Ice was getting bullied yet again. This time, the bullies took his pencil-case and wasn’t returning it.

‘Give it back!’ He yelled at the bullies. The bullies just snickered, and kept making fun of him. Ice was getting angrier and angrier. But he had no solution. He knew the bullies were trying to make him beg for his pencil-case, but he had his ego. He won’t give what the bullies want from him. He won’t let himself get low in front of the bullies. He won’t.

‘Give it back!’ Ice yelled again, as his pencil-case one again flew over him and into another bully’s claws. The bullies just snickered again, and shook his pencil case in front of him, making fun of him again. Just then, their home room teacher came in. It felt like a beam of light in the middle of storm to Ice. Maybe she would help him and teach the bullies a lesson! Ice walked quickly over to his homeroom teacher.

‘Ms, those dragons aren’t giving back my pencil-case. Can you do something about it?’ He asked his teacher hopefully. But he didn’t expect what he heard in reply.

‘What do you want? What do you want me to do, Ice? That’s your problem. Learn to deal with your problems, Ice! You’re 13! You’re old enough to deal with that!’ His teacher scolded at him. Ice looked at her, shocked, and hurt. But the teacher ignored the look, and continued towards her desk and sat down. Hurt and shocked, Ice walked back over to his desk, where his bullies were snickering at him. He ignored them, but couldn’t deny that all the snickering and making fun of him always left him a scar. Trying to shut down his feelings, Ice sat down on his desk once more, and just looked straight forward. He was going to tell his mother about it, and ask for help.


-An hour later-

School was finished, and Ice almost home. He was going to tell his mother about what happened at school. He was going to teach his bullies a lesson. He unlocked the door of his home, and went in.

‘I’m home!’ Ice yelled into his home. His mom replied by ‘How was school?’, and that was what Ice was waiting for. ‘About that, I have something to talk about.’ He replied.

‘Oh? What’s that?’ his mom asked.

‘The bullies. They keep bothering me. Can you do something about it? I told the home room teacher, but she won’t do anything,telling me that I’m old enough to deal with it myself.’

‘Umm… Ice. I think your teacher’s right. You’re old enough to deal with it yourself. Did you ask the dragons about bothering you nicely?’

At that, Ice was shocked. His home room teacher was one, but never did he think his own mother would talk to him like that! ‘Of course I did! Please, mom, can’t you do something about it?’

‘No, Ice. Deal with it yourself. I’m not helping you.’ His mom said, shocking him furthermore. Ice looked at his mother in disbelief. Then the shock turned into anger and sadness. ‘Fine.’ Ice said. ‘Fine.’

Ice went to his room, and got his portable multimedia player. It was something he treasured, as he watched movies and read books off it. He threw it on the floor, smashing it in anger and sadness. ‘Fine. If you don’t care about me, then why did you buy me this? Huh? Why?! Why did you even lay me?!’

‘Ice!’ His mother yelled at him. ‘Stop that right now!’

‘Why?’ Ice yelled. ‘You don’t even care about me! Why should I stop?’

‘Don’t be unreasonable! Stop that right now!’ His mother yelled.

‘You’re the one being unreasonable! And I’m not stopping!’ Ice yelled as he stepped on the portable media player. His mother yelled at him again, but he didn’t hear what she said. He just banged the door of his room closed behind him.


-A few years later-

‘So that’s one of the events that happened.’ Ice finished explaining to his mom. ‘I wasn’t really happy about that event. Other dragons put porn and such in my locker as well. And did much more than I could remember.’

‘I’m sorry… I didn’t know I acted like that. You were the only one who survived my first clutch that I thought you were strong and… I’m sorry.’ Ice’s mother said.

Ice sighed. It was hard enough for him to remember what happened. It was even harder to solve the past problems. He really wanted to avoid whatever that happened during he was 13. It was not the best life of his life. And it would probably be the scar of his life.

‘It’s ok…’ Ice said. What else can he say?

Sorry for not updating for a while. I was out of ideas.

This story is based off of my middle school life. I was bullied back then. And this is just one of the events that happened.

Thanks for reading, and if you like it, please like, follow, and share!


Memories: Ch18 -End

A few months later, summer break started and ended, and it was time for the second semester. Aster and I each got our own schedules. I looked at mine. I had korean for first class. I groaned. Seems like I was going to sleep it away again.

‘Yours?’ I asked Aster. ‘What’ya got for first class? I got Korean.’

‘Me as well. Hey, give me yours. Maybe we’ve got the same schedule?’

I gave her my schedule. After comparing the two, Aster announced that we’ve got the same schedule. I brightened up a bit, and with Aster, headed towards the Korean class.


It was now History class. Aster and I sat next to each other, as usual, and I wrote. A little while after, class was done, and I headed for lunch with aster. We didn’t have that old competition for lunch anymore, so we flew there side by side together, slowly. But not too slowly as to not being able to eat. I grabbed some cereal with milk, as I didn’t feel like eating anything much, while Aster got some fruits for the both of us. We settled down under the usual tree, and started to eat. Aster also started on her fruits as well while I ate the bowl of cereal. Soon, I finished the cereal, and grabbed an apple from the bowl Aster held out for me. I bit into it. It was as always, delicious.


