me.

‘Hi.’ I greeted her.

‘Hey.’ She replied back. ‘Had a good day so far?’

‘Yeah. You?’

‘Me as well. So… shall we study?’ she said, smiling.

I was dumbstruck for a second at her smile, but soon said yes and opened my book and looked at the questions in front of me. Then I remembered it was English, and I took out my papers to write. Avil looked at my bunch of papers and looked at me. ‘What are you doing?’ She asked.

‘Writing.’ I replied. And read the last chapter I wrote, trying to get hold of the story again.

‘What? A story?’ She asked, sounding interested. ‘May I have a look?’

I hesitated. My work wasn’t that good. I only had a few readers of my blog, and I wasn’t sure if they truly liked it, either. To show my works to another dragon I knew, and moreover I liked, was not an easy decision to make. But I said yes, as my story might not be ‘that’ bad. I took the rest of the chapters oyt and handed it over to her. She took it, and started reading.

The bell rang, and Mrs.Han walked in.

She checked if all the dragons came, and started class. Avil just read my story, and I continued writing.

A while later, Avil handed me my papers back. ‘It isn’t the best work I’ve ever read… but keep it up. Maybe you’ll get good one day, you know?’

I knew my work wasn’t good, but still, those words stung. I hid my emotions, and said ‘Thanks.’ And took my chapters back. I tried to continue writing, but somehow couldn’t. Her words really did sting. But I knew it was true. I wasn’t a professional writer, nor was I a good one. I sighed and put my paper back into my bag. If I kept writing right now, no doubt it would turn out horrible. I should take a rest.

I focused on the lecture for the rest of the class and Mrs.Han seemed pleased to see me actually focusing. That got my mood a bit lighter, but not much. Then, the bell rang, and it was lunch time.


I got some steak and sauce, and came out to the courtyard of school. I sat underneath a tree and ate. After eating, I was in a somewhat better mood, and decided to go on a flight. A cigar would have helped me, but I decided against it as I was still at school, and I didn’t normally smoke before class ended on weekdays.

I flew out of school, and flew as high up as I could. Thin air always helped me focus on what was important. ‘I should continue.’ I thought. ‘I’ll get better one day. No one’s perfect from the start.’ I cheered myself up.

I flew back down. Then into school. Then into the next class I had. Then I pulled out my papers, and started to write again.



The bell rang. Class was finished for the day. Finally! Weekend again! I stood up from my seat, and went out to get dinner. Dinner sounded good.


I was currently dragging Focaly around with me. I finished dinner, and came out of school to get a breath of cigar before study time. I took a breath from the cigarette, then another.


I had finished the chapter. It was currently the end of the first half of study time.

Now, I could type.


The bell rant. School was completely finished for the week. I could head home now. I packed my bag, slung it over my shoulder, and headed out of class.

It was a good day. Well, except for the part I showed my works to Avil. Still. It was a good day. 

Memories: Ch5

I woke up, as light shone through my eyelids. The lights were on. I looked at the clock. 2am. I swore under my breath, and changed clothes, and turned off the light that I did not turn off. Then I went to sleep again.


Light shone through my eyelids again. I woke up. It was morning. I looked at the clock. 10am. I unlocked my phone and checked for notifications. A few mails, a few game alerts, and other miscellaneous things that I didn’t care about. I closed my phone again, and opened my flip phone. Nothing. I closed my phone and yawned, then sat up on the bed.


I felt lazy. But I knew I had to do something than roll around in my bed. I got up, went into the bathroom, washed, and went to the kitchen. I was hungry. My parents were in the living room, sitting on the sofa. I said ‘Good morning’ and they greeted me back. I went back to the kitchen and looked for something to eat. The rest of my family ate toast, so I decided to make some as well. I got some eggs and dunked some bread in it. Then I fried the said bread, making toast. Well… I more like burnt it. I was horrible at cooking. I didn’t know when something was cooked right, so I always burnt it to make sure.

Despite the burnt state and the burnt taste, the toast was actually quite good, except for it being way too slimy for my taste.

I finished the toast, put the dishes in the sink, and went back into my room. I unlocked my LG G5, and started war dragon. I did a few attacks, and trained my dragons to another level. This was a game I loved as I normally sucked at games but this game required no skill and I was quite good at it. I sighed. If only life was this simple as well.

I closed my phone and got up. I had to do something productive. And there was only one productive thing I could do. I packed my bag, told my parents that I’m going to school, and stepped out of home. I jumped into the air and started to fly.

