I’m a mess right now.

I’m sorry for who ever is reading this.

I’m drunk right now.

I drank a bottle of watered vodka.It has over 16% of alcohol in it.

I don’t know how much I’m drunk.

I just tried to be a brother to my sister.

It didn’t work out right.

I broke my sister’s sim card. Cause she used the workd ‘찐따’

It’s basically a korean word for a loser.

I heard a lot of it. When I was bullied at middle school. To who who isn’t familiar with middle school, it means 13-15 years old. I was bullied at 13. Badly. It might not be as bad for some of you, but other people put porno pictures and sites in my locker, and they well… literally just bullied me. It’s not the kind you see in movies, but they didn’t talk to me, and they took my stuff without saying and made me a toy for themselves. Till this day, when I see them on the streets, they make fun of me. I always say to myself that they are not worthy of my attention, but I can’t deny that it still gets on my nerves.

Ok. It’s a few hours later, and I’m not drunk now.

Basically what happened was my sister used the loser word in korean, and I got mad, and I tried to swap her smart-phone into a flip-phone, and when I couldn’t control my anger, I just broke my sister’s sim card. And so my father raged, and we fought. Then the police came (My father called them when I was trying to harm myself with a kitchen knife and ate the whole week’s pills) and I got drunk, having a bottle of strong alcohol.

I’m sorry for whoever’s reading this, but this is my state right now. I’m a mess. A real mess. I go to mental hospitals, (aka therapy sessions) and eat pills to help my mental state. I have anger issues, and now, I’m starting to doubt myself. Because of anger issues, I smoke, drink, and break stuff. I even tore my award that I personally got from the principle in front of the whole school!

So, I’m a mess.

My life, so far, is a mess. I’m the oldest of the three kids in my family, and I can’t deny that it at times sucks and brings me a lot of stress.

Why am I always writing fantasy or reading fantasy?

Because I want to escape, and the fantasy world looks like a good escaping place to me.

I’m always tired, and always too serious. And I’m personally done with all this shit. But, if I joke, others won’t get it since I’m a horrible joker, and even though I work out now, (Kumdo) I’m still tired most of the time.

I smoke, and I smoke quite a lot. I just smoked half a pack today. Of course, it was a bad day, but still, that’s a lot of smoking I did.

I also drink a lot. I drink till I lose my mind.

So, yes. My life is a mess. And I only have a few exits, and one of them is writing, which is the reason I’m writing here. I’m sorry to whoever read this, but truely, I need somewhere to pour my feelings at. I’m tired of having them all to myself.

Hopefully I won’t feel like this soon. The kind police man told me that there must be a good thing coming down my path.

I really hope so.



It was night. He was sitting on the porch in front of his trailer, accompanied by the small light coming from the lantern beside him. Again, he was thinking about the war. He was a soldier at the World war II. That war changed everything. The war ended by the civilians and soldiers rebeling against the government. So the government, both offensive and defensive, got a truce agreement, and the war ended. Still, it was too late. Thousands of dragons died, and more were either wounded emotionally or physically. And there was no erasing what the war did to all dragons. Funnily, some dragons from the government wanted to celebrate the end of the war by giving him and other war heroes by awarding them with medals. Snorting and angry, Rustle refused. How could they celebrate when so many had died or got wounded?

Rustle opened the beer bottle he had in his claws, and drank from it. He was not an alcoholic, but alcohol let him forget about the killings he did and the faces of the dead. It let him live, if you can call his life a life. He lost his whole family in the war, and now lived alone, only with his gun from the war to keep him company. He wanted a hatchling, but everytime he tried to get another mate, he was always reminded of his old mate and his hatchlings and how they died. He didn’t want to suffer again. So he was alone, and unknowingly, slowly, he grew grumpier and grumpier, like an old dragon would get. Sighing, Rustle looked around territory. He still had a good eyesight, thankfully. Nothing seemed to be moving except for the slight movement caused by the wind. That was good. During his 3 surveys of his territory, he found nothing, so it had to be like that. Sighing, Rustle got up from his chair, and headed inside his trailer. Time to go to sleep again.


Sun shone through the window of his trailer. Blinking, Rustle woke up. He tidied up his bed, and washed. Another day. Couldn’t he die already? He was already over 200 years old, and living was just a constant pain for him. Everyday he was reminded of deaths, and the killings he did. The faces of the dying he killed, the faces of his comrades who was dying from the attack from the other side. It was just constant pain. Sighing, he washed up, and opened the door of his trailer. He was about to get out when he saw… a hatchling in front of the stairs of his trailer.

‘What the…’ he thought, as he approached the hatchling. There was only one hatchling, strangely. Dragons laid hatchlings in 2-4 at a time, and it was strange seeing only one hatchling in the basket. Still, he approached the hatchling, and saw that it was sleeping. ‘At least I don’t have a hatchling that’s crying…’ Rustle thought as he picked up the basket hodling the hatchling. He looked around, hoping to find the one who put the little hatchling here. He surveyed his land a few times, but didn’t find anyone. A little bit shocked and annoyed, he brought the sleeping hatchling inside his trailer, and thought. This was the unthinkable for him, especially since he lost his whole family in the war. ‘What has the world come to?’ He thought, as he stared at the sleeping hatchling. He sure was going to give a long speech to whoever left the little hatchling here once he found him/her. But first, he’ll have to visit the police. Rustle opened his trailer door once more, and walked out with the basket with the hatchling in it and headed towards the police station, careful not to wake the sleeping hatchling.

