My unboxing and review of Loving Home mouse & keyboard combo

My unboxing and review of the Loving Home mouse&keyboard set.

So, the mouse I was using broke, and as it was a mouse and keyboard wet, I decided to get a new one. After a lot of searching and walking around, I bought a keyboard and a mouse combo from a nearby wall for 25 bucks. What do I think of it? Here’s the anwer

Here’s the picture of the box.


Nothing to exactly look at, except for the small image in the corner saying that this keyboard has pentagraph keys. So, let’s open it, shall we?


This is what you see when you open up the box. Straight forward, there’s a keyboard, and a mysterious box next to it. Probably holding the mouse. So, let’s open unbox whatever’s in the box and pull out the keyboard!


This is what it looks like. I was disappointed a bit. I thought maybe the top of the keyboard was aluminum, but no. It’s all plastic that looks like one. At least the package is simple with nothing exactly going to waste except for the keycover that I’m not fond of. That went to the waste.


So, this is what it looks like with my surface pro 3. I think I quite like how it looks. Even though it’s not as elegant as having a type cover, the keyboard and mouse still has a nice finish that goes well with the surface.



So, the experience.

Straight forward, the mouse was a bit small, but I got used to it and after a day of use. The keyboard was… actually great. I didn’t expect much from a 25 dollar keyboard and mouse combo, but the typing experience on this was actually quite satisfying. The keys have a nice rebound to it, and it certainly feels better than a normal silicone based keyboard. It might be becauuse I’m quite a bit of fan of pentagraph keys. They don’t tire my hands as much as a normal silicone keys do, and the keyborad is much slimmer and looks more modern as well.

You might have already noticed, but there are two more buttons on the mouse where your thumb rests. It was my first experience of mouse 4 and mouse 5, and I must say, that I was confused of what they do for a bit. Later did I find out that mouse 4 awas forwards and mouse 5 was backwards on normal internet. But in gaming, it was a lot better than having just 3 buttons. I mapped mouse 4 as knife, and mouse 5 with grenades in counter-strike, and it worked out very well for me. So, I am pleased as well.

So, in the end, I would give it a 8/10, considering the price and quality. Those other two points are gone as the build quality can improve (Mine has a slight crack in the back where the parts doesn’t exactly join well) and the noises from clicking the mouse can improve. It’s way too noisy. I know it’s not a silent mouse, but I can use a bit less noise coming from it.

So, that was my unboxing and review of Loving Home’s keyboard and mouse combo. Thank you for reading, and please, like, follow, and share if you like it.