I lit up a cigar and drew a breath. Clean scent filled my mouth and my mind felt cleaner. I drew up another breath. Then I threw it away. I was not going to smoke a full cigarette when my mind was clean enough.

Soon I arrived at school. I once again went to my homeroom and unpacked my bag, and started to study.


I was using my phone. I really didn’t feel like studying today. Nor could I focus on what I was doing. ‘Maybe I should go back home.’ I thought. ‘Yeah. Let’s just go back home.’ And with that, I packed my bag again. 2 hours wasted. I didn’t study, but that didn’t mean that I played either. I was somewhere in between, and that was something that I did not like.

I flew back out of school, and went back home to leave my bag there. I threw my bag on my bed, and went out again.

I flew around for a bit, just going wherever the wind took me. I flew around with no aim, flying high and low. I just wanted the air on my scales.

After flying around for a bit, I went back home. I had a society assignment I had to complete, and it required a computer. I went to the computer in the living room and turned it on. The screen flickered, then came to life. I loaded up Microsoft PowerPoint, and clicked on ‘new presentation’. Then I started to make my presentation.


I was tired. I didn’t want to do anything. I sighed, and saved the presentation I was making, and closed the window. Apparently, today was one of those days when you didn’t want to do anything but laze around. I slowly dragged myself back to my room, and plugged my phone in. Then I just fell onto my bed.

‘Damn, I don’t want to do anything.’ I thought. But in the corner of my kind, I knee that I would have to finish the presentation today, as today was the day I could have the most time making it. But I was tired. I wanted to rest.

I sighed again, and reached for my phone while lying down on my bed. There wasn’t anything noteworthy, and I started up a game. But I had no fun playing it as well, and I shut my phone and threw it on the counter beside my bed.

And without knowing, I went to sleep, again, with the lights on.

Memories: Ch4


I woke up, stretching. It was Saturday, which meant I could wake up late. I, however, had an extra math class I signed up for.

I got up, went to the bathroom, and cleaned up my scales and hair. Then I prepared to go to school. I was already kind of late, as I needed to get up early but didn’t, so I took my time preparing.

I came out of my uomr, and started to fly over to school. I dug through my pocket, and pulled out my flip phone and smart phone. I used two phones, as I needed a smart device to write my diary and story. I opened my flip phone and checked for notifications. There wasn’t anything noteful.

I unlocked my LG G5, and opened the music app. I connected my earbuds since my headphones broke, and started one of the music I had. I was a giant music fan. I simply loved music. I only had 616 files on my phone, but I had a bit over 2300 files on my computer.

I hummed along to the tune as I flew. Soon, I arrived at school, and I flew up to the 3rd floor where the math class was located. I entered the class, and was kinda shocked.

Only 2 dragons, excluding Ms.Aliea was there. There was supposed to be at least 10. Somehow they were all late like me or all decided to skip class. Lol.

I took a seat, and started to solve the questions Ms.Aliea handed out. As I solved the questions, 2 more dragons arrived. That made 5 dragons participating in class, including me.

Then Ms.Aliea stopped us and we matched our answers to the official answers. Then we solved the questions we didn’t know together, then the class ended.

Normally, I would have an extra math class out of school at a teacher’s home, but that class for postponed due to Ms.Oblia’s personal errands.

I flew back home, threw the bag on my bed, and said ‘I’m home!’ to my mom. She replied by ‘Do you want breakfast?’ as I skipped it before class, and I said yes. I connected my phone to my Wi-Fi, and checked for notifications. Again, nothing noteworthy. I shut my phone and went to the kitchen for breakfast. It was basically some cooked rice with other helpings.

I ate, abd came back to my room. ‘Maybe I’ll to back to school to study more.’ I thought, and debated on whether to actually go or not.  Finally, I decided to go, and packed up my bag again.

I started back to school, after telling my mom, and stepped out of my house and started to fly again. On mu way. I lit up a cigar and drew a breath from it.

I flew over to school, and went into my homeroom. I pulled out a few books from my bag, and started to study.


It was 5pm. I was packing my bag once more. While I was studying, Focaly came over, and studied beside me. Now he wanted to get dinner before Mrs.Oblia’s class started, hence why I was packing my bag.

‘Good to go?’ I asked.

‘Yeah.’ He replied, and we flew out of school, heading for the nearby vietnam noodle place. Because I had studied for nearly 4 hours straight, a cigarette attracted me and I lit one to clean my mind.

