Hatchlings: Chapter 6

Aidey shrank into her seat a bit, and hoped nothing bad would happen. The male kept walking towards their table, and when he caught Aidey looking at him fearfully, eyed her throughly. Aidey shuddered, and sank even deeper into her seat. She looked at Dehious, but for some reason, he didn’t seem to be fazed by the bigger male, and was looking at him directly. The big male finally arrived at their table and stopped in front of them. He looked at Dehious and opened his mouth.

‘It’s been quite some time since I last saw you, Dehious!’ he said in a friendly way, surprising Aidey. ‘This your new lady friend? She seems frightened.’

Dehious turned looked at her, and saw Aidey sunk deep into her seat, looking frightened. He covered his mouth to stop himself from laughing, but failed. The bigger bronze male who approached them laughed as well, angering her a bit. ‘So you’re his friend, huh?’ Aidey said, in an angry matter. ‘Very nice of you, Dehious. I was actually afraid, if you didn’t notice, asshole.’ Aidey said hotly. Dehious stopped laughing, and looked at Aidey. ‘I’m sorry, Aidey.’ he said. Then he started laughing again. ‘But your face was so funny!’

Aidey glared at her boyfriend, who was in an uncontrolled laughter, and looked at the new guy who was also laughing. The whole bar was noisy once again, as dragons have gone back to their own businesses. The new dragon was bronze, and had a bigger and bulkier build than Dehious. But there were signs of muscles here and there, and Aidey knew that this dragon was not to be messed with. Finally, after a good five minutes, the two stopped laughing and the larger dragon looked at Aidey. ‘My Apologies.’ he said, and held out a talon. ‘I’m Sidney, one of Dehious’s friends. Sorry for scaring you.’

‘Aidey. And thank you for apologizing. You really did scare me.’ Aidey said, taking his talons and shaking it in a friendly fashion.

‘Again, I’m sorry.’ the big dragon called Sidney said. ‘I’m the owner of this bar. As this is the first time you came here and I did scare you, I’ll give you a drink for free. What do you want?’

‘Oh.’ Aidey said, surprised. She didn’t expect this much kindness from this dragon. ‘Guess I’ll have to stop judging dragon by their looks…’ she thought, and said ‘I’ll have beer, thank you.’

The dragon called Sidney turned to Dehious. ‘What about you? Beer as well?’

‘I can’t get a free drink too, can’t I?’ Dehious asked hopefully, earning a ‘seriously?’ look from Sidney. Aidey saw the look Sidney cast to Dehious, and laughed softly. The other two saw her laughing, and Sidney turned to Dehious again. ‘Ok. But just today. Just because you brought a lady friend.’

‘Oh thanks! I’ll give you a discount when you buy a car, I promise!’ Dehious said happily.

‘You ought to buy me a car with all the free drinks you drank…’ Sidney grumbled, and looked over to the counter, where a bartender was standing. ‘Yo, Umber!’ he shouted. ‘Two beer over here! And don’t record it! It’s my gift to these pair!’

The white dragon nodded, and walked over to the beer machine and began to prepare to glasses of beer. Aidey turned back to Dehious and Sidney, who were looking at the bartender and waiting for the drinks to arrive. ‘So, I guess you’re a frequent visitor here?’ she asked to Dehious. Sidney and Dehious turned around to her voice, and Dehious started to speak, but Sidney got him and talked to her first.

‘He’s not just a frequent visitor. He comes here as if he owns this place!’ Sidney exclaimed, glaring at Dehious.

‘Well, you make good beer, that’s why! Besides, I’m not causing any harm to your bar, am I?’ Dehious said, laughing slightly, trying to shake off the awkwardness of getting exposed of his drinking habits.

‘You wouldn’t if you didn’t ask for so much free beer.’ Sidney said, frowning a bit.

‘At least I pay you more than I caused you harm!’ Dehious said, slightly punching Sidney. Sidney just snorted, and turned back to Aidey. ‘Don’t learn from this guy.’ he said. ‘He has a very bad habit of getting what he wants for free.’ Dehious punched Sidney playfully again, and Sidney snorted, and locked his head between his front legs and chest, head locking him. ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry!’ Dehious yelled, and punched at Sidney’s chest. ‘You’re still punching me, Dehious.’ Sidney said, and when Dehious finally stopped punching him, did he let him go.

Aidey laughed from the scene in front of her, and the other two looked at her. Sidney with his front legs crossed, and Dehious rubbing his head where it had been stuck. Then the drinks came out, and Sidney took the tray with beer on it and gave one of the glasses to her. ‘Here. Drink up.’ he said to Aidey. ‘I brewed this beer myself. It won’t taste bad. Probably.’

Looking at the brownish yellow liquid in front of her, Aidey put the glass to her lips and drank a sip from it. She was surprised by the taste, which was better than what she expected. In fact, it was better than anything she had drunk! And even the aftertaste was clean with nothing that stuck to her mouth. Beside her, between her and Dehious, Sidney looked at her expectantly. ‘Wow, this is great!’ Aidey said, happily. ‘It’s better than any beer that I drank in the past!’

‘Thank you for your compliment.’ Sidney said, smiling a bit. Aidey got a bit surprised when Sidney smiled, as she didn’t expect him to smile. Sidney saw this, and asked her what was wrong. ‘Anything wrong?’ he asked her.

‘No, no.’ Aidey said. ‘It’s just that I didn’t expect you to smile.’

‘Did I look that stiff?’ Sidney asked, cocking his head a bit. ‘I didn’t consider myself stiff, but maybe I am stiff..?’

‘Well, considering that I was scared of you the at first, I don’t think my judgment will be accurate. But smiling does make your face lighten up a bit.’ Aidey answered, and offered him a little smile. Sidney saw it, and smiled a little as well, and nodded a bit. ‘And on the matter,’ Aidey continued, looking at Dehious, who was greedily drinking his beer. ‘You should smile more as well, Dehious.’

Dehious got surprised at the sudden mention of him, and stopped drinking his beer. ‘What about me?’ He asked, wiping his mouth clean of foam.

‘You don’t smile a lot, Dehious. And you look stiff pretty much all the time. But smiling makes you seem less stiff, and it does feel a lot less stiff as well.’ Aidey said.

Dehious said ‘Hmph.’ and looked away, and it made Aidey a bit upset. But Sidney saw right through him, and poked Dehious. ‘Are you upset again, Dehious? Or are you pretending again?’

