I’m looking for a phone for my dad. Tell me your suggestions.

For my dad. See, my dad still uses a Galaxy S3, which is outdated as hell. It’s also extremely lowly powered as well.

So I want to buy a new phone for him.

My budget is $500, but I don’t have it at the moment. I still will have to save up my part time job earnings for about 3 months. I’m currently thinking of a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, a former flagship phone, but it’s just that little bit over 500 dollars. But I still want to buy him a good phone. And it has to be a flagship, or a former flagship. Also, it needs to be made from Lg or Samsung. Preferably Samsung, as I live in korea and we have a fixed mind that is electronics=Samsung. I’m not fixed in that, but my dad is kinda fixed in that.

So, what are your suggestions? Please tell me via Email or comment. Thanks!


My Review of LG G5 – in 2017!

My review of LG G5 – in 2017! So, I got this phone a few months ago. As you can see in this picture, the screen might be… cracked. That’s ‘cause I bought the phone with a cracked screen, and might have played with my friends roughly totally forgetting about my phone in my pocket. So please understand, and I assure you, it didn’t affect my review.

So, Is the LG G5 worthy in 2017?

In short, Yes. It totally is.

The performance is still great, as it has a Snapdragon 820 in it. It still runs heavy games like WarDragons very well, even with screen recording on. For normal daily use, it still has more than enough performance to cover all of it.

The battery. Well, to be fair, at this time of use, your battery might be draining extremely fast. After all, it’s been almost 2 years since this thing launched. But no worries. This phone has a removable battery, so if you just swap it out for a new one, it’ll start to last long again.

Next up, the screen. I must say, that the screen on this isn’t bad or get schooled by new phones by any means. As long as I’m aware, the screen has a 2k resolution, and has a pixel density of 400ppi. It definitely isn’t the sharpest display on the market, but still it’s one of the best, and personally, I think it’s good enough.

The UI and the user support. Personally, I’m not exactly fond of LG’s customer support, as they tried to discontinue the V10’s support so fast. You really don’t know when LG decides to discontinue the G5’s support as well. You’re really walking on thin ice here, using this phone. As for the UI, I must say that this time, LG designed the UI very well. It is easy to use, and looks organized.

The design. Well, there’s nothing that can exactly change with a phone, as it’s just one of the mass-produced products. I personally am fond of it. But as always, it’s heavily depended on the person’s preferences.

And the Modules. There hasn’t been any new announcements of the G5’s module after it’s camera grip and the HiFi module. Both, which are…useless for me. But again, this might depend on the person’s preference.

Finally, the cameras. The G5 has three cameras. One wide angle back camera, one normal back camera, and one front facing camera. The cameras are still quite good, though not as good as the newer G6 or the V20. But that doesn’t mean that it’s bad. As a former flagship phone, the images taken by those cameras are still sharp and the colors are quite nicely depicted. It might not be the top of the line camera, but still, it’s more than enough for a moderate daily use.

To sum it up,


-the screen

-the camera

-the performance

-removable battery

-user friendly UI


-the lack of module

-customer support

-the battery might be draining extremely fast

So, this was my review of the LG G5 in 2017. Thank you for reading, and please leave a like, and follow me if you want more contents like this.

Review of LG’s 2 port 2 amp charger

So, this is the charger I’m about to review.

It’s $9, which is basically cheap as hell if you consider that it’s a 2 port 2 amp charger.

All the components it has are those two in the pic, which is good enough.

This is the charger I was using.

An ipad charger.

It’s kinda broken, cuz the charging speed is slower than a 1 amp charger.

So, the test. I started at 69%. See how long it takes to charge fully.

The old charger drained battery even if the phone was plugged in, so even if it did not charge fast, it was a win for me.

But I had my hopes.

I tested it while gaming, and hey! It works! You see the 77% on the top? Yes, it’s charging! While gaming!

Already a win for me, cuz my old one did not. But, how fast?

About 35 min later with quite a bit of gaming, the phone reached 94%. So I reckon it’ll reach full in about 10 min.

I am extremely pleased, cuz the whole test was done with not charging 1 phone, but 2, one which is the Galaxy S4 LTE A I’m writing with, and my flip phone, which apparantly supports fast charging.

The results are more than what I expected. For 9 bucks, the build quality is good, and the charging speed is great.

I am very happy with this purchase.
※this review was done by my own. I did not get paid.

I made a phone holder.

U need a unused card. It’s all u need.

Fold one side of the card. U need to measure the length for it to the the height u want to. Be careful not to fold too small of an amount cuz it’s gonna be a low holder then.

Fold the other side.


Just put ur phone on there, (i use a flip phone) and ur good to go!