Curse my nation’s education system. If not for it, I wouldn’t be smoking. If not for it, I wouldn’t have to study on Saturdays, Sundays, or other holidays. If not for it, I wouldn’t be so stressed out!’

I cursed in my mind, and finished my cigarette. I threw it away, and quickly caught up with my friend. I had been a bit lagging behind to not give him any harm from the cigarette.

‘Done?’ he asked, and I nodded. Soon, we arrived at the place, and my friend went in to order a meal while I hung out outside. I didn’t have any money to spare, so I really couldn’t afford any meal out of home.


My friend is an extremely slow eater. He literally took an hour to finish his bowl of noodles. I hung out outside, kind of shivering because I wore shorts for the day. He finally came out of the store, finished his dinner, and we headed for Mrs.Oblia’s home, as the class would take place there.


It was not 7. I looked at the clock, then dropped my gaze back at the book. 1 hour till I can head home.


It was now 8. 8 in the night. I had skipped lunch, and was going to have a late dinner. I. Was. Starving. I packed my math books into my bag, and slung the bag over my shoulder.

‘You are to solve the questions till you reach page 236.’ Mrs.Oblia said, and I nodded my head. Focaly had already got his assignment, and was heading out of Mrs.Oblia’s room, which was used for the sole purpose of class. I followed Focaly, said my departures to Mrs.Oblia, abd shut the door of her home behind me. Focaly was waiting for me.

‘Damn, I’m tired.’ I said.

‘You should be. You skipped lunch and didn’t have dinner yet.’ He said.

‘Yeah…’ I replied.

We flew in silence. Both of us were tired. Then I asked ‘Should I smoke?’ to Focaly. Smokes attracted me in my tired state.

‘Umm…no? You already had 3 today, including the one you smoked in-between studying. Mind your health, dude.’ He replied, chuckling a bit.

‘Guess you’re right.’ I said, and shoved the thought away.

I went home, and had some food. Then I went to my room and rested. I was exhausted. ‘I still have to bursh my teeth and wash…’ I thought.

But without knowing it, I was sleeping, with nothing on my mind actually done.

Memories: Ch3

It was Friday. I was flying to school once more. At the moment, I was in high spirits as I woke up early and I had two English classes today. More time to write, and no need to rush.

I went through the school gate, and headed for the lockers. Once I was there, I stuffed my bag in there, and pulled out a few books and papers. I stuffed the papers in my pocket, and held the books in my arms as I headed for the first class, which was art. Art wasn’t my favorite class, but it wasn’t my least, either.

‘Wait a second.’ I thought. ‘I don’t need the art book. Why am I holding it?’ and I went back to my lockers and put the book back in. We always did something that we either made or draw, we didn’t need our books at all. So why had I pulled it out on the first place? Lol.

I flew up to the 6th floor, and went into the art class and went into the art class. Today, we were to draw creatively, changing the original painting of Mona Lisa. I drew a bunch of dragons sitting in the back of a truck, and named the painting ‘To the farm.’ I snickered a bit at my painting. Then I handed it over to the teacher for grading. Then the bell rang.

I went to the math class, and prepared for the presentation I had to do. I had to solve the question Ms.Aliea gave out as an assignment. The presentation went smoothly, and I was pleased with myself. Maybe I have improved, you know?

The one before lunch was English. As always, I pulled out my pen and paper, and started to write. The main character’s friend was kinda my fantasy. I didn’t have any old-friends, so I made her a life-long friend, and I didn’t have any girl friend, so I made her a female. Basically my own fantasy. While I was writing, Mrs.Han passed by, looking at my work. Soon, I ran out of ideas, and put the paper back in my pocket. Maybe I’ll get some more ideas later.

I started to think about what to do at lunch period. And, more importantly, what to eat. I was hungry, as I always ignore breakfast. Today was the same. I skipped breakfast, and was now starving. But I didn’t want a burger today. Maybe I should get steak? Yeah. Steak sounded good. The bell rang soon, and I dumped my books in the locker, and flew to the cafeteria to get some steak. Thank god not a lot of dragons liked rare steak, or else it would be out like those well-done steaks.

I grabbed a dish, and took a seat near the window. I slowly ate it, then grabbed another dish of steak. I ate it as well, and went out under the same tree as yesterday and started to read. Everything was peaceful, and the breeze was just right. I continued reading.


The bell rang, indicating that I had 5 minutes till class starts. I closed my phone, stuffed it in my pocket, and got up. Time to learn about geography. Boring, but better than Korean.