About an hour later, he was at the police station with the still sleeping hatchling. He was going through the list of lost hatchlings list, but seemingly, none seemed to match the hatchling he had in the basket. He was a well known grumpy-war hero throughout the town, having saved his whole squad from death, so the commissional general was beside him, looking at the list together. Rustle was a bit furious at the amount of lost hatchlings, and the general was a bit frightened, being over a hundred years younger than him. Carefully, the general said ‘He doesn’t seem to be in here, sir.’ to him, and angrily, he said ‘thank you.’ to the poor general, and walked out of the police station with the basket with the hatchling in it.

Next he headed for the nearest hospital in the town. Maybe the hatchling had a birth certificate or something in the near hospital. But that turned out to be false as well.

So getting angrier each time, which he hadn’t been for the last century or so, he went to every hospital in the near by town of his trailer. But he couldn’t find any trace of the hatchling. No birth certificate, no trace of parents, no nothing.

Angry with the parents of the hatchling he held, he went back to the police station once more to check if anyone had reported more missing hatchlings, but that turned out to be a dud, again. Sighing with anger, he headed towards his trailer after he got the permission to keep the hatchling from the police.

Once he was home, (a.k.a his trailer) he put the basket down and went to the fridge and pulled out a beer. Again, he thought ‘What has the world come to?’, and drank from the bottle. He walked over to the sofa, and sat down. Maybe some beer would help him forget this cruel world as well.

Some time later, the hatchling started to stir, and wake up from it’s sleep. He didn’t know if the hatchling was a he or she, but he didn’t intend to find out. It didn’t matter. From what he found out today, this hatchling was thrown away by it’s parents. He felt sad for the hatchling. The hatchling didn’t have any family. Just like him. Just like him…

Then a thought flashed across his mind. Maybe the hatchling didn’t have to be alone anymore. And maybe he didn’t have to be alone, either. Maybe…Maybe…

He got the now awake hatchling back inside the basket, ignoring the hatchling’s surprised squeaks, and rushed out of his trailer. He headed straight for the police station, and asked the commissioner if he could adopt the hatchling as his own. The commissioner thought for a bit, then said yes, but only because of his social status. In a brighter mood, Rustle got over all the steps he needed to pass to become a parent once again, and when it was finally over, carried the hatchling back to his trailer, set him down on the table in front of his sofa. He thought for a bit, and decided to call his hatchling ‘Future’ as it meant a new future for both him and the hatchling.

‘Future.’ Rustle said to the hatchling’s curious eyes. ‘I’m your daddy.’


-15 years later-

‘Father, father! Look what I brought!’ Future yelled, running into their house. Rustle bought a house as the trailer would not be sufficient to raise a hatchling in it. Rustle also cut on the amount of alcohol he drank, as to raise his hatchling in a more healthy matter. Rustle looked up from the book he was reading, and looked down at the little hatchling…well, the adolescent dragon in front of him. He was holding a test sheet in front of him. ‘I got an A+! And none other than I have got it!’ The adolescent dragon yelled excitedly. Rustle chuckled, and nuzzled Future lovingly. ‘Good job, son.’ He said. ‘Now I suppose you have a date waiting for you?’

‘Yes. So… 10pm?’

‘Yes. Be home at dead 10, alright? Now, go enjoy your free time.’ Rustle said, pushing the Bronze adolescent towards the door. Future ran out, and before he got out of the house, Rustle yelled ‘I love you, son!’

Future replied by ‘Me too!’ And flew out with his date.

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Grace woke up. She stretched her wings and body. Bones popped into place, and she got up. She went to the bathroom and washed. Then she oiled her scales, put on some jewelry, and we out of her house.

Another day of work.

She arrived at her office, and set to work. Already there was a huge pile of papers on her desk she had to approve of or disapprove. She was the head of the ‘Walker Import’, which she inherited from her father. Father. Grace’s eyes wandered over to a picture on her desk. By god, she missed him. He had died from cancer a few years ago. But she had memories. Memories from her dragonlet-hood. Memories of her playing with her dad, talking with her dad, playing pranks on her dad. Even though he was always tired, he always had time for her. She missed him, dearly. And today was his birthday.

‘Knock, Knock’

Someone knocked on the door of her office, and she opened it. One of her staff members were there, and held out a pile of papers. ‘Miss, there needs to be approved.’ the staff said. Sighing, Grace took the pile, and closed the door behind her. What she wouldn’t give for a day of perfect rest! But of course, as the head of the company, she didn’t really have any rest. Contacts always called her to solve problems, and other companies who wanted to have contacts between them always called her. At least she made a lot of money.

Grace put the pile of paper she was holding on top of the pile she was working on, and walked over to the window. She didn’t know then, but her dad had been a really good father to the family. She was always exhausted after work, but her dad, having done the same thing, always had time for her after work. She sighed again, and walked away from her window, and sat at her desk.