‘I am upset!’ Dehious said, and tried to maintain a straight face, but failed, as Sidney continued poking him. He laughed, and looked at Sidney. ‘You always look right through me, Sidney.’ he said, and expected Sidney to laugh with him. But Sidney had already looked over to Aidey, who was still kind of upset, and motioned Dehious over to Aidey. ‘Wha…?’ Dehious said as he looked over to Aidey, and saw that he had upset her. He quickly tried to undo what he’s done. ‘Hey, Aidey.’ he called, and Aidey turned and looked at him. Dehious saw that Aidey was unhappy, and mentally hit himself. ‘Hey, I was just joking around. Forgive me for upsetting you? I’m sorry.’ he said, hopefully. Aidey looked at Dehious straight in the eye, and said ‘So you weren’t upset?’ she asked, still a bit upset.

‘What? No! I wasn’t! I was just joking around. Again, I’m sorry.’ Dehious said, trying to suppress a laugh. Aidey saw Dehious laughing, and got a bit angry. So she got up from her seat, walked over to Dehious, and punched him hard on his front leg. ‘Ow! That hurt!’ Dehious yelled, while still trying to stifle his laugh. But then he saw Aidey, and instantly stopped laughing. ‘I guess I deserved it..?’ He said uncertainly, looking at Aidey’s angry face.

‘Damn right you deserved it!’ Aidey said, angrily. ‘I give you an advise and you joke around with it? Thanks, asshole!’

Dehious gulped. He had never seen Aidey so angry like that, as well as touchy. Maybe he shouldn’t have messed with her this way. ‘I’m seriously sorry, Aidey.’ Dehious said. ‘I didn’t know that you’ll take offence in that.’

Aidey snorted, turned around, and walked back to her seat. Dehious cringed inwards, as Aidey turned around again, expecting to see a angry face. But Aidey turned around with a smiley face, which confused Dehious. ‘Wha… Why are you happy all of a sudden? What? Why?’ Dehious asked, confused. Aidey laughed soundly, catching the attention of a few other dragons at other tables. ‘Got you, Dehious! Payback!’ she said, still laughing. While Dehious was confused for a second, Sidney got the meaning straight forwards, and laughed with Aidey. Dehious got the idea that Aidey tricked him a second later, and laughed with them as well. When they finally stopped laughing, Aidey held her glass of beer up. ‘Better not try to trick me, Dehious. I can see right through you.’ she said. ‘Anyways, Cheers.’

Dehious responded by clinking his glass of beer against Aidey’s and they both drank up. Sidney, deciding that it was time for him to get out of the way, told his friend and Aidey to have a good time and went back to his table where he was originally at. Aidey and Dehious didn’t try to fool each other anymore, and continued talking to each other, occasionally laughing and smiling at each other. Finally, after a few hours of laughing and talking and a lot of beer, the two got up from their seat.

‘Had a good time?’ Sidney asked when they went to pay for their drinks.

‘Yup.’ said Dehious, and ‘Yeah. Your beer’s great!’ said Aidey, smiling lightly at him. Sidney nodded his head lightly in thanks, and gave them a discount. The couple happily walked out of the bar, and Dehious walked over to his car, and unlocked it.

‘Wait!’ yelled Aidey, slightly shocked. ‘You’re not going to drive, aren’t you?’

‘Why?’ asked Dehious, a bit drunk. He had drunk a few glasses of beer, and was lightly drunk.

‘You’re drunk!’ said Aidey.

‘I’m not that drunk.’ replied Dehious. ‘I’m pretty sure I can still drive fine.’

‘What?!’ Exclaimed Aidey. Then she put on a stern face. ‘No, you’re not driving. I’m not letting you.’ she said sternly.

‘Oh, c’mon, Aidey.’ Dehious said, slurring a bit. ‘I’m not that drunk. Besides, I want to take you home.’

‘You’re not taking me home in that state.’ Aidey said, still sternly. ‘You could kill someone! Besides, I’m not riding in there if you drive. And if you do drive,’ Aidey added, ‘I’m breaking up with you. I don’t want a drunk driver as my boyfriend.’

Dehious slumped, and locked his car again. ‘Ok.’ he said defeated. ‘I’m not driving. Sorry.’

‘That’s not enough. Will you ever drink and drive?’ Aidey asked, still sternly.

‘Really?’ Dehious said, but when he saw Aidey in the face and saw that she was getting angry, for real this time, he quickly said ‘Ok, ok! I will never drink and drive.’

‘Swear it.’ Aidey said, still not happy.

‘Ok. I, Dehious, swear that I will never, ever drink and drive. That good?’

‘Yes. Now you won’t ever drink and drive, will you?’ Aidey asked, in a just little bit lighter tone.

‘No.’ Dehious said, looking at the ground. Then he added ‘Just a second.’ and walked back towards the bar.

‘Where are you going?’ Aidey asked, but Dehious didn’t reply, and walked into the bar. Through the window, Aidey could see Dehious handing Sidney something and talking for a while, then saw Dehious walk back out of the bar again. ‘What did you give him?’ Aidey asked.

‘My keys to the car.’ Dehious replied, looking at her. ‘Now I won’t drink and drive today, will I? I also asked to look after my car. This part of the city isn’t the nicest, you know.’

‘Oh. Ok.’ Aidey said. ‘Should I call a cab or an Uber?’

‘Umm… Why don’t we just fly?’ Dehious asked.

‘You sure you can fly?’ Aidey asked, to which Dehious nodded. ‘Then let’s go!’ Aidey said, and took off into the sky, and waited for Dehious to follow her. Dehious led the rest of the way, as Aidey didn’t know where to go, and a little while later, they were at Aidey’s house.

‘So, goodbye for today.’ Dehious said, in front of Aidey’s house.

‘Yeah. Have a good night.’ Aidey replied, and turned to open her door.

‘Aidey.’ Dehious called, and Aidey turned around to face him, but was instantly met with a kiss.

Dehious looked lovingly at Aidey after the short kiss, and said ‘Thanks for not letting me drive today, Aidey. Thanks a lot. That was kind of a test that I planned on you. Thanks for proving your worthiness to me.’

That shocked Aidey, which made her frozen for a second. She finally managed to say ‘That was a test?’ in a unbelieving way.

‘Yes, it was. I was really hoping you’ll pass it. I really liked you, and would’ve hated to lose you that way. Sorry for testing you without permission. But I had to know, Aidey. I had to know if my lover was a reliable and responsible dragon.’

‘I…I forgive you.’ Aidey finally said, after hearing all what Dehious said. She kind of felt betrayed, but considering what Dehious said, Aidey knew she had to forgive him.

The two stood in front of her house for a while, one processing what her lover had just said, and one hoping that he wouldn’t break their relationship, and finally, Aidey looked at Dehious in the eye. ‘I really do forgive you, Dehious.’ she said, then smiled a bit. ‘Can we kiss again?’