School was finished for the day. Like a habit, Aster and I headed towards the abandoned factory. We sparred there almost everyday for fun. We checked if anyone was looking or following, and entered the factory. Once we were inside the building, we stood away from each other, and summoned our powers. I summoned water while Aster called for fire. Then suddenly, Aster threw a fireball at me. I let the waterwall take the hit, and responded by throwing water towards her. And so, the sparring started.


After a few hours or so, we stopped sparring and panted for breath.

‘Man! I never sparred like this before!’ Aster exclaimed, still panting.

‘But it’s fun, right? We got to use our powers all we want, and in a good way as well.’ I replied.


We sat in silence till I caught up to my breath, then walked out of the factory and to our home. Yes, our home. We lived together now. My parents were kind enough to get us a trailer in our lawn under the term of no silly business. Once we were home, I told my parents I was back, and headed for the trailer. Aster was already there, and was unpacking her bag. I threw my bag on my bed, (there are two beds. We didn’t sleep together) and went out of the trailer again, and into the house once more. I headed for the kitchen, got two cups of milk, and passed one to Aster, who followed me inside the house. After I finished my cup of milk, I went to my room, and took out a few clothes. My room was now used as the storage room for both of us. I came out quickly as Aster also needed to gather up her stuff. We each had a shower, then dinner. Then we headed out back to our trailer.

‘So, any ideas?’ I asked, when I was inside the trailer.

‘Nope, you?’ Aster replied, looking at me.

‘Me neither.’ I said, and crashed onto the sofa in our trailer. Aster followed the suit.

I turned, and looked at Aster. She turned, and looked at me as well. We looked at each other in the eyes. Something sparkled between us, and embarrassed of staring at Aster, I turned away, flustered. Aster snickered, and covered me with her wing.

‘You’re cute.’ She said. ‘Especially when you do that.’ Flustered I still looked away from her. Still snickering, Aster nuzzled me. Unable to hold back, I nuzzled her as well. ‘I love you.’ Aster said, still nuzzled. ‘Me too.’ I said, nuzzling her. Then I stopped. Aster stopped as well, and looked at me questioningly. ‘I think that’s enough nuzzling for today. We can take further steps when we’re adults.’ I said, carefully. I didn’t want to break the loving atmosphere. Aster cocked her head, and said slily ‘Take further steps to where? And by the way, we’ll be adults in a few days anyway. So why not now?’

‘I…You…Argh!’ I said, not able to decide whether to laugh or shout. Aster howled with laughter, and nuzzled me again.

‘Don’t be angry, my love. It was just a joke. Just laugh along with me.

I laughed awkwardly, and unsurely, which turned into a real laughter soon enough. Aster looked at me and smiled. I intertwined y tail with hers, and we cuddled and nuzzled.

The night went like that.


‘East? E-ast. Wake up.’

‘Why? It’s sunday.’ I said, and curled back under the covers.

‘You promised your hatchlings that you would play with them, you know.’ Aster said, pulling my covers again. I just groaned, and pulled the covers back up.

‘Fine. You leave me no choice, then.’ Aster said, hardly, but for some reason, I thought I could hear a smidge mischief in her voice. I ignored the thought, and tried to go back to sleep. And in seconds, I was asleep, again. But not for long.

I was covered with four masses of scales in a few minutes. One pulled on the covers while the other three each pulled on my tail, belly, and neck. I woke up, surprised. When the hatchlings found out that I was awake, the instantly jumped on me and demanded that I play with them. Chuckling and yawning, I agreed, and went in search for Aster. I found her at the living room, watching TV, and trying to look innocent. I walked over to her, and sat next to her.

‘You set them up, didn’t you?’ I said, in a false accusing voice. Aster looked at me, and saw right through my false anger. ‘You know me too well, dear.’ She said, smiling, then nuzzled me. I summoned some water, and drank it. When the hatchlings looked at the water curiously, I chuckled, and sprayed them with small droplets of water. Aster and I didn’t know what kind of powers the hatchlings had, but they wouldn’t find it out soon anyways, so we didn’t think too hard about it. The hatchlings squealed when they met the water, and I joined with them, laughing with delight.

While playing with them, my eyes darted to the picture of me and Aster on our highschool graduation day. We got married soon after that. Those were some good memories. All the trainings, all the school work, all the happiness and sadness… I turned and saw Aster taking a picture of me and the hatchlings. Yup. This was going to be a good memory as well.

I’m a mess right now.

I’m sorry for who ever is reading this.

I’m drunk right now.

I drank a bottle of watered vodka.It has over 16% of alcohol in it.

I don’t know how much I’m drunk.

I just tried to be a brother to my sister.

It didn’t work out right.

I broke my sister’s sim card. Cause she used the workd ‘찐따’

It’s basically a korean word for a loser.