She opened up her laptop, and looked through the mails. A few important mails from her contacts, but the rest were ads or spam. She erased them, and decided to go through the mails first. She opened one of them, read it, then opened another tab and opened YouTube. Then she connected her laptop to her stereo…her father’s stereo, and played her favorite list of songs. Might as well listen to music while working.

After a few hours, she had gone through all of the mails and most of the paper contacts. She looked out the window, and saw that it was a bit after noon. She decided to take an early leave, and closed her laptop and picked up her phone. She opened her office door and walked out. ‘I’m leaving early today.’ she said to her assistant, and he nodded politely. ‘Have a good day, Miss.’ he said. She nodded, and stepped into the elevator. She went to the parking lot, and started her car. She preferred flying, but she always used her car coming to work.

She drove, and drove. She arrived at her house, and quickly put her bag down and picked up another one more casual. She parked her car in her garage, and walked out the door of her house. Then she took into the sky, towards her family’s grave.On the way, she visited the flower shop and picked up the bundle of flowers her dad always liked. She had it on special request, so they were already made. She thanked the worker and paid her, and took into the sky once again.

Soon, she arrived at her family grave. She walked over to each family member’s grave, and said her greetings and wished god be with them. Then at last, she stood in front of her dad’s grave.

‘Hey, dad.’ She said, looking numbly at the grave. ‘Hope you’re having a good life up there. The company’s going great, and everything’s all right.’ Then she paused for a minute, then added ‘I miss you, dad. I really miss you.’ Then she laid the flowers in front of his grave. ‘These are for you. You always liked these flowers. Hope you like it.’

Then once more, she took into the sky. Flying always made her feel better. And she was going to fly for quite some time today. Before she took off, she looked at her father’s grave again, and said ‘I’ll see you around, dad.’

This was my first Short story.

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My review of Surface Pro i3 – in 2017!


This is my review of the Surface Pro 3 i3 – in 2017!

I bought this surface a few days ago, and felt like I needed to review it as I didn’t make a review of any of the Surfaces I owned. (Total 4 of them, including this one.) So here’s my review.


The performance.

This particular Surface has an i3-4020y with 4 gigs of ram and 64 gigs of ssd. So, is it good in 2017? Umm…No..? Cause it lags a bit. Again, it’s a Y instead of a normal U. The lowest of the CPU bunch. Or near it. Whatever. But is it usable? Yes, it is. For normal users who normally have 2-3 tabs open at a time, this Surface won’t exactly lack performance. But for mid to heavy users like me who have more than 1 program running and more than 5 tabs at a time, this Surface definetely lags and lacks performance. While it is definetely usable, it also lags in mid to heavy usage. So, if you’re buying a surface pro 3 in 2017, I recommend more than a i3 and more than 4 gigs of ram. For this surface, I’m personally not giving it a pass.


The design.

The design is pretty good, even by today standards. The surface still looks sleek and professional, and personally, I think it looks even better than the pro 4 or the new Surface. So it’s a pass for me.

The compatability/expandability

The Surface Pro 3 is actually quite compatable with other surfaces. Whichever type cover could be used on any Surface, and it’ll work fine. The chargers of 3 is compatable with 4 and vise versa. The dock is also compatable with each other as well. For expandability, the surface has a micro-sd card slot, 1 usb port, 1 mini display port, and 1 charging port. Not much. If you want to change your ssd, you have to totally tear apart the surface, and the ram is stuck to the board. So for expandability, it isn’t really that good, though you can always use a Usb hub or a higher speced out Surface. So… I’m not going to give it a pass for expandability, while I do give it for the compatability.


The screen.

The Surface has a 2160X1440 IPS display, and I must say, it looks sharp and bright even by today standards. So the Surface passes with flying colors.

The Weight.

The Surface itself is under a kilogram, which makes it extremely light, even with it’s rigid build. (Of course, except for it’s touch screen which cracks very easily.) So it’s easy to carry it around, so I also give it a pass.


The speakers.

The speakers are still quite good. Microsoft says that it’s a stereo, and when you use it, you really do feel it being a stereo. With the speakers being mounted on both sides of the screen. The screen, being 12 inches big, you really do feel the stereo. The speakers don’t feel too bassy or trembly, and personally, I give it a pass with flying colors again, as I think this is one of the best speakers I heard on a laptop.

The cameras.

Well…They suck, ok? So let’s just pass this, shall we? They’re only there for looks, nothing more. It. Simply. Sucks.


The kickstand.

Mine’s still in good shape, but the kickstands do tend to get loose over time. It happened to my 2nd Surface, the surface with an i5 and 8gigs of memories. So… I’m not going to give it a pass. You never know when the hinge is going to give up on you. Even if it doesn’t, it feels way too unsteady as the time goes by.

So that was my review for the Surface Pro 3 i3 – in 2017. It got 5 passes out of 9 tests. Not bad, I guess. My score for the Surface Pro 3 i3 in 2017 is a 6.5/10, as it is quite aged and slow at this point of time.

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