Dehious let out a breath that even he didn’t know he was holding. ‘Sure can do, my dear.

‘My dear?’

‘Yes, my dear. Now, shall we kiss?’

Aidey didn’t reply. Instead, she pulled Dehious into a tight hug and kissed him lovingly.

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Hatchlings: Chapter 5

‘What?’ Aidey asked, a bit stunned.

Dehious looked straight at her. ‘I said, do you like me?’

‘So does it mean you like me?’ Aidey asked back. Then she mentally slapped herself for not having a better reply.

Dehious cocked his head. ‘Yes..?’ he replied uncertainly. ‘But if you want us to be just friends, that’s ok.’ he quickly added. Dehious tried to maintain his poker face, but Aidey saw through it, and saw that Dehious was hurt. She mentally slapped herself again for causing Dehious pain.

‘No, no.’ Aidey said, quickly. ‘Don’t get me wrong. I like you as well.’

Dehious’s face lit up. ‘Really?’ he asked, happily. ‘Do you mean it?’

Aidey smiled. ‘Yeah, I mean it.’ she said. ‘What else would I mean, dummy?’ she added playfully.

‘Great!’ Dehious said, face lighting up considerably. ‘So… Lovers?’

‘Lovers.’ Aidey said, looking at Dehious, smiling. ‘I’ve liked you for quite some time now, Dehious. Thank you for bringing this along.’

‘Oh? Well, me as well. Glad that we both like each other!’ Dehious said. He looked more enthusiastic and happy than Aidey had ever seen him be. Aidey smiled, and looking at her, Dehious smiled as well. Then Dehious got out of the car, and walked towards her. He hugged her, and looked at her in the eyes. ‘Love you.’ he said, softly. Aidey laughed, and pulled Dehious into another hug. ‘Love you as well.’ she said, hugging him. Then they parted, and Dehious walked back to his car. He climbed into his Camaro, and looked through the opened passenger side window. ‘Goodbye for now.’ he said. ‘I’ll look forward to meeting you again next week! You’re available then, right?’

‘Sure am.’ Aidey said, smiling widely at him. ‘Goodbye! Safe driving!’

Dehious smiled, started the car, and his car soon rumbled away from her home. Aidey looked at the now her boyfriend’s car, and only when she couldn’t see it anymore, did she head towards her home.


Aidey opened the door to her office. ‘Hello.’ she said to her Jamie, her co-worker, nodding her head politely. Jamie looked up, and nodded their heads politely as well. Jamie wasn’t the best co-worker in the world, but he wasn’t the worst either. He was just an average dragon you could normally see on the streets. Aidey walked over to her desk, and sat down. There was already a stack of papers on her desk, waiting to be sorted out and organized. She picked up the one on the very top and looked at it, starting her work.

But Aidey’s mind was wandering elsewhere today. Even though she was looking at the paper gripped in her talons, her mind constantly went to Dehious. Now they were officially dates. And she was happy about that.

After flirting with each other for about a month, they were finally dates. Aidey hoped that everything would go well now. She quite liked Dehious, and from what she understood, Dehious liked her as well. She thought of his shiny black hide and how his face lit up when he laughed. She thought of his handsome face and his thin yet muscly body.

Finally, Aidey shook her head to get herself out of the train of thoughts, and once more looked at the piece of paper gripped in her talons. Time to work.


The ringing of her phone distracted Aidey from her work. She was almost done now, and was finishing up. She picked up her phone, and looked at the caller. It was Dehious. She quickly answered the call, ‘Hey.’ Dehious said through the phone.

‘Hey, I need to finish my work, and I’m almost finished. Sorry, but I’ll call you in a minute, ok?’ she said quickly, glancing at Jamie, who was shaking his head and going back to his work. ‘Umm…ok.’ Dehious said, and Aidey quickly ended the call. ‘Sorry.’ she said to Jamie, who was looking at her again questioningly. ‘It’s my date. Apparently he’s got something to say.’

‘Ooh. Congratulations! You got a date? Since when?’ said Jamie, putting down his work and looking at her.

‘Since the day before yesturday. But it’s been a while since I’ve known him.’ she said, picking up her work again. ‘So I’ve got to finish my work fast. And I’m almost done. You?’

‘Me as well. Hey. Hey, wanna check out together? I’m almost done as well.’

Aidey thought for a minute, then nodded, and the two went back to their work. Soon, the two were done, and checked out. Aidey phoned Dehious while Jamie walked beside her, heading for the exit. The phone rang a few times, then Dehious answered. ‘Hey.’ he said. ‘You done?’

‘Yup.’ she replied. ‘Why’d you call me?’

‘Can you go out tonight?’

‘Yeah. But why?’ Aidey asked, a bit confused. ‘We’ve met the day before last night. Anything up?’

‘No… nothing’s new. But I just want to see you, Aidey. It’s not wrong wanting to see my date, right?’

Aidey laughed softly into the phone, thinking he was being cute. ‘Ok. Where are you?’

‘At the moment? I’m right outside your work place.’

‘What? What if I said no to your request?’

‘Then the least I can do is to give you a ride home. I like driving anyways.’ Dehious said. ‘Anyways, come on out. I’ll be waiting outside the building.’

Aidey said yes, and quickened her pace a bit. Beside her, Jamie quickened his pace a bit as well. ‘Your boyfriend is here?’ he asked, looking at her.

‘Yup. He’s outside, with his car again. Care to say hello?’

‘Nah. I’m good. I’ll just wave him a talon. I’m sure he’ll understand.’

‘Well, your choice!’ she said, and looked in front of her. They were almost out of the building now. Soon, they were at the doors, and Aidey saw Dehious leaning against his car and waving at her. Jamie saw him, and said a quick goodbye to Aidey, and waved his talons at Dehious in a friendly way, who was looking at him in a weird way. Then he took off and heading to wherever he was headed to.

Aidey approached Dehious, and said hello. Dehious greeted her as well, and opened the passenger door for her. Then he entered his car as well.

‘Who was that?’ Dehious asked her as they pulled out from the parking space in front of the building.

‘That guy just now? He’s my co-worker.’ Aidey said, lightly. ‘Why?’

‘Oh. Seemed like a nice guy. That’s all.’ Dehious said, looking forward. But there was something edgy in his voice. Aidey noticed it, and decided to joke around a bit.

‘You’re not jealous are you?’ Aidey said, in a playful tone and poking Dehious a bit.

‘No. Why would I?’ Dehious asked, still looking at the road. But Aidey could tell that the edge that had been there had been smoothened a bit.