I went to my locker again, and pulled out the book I need. But I felt tired. Maybe I’ll ignore this class and sleep..?

I walked to class debating on whether to or not to sleep in class. Eating two chunks of steak definitely made me drowsy. But, it was delicious, so it’s not bad…right..?

I say down, and soon one of my friend joined me. It was colin.

‘Hey.’ He said.

‘Hey.’ I replied.

‘You listened to the lecture about that college yesterday, right? Why did you? You said you’d go to an automotive college. Changed your mind?’

‘No. The college I thought of is kind of a campus of that said college. So I thought, you know, maybe u’d get some info? Didn’t though.’

‘Oh. You’re really gonna go to that automotive college, aren’t you? Then… you know whay a crankshaft is?’ He said, trying to challenge me.

I laughed inwardly. I always won these kinds of challenges, yet he still tries to challenge me. ‘Of course I do! Then, you know what a camshaft is?’ It was a basic question, and I was kinda mocking him. To my surprise, he nodded, but suddenly went silent. So I doubted that he actually knew what a crankshaft is.

‘I’m going to sleep.’ He said, and laid his head down on the desk.

‘I’m going to as well. I’m tired, too.’ I said, abd laid down on my own desk.

And like that, the geography class went by, with both of us sleeping.


The class got noisy, and I woke up. Colin was already up. In a few minutes, the bell would ring, and I would be able to get out of this class. A few minutes later, the bell indeed did ring, and I got out of class. History next.


It was now the second English class, and the last class before one additional class and self-study time. Also, one hour before dinner. I did all my works I had to do, and was now writing once more. ‘If I’m lucky, I might be able to finish this chapter.’ I thought. ‘Hopefully I can.’


It was dinner time. I didn’t fee like eating a lot, so I just got some salad and fruits.

The salad… was rather warm, and I didn’t enjoy it a lot. But the fruits were ice-cold, and ripe just right. I did enjoy them. After dinner, I found my friend Focaly, who was another easterner, and urged him to go to a nearby store with me for a flight. I myself, not having much appetite or money, didn’t buy anything, but I did make Focaly buy a roll of bread to eat. You know you’re a real bro if you don’t use any money but make others use, right? Ok, ok. That was a joke. Anyways, then we flew back to school, and went to each one’s classes. We had self-study time before we could go home.


It was the second half of self-study time. Only a bit of time left before I could finally head home.


The bell rang, and now I could go home. I packed my bag, and enthusiastically went out od class, as it was the last day of week, and crashed into… Avil. I dropped my bag because of the crash.

‘Sorry.’ I said, and picked up my bag and her books.

‘No,no. No need to. I’m the one who should have been cautious.’ She said. She was holding a bag as well.

‘You going home?’ I asked.

‘Yeah.’ She replied, and looked at my bag. ‘I see you’re going home as well.’

‘Yeah. Umm… mind if I accompany you to the school gate?’ I asked, trying not to sound rude or offensive.

‘No. Let’s go then, shall we?’ she said, and led the way. I quickly caught up to her, and flew on her side. The school gate wasn’t far, so we had to part ways very soon.

‘Bye.’ She said.

‘Bye.’ I replied, and waved a claw at her. She smiled at me, and flew away. I continued on my way, and despite my tired condition, my mood was high. I went home, got some cereal and milk, ate, then started tying again. Faster than normal, ADL Ch3 was done, and I went to sleep, feeling happy.

It was a good day.

Memories: Ch2

It was the next day. I was going to school. I had woken up late, despite going to sleep early, and was already late for school. So I was flying slowly, taking my time.

I reached school, and flew over the school gate, and checked in. The computer displayed ‘Late’. I ignored it and flew into the school building.

I went to my locker, and pulled out a book, locked it again.

Another boring day.

Dragons passed by, chatting to each other. Most of them being western dragons. There weren’t much of us easterners at school, basically because easterners kind of ganged up and went to another school. I walked down the corridor, and went to the first class of the day.

 It was Japanese. Great.

I slept through the most of the class, as I don’t really care for Japanese. I once flew over to japan, which was exhausting, and found out that for some reason, most Japanese couldn’t speak English. So why try to speak Japanese when they don’t return the favor? At least, that was my logic.

The bell rang, indicating the end of class. I got up, and walked over to the second class of the day. I was walking down the corridor when I saw a certain dragoness chatring with her friends.


I smiled, and went over to her. She was a westerner, and was popular as well. She got good grades, too.