‘Yes you are! I can feel it!’ Aidey said, still in a playful tone and poking Dehious. Dehious smiled a bit, although he was trying to hide it, and Aidey knew she had gone through him. So she changed her tone a bit. ‘He and I are just co-workers, you know.’ she said. ‘There’s nothing between us except for friendliness, so don’t worry. He and I ain’t anything like you and me.’

‘Yeah. Sorry.’ Dehious said, glancing at Aidey for a second. ‘You know us males are possessive. But I shouldn’t have been unhappy from you just being with another male. He was just your friend. Anyways, I was thinking of going to a bar. I want to drink a bit. You up?’

‘But… tomorrow’s wednesday. Won’t gettng drunk affect tomorrow?’

‘Not if we don’t get too drunk.’ replied Dehious, smiling a bit and glancing at Aidey for a second. ‘Besides, it’s been some time since I last drank. And you said you liked drinking, so this seemed like a perfect opportunity. So, you up or not?’

‘I guess I’m in. But if I get too drunk, I’m blaming it on you!’ Aidey joked.

Dehious laughed soundly, and continued driving. Then he opened his mouth again. ‘If you don’t have any bar in mind, can we go to the bar I go?’

Aidey thought for a minute, and decided that it actually might not be a bad idea. She could use some change after all. ‘Alright.’ she said. ‘Drive us there.’

‘Thanks.’ Dehious said, and continued driving.

They eventually pulled up somewhere in the rural area of the city, in front of a bar she’s never seen before. The streets were a bit littered with trash and papers, and there were no street lamps nearby. It really looked like the back roads of the city. Aidey looked at Dehious uncertainly, who was unbuckling his seat belt and was getting ready to climb out of the car. Dehious noticed Aidey looking at him, and smiled slightly. ‘Don’t worry.’ he said. ‘It might look bad on the outside, but this is one of the best places I know.’ and climbed out of the car. Aidey unbuckled her seat belt as well and climbed out after him. Dehious climbed the stairs to the bar, and opened the door and Aidey followed him uncertainly. She had never been to this part of the city, and she didn’t like it here. It was way too dark and shady for her. Nevertheless, Aidey followed Dehious and entered the bar. The bar was full of dragons, and all of them were males. Dehious, unaware of Aidey’s discomfort, just walked into the crowd and sat down at an unclaimed table. Aidey quickly followed him, and sat down with him. Other dragons had stopped talking when they saw a female enter the bar, and was all staring at her. She shivered at the sudden silence and hoped nothing bad would happen. Then one of them got up and walked towards them.

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Hatchlings: Chapter 4


Aidey looked up from her computer and looked at her phone. It was a message from Dehious. After since they exchanged numbers, they contacted frequently. ‘Sup?’ the message said. Aidey smiled, and typed on her phone. ‘Nothing new. Why?’

The reply came shortly after she sent her message. ‘I’ve got a day off this friday. Wanna go somewhere?’


‘Wanna go to the beach?’


It was now friday. Aidey was working. Her boss had given her a stack of files to organize and sort through. She was listening to music through her earbuds while working. She loved music, and music helped her focus on her work. Now she was almost done.

‘Let’s see…’ she murmured as she looked at one of the last of the papers she had to sort. ‘So… this goes here… that goes in there…’ she continued murmuring as she typed on her computer, organizing all the files. Only a few sheets of paper needed sorting now, and she was trying as fast as she could to get through all the files. Today was the day she had agreed to meet up with Dehious and go to the beach. It had been a few weeks since she had met her friends because she always met up with Dehious each week, but she didn’t regret it. She quite liked Dehious, more than she had initially did. And it was worth spending her time with him. Dehious didn’t say that he liked her straight back, but now she was quite certain that he liked her back as well. Else why would her text her and ask her to go out?

Aidey hummed along to the song she was listening to, and looked at the last piece of paper she had to work on. It was quite a simple one to organize. A few moments later, she was done. ‘Phew! Finally!’ she said, shutdown her computer, said her goodbyes to her boss, and checked out. At that moment, her phone dinged, indicating that a message had arrived. Aidey pulled out her phone, and looked at it. It was Dehious again. ‘Where you at? I’m waiting outside your workplace.’ the message read. She smiled, and replied ‘Going out right now. Just a sec!’, and hurried outside.

Dehious was leaning against what was assumed to be his car, and when he saw her, waved at her. Aidey waved as well, and hurried over to him. He opened the car door for her. She thanked him, and climed into the passenger seat. Dehious walked around the car, and climbed into the driver’s seat, and started the car. Then he drove the car away from the curb, and merged into the road.

‘Nice car.’ Aidey said, looking around the interior of the car. His car was a Chevy Camaro, and by the sounds of it, she guessed it was a V8.

‘Thanks.’ Dehious replied, looking at the road. ‘She’s my baby.’

‘So.’ Aidey started. ‘I guess we’re not going to fly much today, huh?’

‘Guess not.’ Dehious replied.

‘Why did you bring your car today?’ Aidey asked. ‘The beach isn’t far away, you know.’

‘Umm… Just wanted to. Besides, I wanted you to have a ride in it. Oh, by the way, do you have a car?’ he asked, looking at her for just a second.

‘No. Never had a reason to get one. But I still have a driver’s license.’ she said. ‘Why?’

‘Wanna drive?’ Dehious said, looking at her again.

‘You’re gonna let me? You said this car was your baby.’ Aidey said, astonished, as it was something that she didn’t expect.

‘I always let my friends drive as long as they’re careful.’ Dehious said, now looking at the road again. ‘So, you up for it?’

‘You sure you want to do this?’ Aidey asked carefully. ‘I might not be a good driver as you are, you know. Haven’t drove in a few months.’

‘Oh, I’m sure. Don’t worry about it. Long as you’re not crashing or breaking her, I’m happy.’

‘Then thank you. I would love to drive!’ Aidey said, happily.

‘Good! I’ll stop right there. Let’s change positions there.’

So Aidey and Dehious changed positions, Aidey as the driver and Dehious as the passenger. Aidey started the car, and heard an angry roar from the engine, which kind of surprised her, although she had already heard it once. Dehious chuckled beside her, and Aidey slowly pressed on the accelerator. The car rumbled, and slowly moved forwards. Excited, Aidey pressed on the accelerator a bit more, and the car moved faster. ‘Can I floor it?’ Aidey asked, looking at Dehious. Dehious thought for a second, then nodded his head. Then he smiled evily. ‘Go for it.’ he said.

After making sure the coast was clear, smiling, Aidey floored it. The engine roared angrily, and the tire squealed behind them. The car shot forwards, instantly accelerating. Aidey gripped the steering wheel tight, and focused on driving. The speeometer climbed up and up. It said 40mph…60mph…100mph… it kept climbing. At 120mph, Aidey finally got afraid and eventually let down on the accelerator. The speedometer slowly crept down, and only when it was 40mph did Aidey step on the accelerator again.

‘Damn! You know how to drive!’ exclaimed Dehious, when Aidey had finally gotten down to 40mph. ‘I was afraid you’ll crash and we’ll both die, but we didn’t! You scared me, dragoness!’

Aidey giggled. The burst of speed had gotten adrenaline in her system and gotten her happy. It was actually quite fun to speed. ‘Can I do it again?’ she asked, looking at Dehious hopefully.

‘Umm… Maybe next time. We’re near the beach anyways.’ Dehious said, looking out the window.

They drove to the beach, and Dehious parked. Then they walked along the shore, occasionally stepping in the water. The sun was setting now, and the sunset was extremely beautiful. Dehious pulled out his phone, and took a picture of the sunset. Then he turned towards Aidey. ‘Wanna take a picture?’ he asked.

Aidey nodded, and to her surprise, Dehious put a wing over her, holding his phone on selfie mode. Aidey jumped a bit, making Dehious realize his mistake. ‘My apologies. I should’ve asked first.’ he said, sincerely.

‘No, no. It’s ok.’ Aidey said, waving her talons. ‘You just got me by surprise. But next time, please do tell me.’

‘I’m sorry.’ Dehious said. ‘Can I put my wing on you? For the picture, of course.’

‘You may.’ Aidey said, smiling a bit. To be fair, it felt good for a second before she jumped out from under his wing. Even if they weren’t official couples yet, it felt like she was loved. And she liked it.

‘Smile!’ Dehious said, and snapped a picture. They reviewed the picture, and decided that they were happy with it. Dehious sent the picture to Aidey, and Aidey save it. Then they continued on walking along the shores, looking at the setting sun and talking to eachother about this and that.

Eventually they stopped walking, having walked from one end of the beach to another. ‘…so I told him to piss off, and he was never seen again in front of me.’ Aidey said, to Dehious who was barely not laughing. The experience Aidey had was hilarious. After a few deep breaths to calm himself down, Dehious started to walk back towards his car. ‘I guess it’s my turn to talk now.’ he said, as he unlocked the door of his camaro and climbed in. He started the car, and reversed his car out of the parking space. ‘Well, it all started when me and my friends were drinking. One of my friend got convinced that he was in love with the dragoness who served us. Of course, it was not real love, it was cause he was drunk. Seriously, to now, I could remember the scene like it was just yesturday. My friend trying to act sexy and cool in front of the dragoness, and the dragoness looking at him like he was one of the craziest dragons she’d ever met. Of course, we were all drunk, but what my friend did was just hilarious. First he tried to look sexy, then he tried to look cool. Then he tried to buy her with money, and when the dragoness asked him why, he literally slurred that he loved her! I mean literally! That made the dragoness look at him in a even weirder way, and in the end, she couldn’t bare with him so she went and got the manager! So we got kicked out, but even when getting dragged out, he continued to say that he loved her. He passed out shortly after that, and to this day, doesn’t remember what he did that day. Ane everytime me and my friends tell him, he just asks us to shut up. Apparently it’s not something that he wants to remember.’

By now, they were halfway home. Aidey giggled in the passenger seat, and Dehious laughed along as well.

After about 20 minutes of talking about random things that came into mind, they were at Aidey’s home. ‘Thanks for the ride!’ Aidey said as she climbed out of the car and closed the door behind her. ‘I’ll contact you later!’ She was in a good mood, and it had been a good day today.

‘Hey Aidey!’ Dehious called, behind her. She turned around, facing him. ‘Yeah?’ she said questioningly.

‘Do you like me?’

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Hatchlings: Chapter 3

Aidey was getting ready. Today was the day she had promised with Dehious to meet up. She had cleaned her scales until they shone, made sure her claws were sharp, and kept her teeth white. Basically making sure she was presentable and looked nice.

When she was finally ready, Aidey walked out of her house, made sure she locked the door, and took off into the sky. After flying for about 10 minutes, Aidey landed, and waited for Dehious to come. He came soon after, and the two greeted each other, and took off into the skies again.

‘So, where do you want to go?’ asked Dehious, polite as ever.

Aidey thought for a bit, then replied. ‘Why don’t we go to the park? We can walk around.’ Dehious nodded, and they flew together towards the park. While they were flying, Aidey looked at Dehious, who was flying beside her. She quite liked him, actually. He had good manners, felt mature, and looked good. She didn’t like one thing, though. He didn’t seem to smile a lot. He looked like the type of dragon who was always serious. ‘If only he smiled a bit more…’ she thought.

The two landed in front of the park entrance. They walked in silence, just enjoying each other’s company. But eventually the silence got too much, and Aidey tried to start a conversation. ‘So, how was your day?’ she asked, looking at him.

‘Not bad.’ he replied, turning his head and looking at Aidey. Then he looked forward again. ‘It’s just like usual. A few assy customers, who won’t even buy a car, and just some normal customers who came to check out some cars. Didn’t sell any, though.’

‘Oh… too bad…’ Aidey said.

‘Don’t be. It’s just a normal day for me. What about you? Had a nice day?’ Dehious said, looking at her.

Aidey looked at Dehious. ‘Wasn’t bad.’ she said. ‘My boss still lets out all her stress on me, but it’s bearable. Except for that, Nothing’s really that bad.’

‘I feel sorry for you. You get through that a lot?’ asked Dehious, now passing a chair.

‘I think you’re going through more than me. Hey, let’s sit here.’ Aidey said, sitting down on the chair Dehious almost passed. Dehious stopped, turned around, and sat down as well.

Aidey looked at Dehious. Something kept intriguing her to him. Noticing Aidey looking at him, Dehious looked at her as well. Truth be told, he quite liked Aidey as well. She seemed like a fun dragon to be around, and she met up well with his normal serious mood. The first time they met, she was drunk, and Dehious didn’t like that so much. But now that she had her mind, she looked like a decent dragon. She wasn’t a drunk, and had a life. Plus, she kept trying to make conversation with him to get close to him.

And truth be told, he didn’t dislike it. Not at all.

It was surprisingly comfortable and easy to make conversations with Aidey. It was as if she was a friend he knew from a while ago. And, she didn’t look half bad, either. It was clear that she had cared about her looks today, as she had shiny scales and sharp claws, but beneath that, he could see the natural beauty. Looks weren’t everything, but if she kept on like this, he knew he would eventually like her. Or did he already like her?

Shaking his head from the thoughts, he decided to start a conversation. He had to try as well, didn’t he?

‘So… do you live alone?’ he asked, carefully. ‘Or do you have any family members living with you?’