Basically the exact opposite of me, as I was ‘not’ popular, and was an easterner, and only excelled in certain subjects.

But I still liked her.

‘Hey.’ I said, waving a claw at her.

She turned towards me, and smiled. ‘Hey.’

‘So… what’s up? Anything new?’ I asked, trying to be casual.

‘No… you?’ she asked, nicely.

‘Nothing mentionable.’ I said. ‘What’s your next class?’


‘Mrs.Han?’ I asked, hopefully.

‘Yeah. You as well?’ She asked. ‘If so, wanna go together?’

‘Yeah!’ I said, a bit too enthusiastically.

She looked at me weirdly, but smiled again. ‘Let’s go!’

And so we walked down the corridor, side by side.

‘So what’ya gonna be? What are you going to major?’ I asked, trying to make a conversation.

‘Dunno. You?’

‘I’m hoping that I can be a mechanic.’ I replied.

‘Ooh. So what university are you thinking of?’ she asked, wide-eyed.

‘An automotive college. Still hadn’t decided on which one, though.’

‘But why? Hey, you excel in English! Don’t you think it’s kind of a waste for a dragon like you to go to an automotive college?’ she asked.

I knew this would come up. This question came up every time I talk about college to anyone. ‘No…’ I replied. ‘You have to do what you like to be happy, right? So I’m following the logic and going to do what I like.’

‘Does anyone else know about this?’ she asked.

‘Mrs.Han, Mr.Bea, my parents… and that’s about it.’ I said. Then quickly added ‘And you as well.’

‘Oh.’ She said, then silence followed.

We arrived at Mrs.Han’s class, and sat in separate seats. Time for me to write again.

Class ended soon as I wrote, and it was soon lunch. I flew over to the cafeteria and grabbed a burger again, and went out and sat under a tree once more. Other dragons were playing aerial tag or Kedl again. I ate my burger as I watched them play, and pulled out my phone. I loaded up the book I was reading, and started to read. The wind rustled by, and the atmosphere was cool.

It was just right to read. Everything was nice. Everything was good.

The main character in the book I was reading was learning how to control water. ‘Man!’ I thought. ‘Wouldn’t it be cool to do that! I wish I could!’ It looked cool AF.

I continued reading, and the sun was shining. The wind was just right, keeping me cool, and reading in the shade felt good. Finally the bell rang, and I put my phone back in my pocket and headed towards the locker.

Korean class.

Just when everything was great and going well. I sighed, and picked up my books from the locker, and shut it. I headed towards the class.


Time skip to night.

I looked at the clock.

One hour till I can head home. I looked back at my book, trying to solve the question.


The bell rang, indicating that we could head home now. I packed my bag up. I picked up my phone and checked the time and battery stats. 8:51, 23%. Just about good. I slung my bag on my back, and headed out of classroom. Time to go home.

I flew out of the main doorway, and soared up high into the sky. I wanted to touch the stars, although I knew I could not. I just wanted to go as high up as I could.

I soared up as high as I could, before air started to get thin. The houses under me looked like a bunch of little lights now. I flew around a bit more where the air was thin, the proceeded to come down again.

‘Well, that was refreshing.’ I thought, as I came down back. It really did feel refreshing, thanks to the cold, thin air up there. I was still tired, but I now had a much clearer mind.

I went home, and took out my phone, and started to type. About an hour later, ADL Ch2 was done, and ready to be uploaded. I clicked on the publish, plugged my phone in, and went to sleep.

Hopefully tomorrow’s going to be as pleasant as today was.

Memories: Ch1


The alarm went off. I grudgely woke up, turned the alarm off. Then went back to sleep. Why was the alarm going off on Sunday?

‘Wake up, East! You’re gonna be late for school!’ Yelled my mom, yanking the covers off me. ‘Get up!’

‘But it’s Sunday! I wanna sleep more!’ I whined, and pulled the covers back on.

‘What are you talking about? It’s Monday! Get up!’ My mom yelled, yanking my covers back off again. ‘Now!’

I looked at my phone. It said… Monday. Shit.

I shot up, and rushed into the bathroom to wash. 20 minutes till I had to be at school. I cleaned my scales and hair real quick, and packed up my bag, then rushed out. I flew as fast as I could to the imaginary checkpoint. If I could make it to the road till 8:06, I’d make it to school in time.

I made it, and slowed my flying pace. I didn’t need to fly as fast, as I now had enough time.