Dehious mentally hit himself for not getting a better topic to talk on. Aidey looked at him, surprised. Then she looked forwards. ‘I live alone. Why so suddenly?’ she asked, not looking at him.

‘Just… curious.’ he said. ‘Sorry if you felt uncomfortable.’

‘Apology accepted.’ Aidey said. ‘So, you live alone as well?’

‘Pretty much. My parents come by from time to time, but normally, I live alone.’

‘You don’t talk much, do you?’ asked Aidey.

Dehious was kind of surprised. How did she know? ‘Yeah.’ he said. ‘How did you know?’

‘I can tell.’ Aidey said, and looked at him and smiling. ‘You make a terrible attempt at making a conversation. But it’s ok. I forgive you?’

Dehious laughed, and looked away. ‘And I thank you for that.’ he said, still laughing. ‘Guess you’ll have to start the conversation then, right?’

‘Yeah. Just let my start the conversation. Anyways, you got any siblings?’

‘Yeah. Got 2 sisters. I’m the only male of the clutch.’

‘Well, I got 2 brothers and 1 sister. I’m second, next to my brother.’

‘Oh. I wonder how it feels to have an older brother. I’m the first. Is he good to you?’

‘Well… Except that he’s at times bossy, which totally pisses me off, he’s alright.’ replied Aidey. Then she got up. ‘I’ve rested enough. Shall we continue on the walk?’

Dehious got up as well, and followed her through the park. Midway through, they got thirsty, and they decided to go to a nearby store to buy some drinks.

‘I’m having Ice tea. What about you?’ Aidey asked, when they were in the store and were looking at the shelves of drinks.

‘I’m having some coke.’ Dehious said, and picked up one. ‘They’re on sale anyways. Want some?’

‘Nah. I’m good. Enjoy your drink!’ Aidey said, paid for the drink, opened her bottle and drank a bit of Ice tea. The sweet moisture felt good on her dry throat. Looking at Dehious, he probably felt the same as well. Aidey was just about to take another drink from her bottle when Dehious accidentally burped, stopping her right on her tracks. Aidey turned around and faced Dehious, who was now looking down, embarrassed. He said ‘Excuse me… sorry…’ in a small voice. ‘I didn’t mean it. I really didn’t. The soda made me. Sorry…’

Aidey looked at him, then laughed. Dehious looked at her, confused, but at the same time, relieved that she wasn’t angry. ‘It’s ok. Soda made you do it. Just don’t do it again, ok?’ Aidey said, after she was done with laughing. It was so funny to her that a serious dragon like Dehious accidentally burped. She didn’t know why it was that much funny, but it was funny to her, and so she laughed.

‘Won’t do it again.’ Dehious said, looking at her. ‘Again, I’m sorry.’

Aidey walked over to him and nudged him slightly. ‘Don’t be so sorry. Those things happen. Besides, you need to loosen up a bit. No need to get all stiff and official, you know? It’s just a friendly flight and walk between us.’

Dehious’s pose was still stiff, but Aidey could see him trying to loosen up a bit. Good. So he wasn’t just ignoring her.

Dehious and Aidey walked through the rest of the park, and in the end, was once again at the entrance of the park.

‘It’s late.’ Dehious said, pulling out his phone and looking at the clock.

‘Yeah, it is.’ Aidey said, also pulling out her phone and looking at the time. She knew it was time for her to go home. But she didn’t want to. Something kept pulling her to Dehious, and she didn’t want to separate with him.

The two just stood there in silence, wanting to enjoy each other’s presence more, and other dragons walked around them. After what seemed like hours, Dehious finally moved. ‘Come.’ he said. ‘It’s late. I’ll take you home.’

‘Isn’t it my turn to take you home?’ asked Aidey, wanting to offer to take him home.

‘Yes, it is, but you don’t want to come to my neighborhood. It’s kind of rough over there. And I don’t want to put you in risk.’ Dehious replied. ‘Besides, I want to take you to your home.’ he added quickly, looking away.

Aidey’s mind froze for a second. A lot of thoughts of hope like ‘Does he like me?’ or ‘Am I really getting a date?’ passed through her mind. Finally she regained her mind, and decided to ask something that was half a joke and half a sincere question. ‘Why? Do you like me?’ she asked, in a light tone, acting like she didn’t care about the answer. But no, she was really hoping that he’ll say yes. It would make her day.

‘I… I don’t know. I might? Is that a good enough answer?’ said Dehious uncertainly.

Aidey’s heart half fell apart, and half jumped with hope. So there was still hope! Although… he might have a change of hearts and decide that he doesn’t like her. She kept a straight face, and acted like she didn’t care. ‘Ooh. Well, tell me if you decide!’ she said lightly, and opened her wings. ‘What are you waiting for? Let’s go!’

Dehious looked thoughtful, but still opened his wings and followed her. Looking at his thoughtful expression, Aidey wondered if she made a mistake by acting that way, but shrugged it off and kept on flying towards here home, leading Dehious.


‘So… Goodbye?’ said Dehious, standing outside her door.

‘Yeah. Goodbye. It was nice to have a walk with you! Can we meet again next week at that park entrance? I certainly had a good time today.’ Aidey said, happily.

‘Yeah. Sure.’ Dehious said, his face lighting up a bit. ‘See you, then!’ and he turned around, and opened his wings, preparing to fly to his home.

Aidey was just about to close the door when Dehious suddenly turned around and yelled ‘Wait!’

‘Huh?’ Aidey said, surprised. ‘Why?’

‘Can I have your number?’

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Memories: Ch18 -End

A few months later, summer break started and ended, and it was time for the second semester. Aster and I each got our own schedules. I looked at mine. I had korean for first class. I groaned. Seems like I was going to sleep it away again.

‘Yours?’ I asked Aster. ‘What’ya got for first class? I got Korean.’

‘Me as well. Hey, give me yours. Maybe we’ve got the same schedule?’

I gave her my schedule. After comparing the two, Aster announced that we’ve got the same schedule. I brightened up a bit, and with Aster, headed towards the Korean class.


It was now History class. Aster and I sat next to each other, as usual, and I wrote. A little while after, class was done, and I headed for lunch with aster. We didn’t have that old competition for lunch anymore, so we flew there side by side together, slowly. But not too slowly as to not being able to eat. I grabbed some cereal with milk, as I didn’t feel like eating anything much, while Aster got some fruits for the both of us. We settled down under the usual tree, and started to eat. Aster also started on her fruits as well while I ate the bowl of cereal. Soon, I finished the cereal, and grabbed an apple from the bowl Aster held out for me. I bit into it. It was as always, delicious.


School was finished for the day. Like a habit, Aster and I headed towards the abandoned factory. We sparred there almost everyday for fun. We checked if anyone was looking or following, and entered the factory. Once we were inside the building, we stood away from each other, and summoned our powers. I summoned water while Aster called for fire. Then suddenly, Aster threw a fireball at me. I let the waterwall take the hit, and responded by throwing water towards her. And so, the sparring started.


After a few hours or so, we stopped sparring and panted for breath.

‘Man! I never sparred like this before!’ Aster exclaimed, still panting.

‘But it’s fun, right? We got to use our powers all we want, and in a good way as well.’ I replied.


We sat in silence till I caught up to my breath, then walked out of the factory and to our home. Yes, our home. We lived together now. My parents were kind enough to get us a trailer in our lawn under the term of no silly business. Once we were home, I told my parents I was back, and headed for the trailer. Aster was already there, and was unpacking her bag. I threw my bag on my bed, (there are two beds. We didn’t sleep together) and went out of the trailer again, and into the house once more. I headed for the kitchen, got two cups of milk, and passed one to Aster, who followed me inside the house. After I finished my cup of milk, I went to my room, and took out a few clothes. My room was now used as the storage room for both of us. I came out quickly as Aster also needed to gather up her stuff. We each had a shower, then dinner. Then we headed out back to our trailer.

‘So, any ideas?’ I asked, when I was inside the trailer.

‘Nope, you?’ Aster replied, looking at me.

‘Me neither.’ I said, and crashed onto the sofa in our trailer. Aster followed the suit.

I turned, and looked at Aster. She turned, and looked at me as well. We looked at each other in the eyes. Something sparkled between us, and embarrassed of staring at Aster, I turned away, flustered. Aster snickered, and covered me with her wing.

‘You’re cute.’ She said. ‘Especially when you do that.’ Flustered I still looked away from her. Still snickering, Aster nuzzled me. Unable to hold back, I nuzzled her as well. ‘I love you.’ Aster said, still nuzzled. ‘Me too.’ I said, nuzzling her. Then I stopped. Aster stopped as well, and looked at me questioningly. ‘I think that’s enough nuzzling for today. We can take further steps when we’re adults.’ I said, carefully. I didn’t want to break the loving atmosphere. Aster cocked her head, and said slily ‘Take further steps to where? And by the way, we’ll be adults in a few days anyway. So why not now?’

‘I…You…Argh!’ I said, not able to decide whether to laugh or shout. Aster howled with laughter, and nuzzled me again.

‘Don’t be angry, my love. It was just a joke. Just laugh along with me.

I laughed awkwardly, and unsurely, which turned into a real laughter soon enough. Aster looked at me and smiled. I intertwined y tail with hers, and we cuddled and nuzzled.

The night went like that.


‘East? E-ast. Wake up.’

‘Why? It’s sunday.’ I said, and curled back under the covers.

‘You promised your hatchlings that you would play with them, you know.’ Aster said, pulling my covers again. I just groaned, and pulled the covers back up.

‘Fine. You leave me no choice, then.’ Aster said, hardly, but for some reason, I thought I could hear a smidge mischief in her voice. I ignored the thought, and tried to go back to sleep. And in seconds, I was asleep, again. But not for long.

I was covered with four masses of scales in a few minutes. One pulled on the covers while the other three each pulled on my tail, belly, and neck. I woke up, surprised. When the hatchlings found out that I was awake, the instantly jumped on me and demanded that I play with them. Chuckling and yawning, I agreed, and went in search for Aster. I found her at the living room, watching TV, and trying to look innocent. I walked over to her, and sat next to her.

‘You set them up, didn’t you?’ I said, in a false accusing voice. Aster looked at me, and saw right through my false anger. ‘You know me too well, dear.’ She said, smiling, then nuzzled me. I summoned some water, and drank it. When the hatchlings looked at the water curiously, I chuckled, and sprayed them with small droplets of water. Aster and I didn’t know what kind of powers the hatchlings had, but they wouldn’t find it out soon anyways, so we didn’t think too hard about it. The hatchlings squealed when they met the water, and I joined with them, laughing with delight.

While playing with them, my eyes darted to the picture of me and Aster on our highschool graduation day. We got married soon after that. Those were some good memories. All the trainings, all the school work, all the happiness and sadness… I turned and saw Aster taking a picture of me and the hatchlings. Yup. This was going to be a good memory as well.

Memories: Ch17

It was a few days after. I had managed to summon a puddle of water. Each day, after the training, I fell face first into my sleeping bag, exhausted. Each day, my skills continued to improve. I was getting the hold of handling my power, and it required less and less energy to do the same kind of trick each day.

‘Ok. That’s enough.’ Aster said, stopping me. ‘Let’s resume tomorrow.’

‘Sounds good to me’ I said as I panted. ‘I’m out of energy anyways.’

We got out of the abandoned factory, and flew towards my home. Once we were there, I instantly grabbed my clothes, and got a shower, then plopped onto my sleeping bag.


‘Hey, Focaly.’ I called my friend. It was the day after and I was at school. I had just finished Korean, and it was now a day before summer break. ‘What are you gonna do on summer break?’

‘Umm… study? Read fiction? Play video games? Whatever that comes to mind, I guess.’ He replied.

‘Oh. Why study, though? You know the part that counts when you go to university is done.’ I said, curiously.

‘Well, we still got that big test that could change the name of the college, you know. Gotta study for that.’ Focaly replied, casually.

‘Oh.’ I said, and went away.

I went back to my locker and pulled out English. Time to write. I headed towards Mrs.Han’s class, and laid out my books and papers. I put the book on the desk, and piled up my pencil case, phone, and wallet on top of it. I wasn’t going to concentrate on English this class anyways.

I pulled some paper towards me, and started writing. Soon, class started, and Mrs.Han started to teach the class. Of course, I didn’t give a damn about the class as I already knew what she would teach.



Mrs.Han was looking at me. Aster snickered beside me. ‘East.’ Mrs.Han started. ‘I know you’re good at English, but maybe not even opening your book is going too far.’ She said.

‘Sorry, Mrs. Han.’ I said. I cursed my luck underneath my breath. I had to get caught, didn’t I? I opened my book, and pretended to look at the page. My mind was still wandering around writing. Mrs.Han gave me a warning look, and went away. I put my papers under the book, and continued to write. Aster looked at me, and snickered again.


It was now lunch time. I got a plate of fruits as I wasn’t feeling that hungry, and Aster got some beef. We sat down under the ususal tree, and ate.



I growled. This was the 8th time today. Apparently, Aster wasn’t happy with the results. I focused on my powers, and called for water again. I felt a drop of water, then a puddle of water. Then a little more. Then a little more. I didn’t close my eyes anymore, so I saw the whole process. Water was appearing out of this air. I looked at Aster. She shook her head. It wasn’t enough.