I made it to school in time, checked in, and went to my homeroom. I unpacked my bag, hung it at the side of my desk. My back felt stiff. Probably because of the way I slept.

I sighed. So much for sleeping well.

I pulled out my phone, connected the Wi-Fi in class, and checked for notifications. As always, I had a ton of emails I had to organize, and a few job alerts that I probably wont get to do, nor did I want to do.

I started to do some part time translations to earn some money. My allowance was 50 bucks a month, which wasn’t a lot, but not too small either. But, once you buy a music package, it’s all gone. So that’s why I started this part-time translations.

I closed my phone and laid it down on the desk. Mr.Bea would be here anytime. Better close my phone than get risk taken of it.

Soon, Mr.Bea came in. ‘Hi, class.’ He said. ‘Hope you have a good day. Now, to your classes.’ And with that, we all disassembled, going to each one’s assigned classes. I forgot what my schedule was, so I went to my locker, and checked it out.

‘Great.’ I grumbled. I had Korean first, and I sucked at Korean. Still grumbling, I gathered up my books and headed to the class.

Time skip to lunch. Man, Korean classes were boring. Plus, Japanese classes were horrible. Why did we have to learn stuff that we probably won’t use or not interested?

I flew over to the cafeteria. At least lunch sounded good. On the way, I saw other dragons playing tag or playing Kedl. (Mid air soccer) Not being much of an athlete myself, I just said hi to those I knew and went to the cafeteria to grab some lunch.

Our school’s lunch was always a buffet. We could grab whatever we want and eat. But we always got told to grab what we could eat. I myseld grabbed a burger and went back out. I didn’t feel like eating in today.

I settled down under a tree, and watched the others play, and ate my burger. Then I threw the wrapper away, and pulled out my phone, checked for notifications again. There wasn’t anything worthy. I put it back un my pocket, and pulled out some papers and started to write. It was something that I uploaded on my Blog, as frequently as I could. It was called ‘A Dragon’s Life’ and it had myself depicted as the main character. So far, it hasn’t got much recognition, but nevertheless, I enjoyed writing and people looking at my works.

I wrote a bit, and put the paper and pen back in my pocket. I had decided to go on a a flight while the lunch period lasted to stretch my body. I flew over the school fence, and ‘Swam’ through the air as fast as I could. That was what I loved. Speed. And that was why I loved automobiles. Flying was great, but driving sounded even better.

After flying for a bit and looking at my watch, it was time to go back. I had 10 minutes till I had to be at school again, seated. I flew back, went to my locker, took out my math book, and went to the dedicated class. One good thing about being an eastern dragon was that, you didn’t get tired easily from flying. Flying felt like swimming more than actually flying, and we didn’t have to use a lot of power. Although it was hard to actually fly at first, it definitely paid off.

I walked into the math class, and sat in one id the seats. Ms.Aliea was sitting at her desk, doing some work. The bell rung, and a few late dragons ran into the classroom. Ms.Aliea stood up.

‘Hi, class. We’re going to learn about calculous today. Turn your pages to 178. And before that, is everyone here?’

She counted quickly, and started the lecture. Or, one od the students started the lecture. Our math class was always done by a group of dragons lecturing the rest of the class, and Ms.Aliea grading the lecture into A, B, or C.

The class was boring, hence why half the class was asleep by the end of it.

‘…and that’s how you solve this question.’ The student lecturing said, and the ones who were awake, including me, clapped. The lecture was actually quite good, though boring as hell. We each got assignments from Ms.Aliea, and the bell rung, indicating the end of class. I walked back to my locker, put the math book back, and pulled out english. Time to write.

English class was always a relaxing time for me. I didn’t participate in class, cuz I didn’t know need to, but instead wrote. I pulled out a pen and some papers, and started to write. Mrs.Han, as always, glanced at me briefly, and I nodded my head politely. She went back to teaching the class. English class went by like that, with me writing and not participating in class.

A few hours later, it was time to go home. It was late night. Our school always made students study till night. It sucked. Tired, I flew home, while reading a book on mu phone. It was an ancient story, with another eastern dragon like me, bringing rain for dragons who needed it. It was a total fantasy. Or rather, part was. The ability to control water for the easterners and fire for the westerners were long lost. Or, we forgot how to. Not that we needed it with modern technology.

Finally, I arrived home, and threw my bag in the bed, and turned my phone on, started to type the stuff I wrote. When I finished, it was near midnight. So I plugged my phone in to charge, and went to sleep.

I had to go to school tomorrow, after all.