‘Urgh!’ I yelled. I was tired. I was exhausted. I was trying hard. Yet, Aster didn’t seem to be planning to stop me anytime soon. I evaporated the water back into the air, and started again. This time, this time, I would do it.

I watched a drop of water become a puddle, and the puddle became a larger puddle, qnd the large puddle became the size of a… car?! Suddenly, water was gathering faster and faster, and suddenly, I knew how to control my power at full potential. I looked at Aster in shock, as if felt like nothing I’ve ever felt before, and she… nodded? And smiled? Although I was confused, I still concentrated on the water. It soon became the size of a small pond, then a large pond. Then it became a floating lake, filling up the whole factory. I looked around. Water was getting pulled out of the air, from the soil, from everywhere! I saw drops of water heading for the mass of water. I saw them unite and become one. I saw… what I could do.

Aster signaled me. I stopped gathering water, and ordered it to return where it came from. It did, and shortly after, there was no mass of water floating in the air. It was as if nothing had happened.

‘Good.’ Aster said. ‘Very good. What you did just now was break your own limit of power. Now you can control your power at full potential. Nice job.’

I was going to reply, then I realized something. I wasn’t panting for breath! Nor was I feeling tired or exhausted! Looking at my surprised pose, Aster laughed. ‘Once you unlock your limits, it doesn’t exhaust you. At least, not by a short shot. I never tested it out on a long shot, but I expect it to be the same.’ She said.

‘Wow.’ I said. ‘That was… incredible.’

‘It was.’ Aster replied. ‘Now you can protect yourself or attack your offender. The style is chosen by you.’

I got confused. ‘What do you mean?’

‘That there’s no regulated style of offence or defense. It’s chosen by you. I guess you can make a water wall to block bullets.’ Aster replied.

‘Oh. I said, then remained silent.

After a moment of rest, Aster finally said ‘Shall we go home?’

Memories: Ch16

‘Waky waky’ someone said.

‘5 more minutes, mom.’ I mumbled.

That someone laughed. That someone was a she. She laughed heartily and loudly. Confused, I opened my eyes to see… Aster laughing. I got embarrassed and got up. ‘You could’ve just shook me up, you know.’ I said, getting up from my sleeping bag. ‘That wouldn’t have been fun.’ Aster replied, smirking. I sighed, and went to the bathroom to wash. ‘You can have the other bathroom. It’s unused, so think of it as a bathroom for guests.’ I said, as I went out of my room. Aster nodded, and gathered up her clothes, and went to the other bathroom.

After washing my scales and hair, I went back to my room, and picked up my bag. Aster soon joined me and picked up her bag as well. I said my departures to my parents, and headed over to school with Aster. Another day, another day at school.


It was now lunch time. I went to the cafeteria, and got a piece of bread with jam. That got me thinking. How did Aster get food on that day the cafeteria was closed? Just as I was about to think more about it, Aster came with a bowl of fruits. She sat down next to me, and offered me an apple.

‘Thanks.’ I said, as I accepted the apple. ‘Umm… Avil. I have a question. How’d you get that food when the cafeteria was closed? You said you got that sandwich again. Are you really living on the streets?’ I asked, carefully. Aster looked at me, then sighed. ‘Fine. I guess there’s no keeping this away from you. I might have ‘persuaded’ a few dragons to help me with my powers. They’re a group of gang who tried to mug me at the start, but after a few examples, they were convinced to stay out of my bad sides. And a few of them run shops, so… that’s how I got my lunch.’

‘Is that where you get the money from as well?’ I asked.

‘Yeah.’ Aster replied. I was dumbstruck. When she said she could live in the middle of bandits, I didn’t think she meant it literally. But she was! And she was ruling over them! ‘Wow.’ I managed to say.

‘That reminds me.’ Aster said, biting into aj apple. ‘We should train.’

‘Train what?’ I asked.

‘Train your powers.’ Aster replied.


‘You heard me.’ Aster said. ‘You should train. I’m pretty sure your powers can come handy as well. Just…think if it as preparing for bad times.’

I thought for a second. Then Aster spoke again. ‘What happened to me… can happen to you. Don’t tell anyone about your powers, but protect your family. Don’t end up like me.’

I looked at her. She kept a straight face, but I knew she was thinking about her family. I shuffled over to her, and hugged her. I felt her tense a bit, then relax. ‘Don’t worry.’ I said. ‘And thanks. Thank you for your help. I’ll train. So when do we start?’


We ate dinner, packed our bags, and left school. Aster, living on the streets, knew the streets better than I did, and knew an abandoned building where we could practice. When we arrived, I saw that it was an abandoned factory.’

‘Ok. Try to summon water.’ Aster said, when we were inside the factory. I pulled out my water bottle, opened it, and set it down on the floor to order the water to float. But Aster stopped me and closed the cap. ‘I said, summon water, not use water that you already have.’ And she handed me the water bottle back. I got confused.

‘You mean make water out of thin air?’ I asked, confused. ‘How do you do that?’

‘Just call for water. And as for making it, you’re not exactly making it. It’s more like you’re gathering up the moisture from the air. Here. Take my claws. I’ll show you.’

I took her claws, and soon, her claws started to get burning hot. I had to removed my claws before it got burnt. ‘Because there’s nothing available to burn, I can’t make a flame. But, I can make my claws hot as so to burn whatever if something touches my claws. You can do it as well. Concentrate on your power, and call for water.’

I closed my eyes, and concentrated. I held my claws out, and called for water. Then something touched my claws, and I opened my eyes in surprise. It was Aster, holding one of my claws. ‘Don’t look at me! Concentrate!’ she said. ‘I’m checking if you’re working hard. Concentrate!’

I focused on my powers once again. I called for water, and called for my powers.


I was home. Exhausted, I threw my bag in the floor, and fell onto the sleeping bag. Man, did that training take a lot out of you! I succeeded in summoning water, or gathering water, as Aster called it, but it was after numerous attempts and numerous failures. When I finally was able to summon a drop of water, I nearly fainted with exhaustion. Aster congratulated me, and announced that we would resume training tomorrow. Then we headed home, and now I was here, lying on the sleeping bag.

‘East, you know you have to wash up, right?’ Aster said, standing over me. ‘C’mon. Wash up, and you can sleep, ok?’

I mumbled sleepily, gathered up my clothes, and went to the bathroom to wash. After having a shower, I went back to my room, and fell head first into my sleeping bag. Damn, was I tired. Aster snickered, but I didn’t reply or do anything. I was too tired.

Before I knew it, I was fast asleep.