I heard a lot of it. When I was bullied at middle school. To who who isn’t familiar with middle school, it means 13-15 years old. I was bullied at 13. Badly. It might not be as bad for some of you, but other people put porno pictures and sites in my locker, and they well… literally just bullied me. It’s not the kind you see in movies, but they didn’t talk to me, and they took my stuff without saying and made me a toy for themselves. Till this day, when I see them on the streets, they make fun of me. I always say to myself that they are not worthy of my attention, but I can’t deny that it still gets on my nerves.

Ok. It’s a few hours later, and I’m not drunk now.

Basically what happened was my sister used the loser word in korean, and I got mad, and I tried to swap her smart-phone into a flip-phone, and when I couldn’t control my anger, I just broke my sister’s sim card. And so my father raged, and we fought. Then the police came (My father called them when I was trying to harm myself with a kitchen knife and ate the whole week’s pills) and I got drunk, having a bottle of strong alcohol.

I’m sorry for whoever’s reading this, but this is my state right now. I’m a mess. A real mess. I go to mental hospitals, (aka therapy sessions) and eat pills to help my mental state. I have anger issues, and now, I’m starting to doubt myself. Because of anger issues, I smoke, drink, and break stuff. I even tore my award that I personally got from the principle in front of the whole school!

So, I’m a mess.

My life, so far, is a mess. I’m the oldest of the three kids in my family, and I can’t deny that it at times sucks and brings me a lot of stress.

Why am I always writing fantasy or reading fantasy?

Because I want to escape, and the fantasy world looks like a good escaping place to me.

I’m always tired, and always too serious. And I’m personally done with all this shit. But, if I joke, others won’t get it since I’m a horrible joker, and even though I work out now, (Kumdo) I’m still tired most of the time.

I smoke, and I smoke quite a lot. I just smoked half a pack today. Of course, it was a bad day, but still, that’s a lot of smoking I did.

I also drink a lot. I drink till I lose my mind.

So, yes. My life is a mess. And I only have a few exits, and one of them is writing, which is the reason I’m writing here. I’m sorry to whoever read this, but truely, I need somewhere to pour my feelings at. I’m tired of having them all to myself.

Hopefully I won’t feel like this soon. The kind police man told me that there must be a good thing coming down my path.

I really hope so.

Circle of Pain.

Nida looked at the scene in front of her emptily. She had just killed her torturers. But she didn’t feel anything. If she had to live this way, so be it. She hated the world, hated it more than anything. No one had cared when she suffered. No one had asked why she always had bruises covering her body. No one cared what her family did to her. No, no one did. Instead, they laughed at her. And now, she was done with it.


-17 yeas before-

‘Dada?’ A small voice called. ‘Dada?’

‘Oh for god sakes, give it a break! What the hell do you want now?’ said a grumpy voice, clearly unhappy. But the small Nida didn’t recognize the grumpy tone and called ‘Dada!’ happily, and tried to climb over the larger dragon. Seeing that it was nothing but just a calling from the hatchling, Pib grumbled, and turned and looked back to the TV blaring in front of him. Not getting the attention she wanted, little Nida called her father a few more times, then wailed. Swearing, Pib got up and went to Nida and shook her bed roughly. Shocked, Nida looked up at Pib with wide eyes, and saw that the larger dragon was angry. She shrank down, trying to dig into the mattress. But the larger dragon wasn’t fazed, and shouted ‘Shut Up!’ at her, and went back to his comfortable position, and continued watching TV.

Sulking, Nida tried go bo back to sleep, and closed her eyes. Unknowingly to her, a tear fell down and trickled down her face.

-12 years before-

‘Mom?’ Nida called. ‘Mom?’

‘What?’ Ihca asked irritatedly.

‘Can I have some juice?’ Nida asked, looking at the floor. She was hoping that her mom wouldn’t be angry with her today. ‘Guess my hopes never come true…’ She thought to herself.

‘Whatever! Just don’t interrupt me! I’m watching drama!’ Her mom said, angry at her. Sighing softly to herself, she went to the frige and poured herself a glass of juice and drank.

-11 years before-

‘Get out of the house, you useless piece of shit!’ Her dad yelled at her, drunk. He had been fired from his work, and he drank, and now he was pouring his anger at her. Nida cringed and crept into the corner more. But her father continued towards her, and stopped in front of her. ‘What good are you? You don’t do anything worthy! You’re worthless! You’re just a endless pit that collects food, shelter, and other various resources! Get the fuck out of the house!’ He yelled at her, eventhough she had done nothing wrong. She felt a tear roll down her face, and quickly wiped it before her dad saw it. Too late. Her dad saw it, and it enraged her dad even more. ‘What? You’re crying? What right do you have to cry? You’ve done nothing worthy of crying! Get that shit off your face!’ But this made her cry even more. ‘I said, get that shit off your face!’ Her father yelled at her. But she couldn’t stop crying. It had been like this to her, for the last 7 years. She was always bullied in the house eventhough she had done nothing wrong. Her parents hated her. Her grandparents were dead. Her neighbors ignored her. Her friends, as you call them, always made jokes of her and left her out of anything they did. She didn’t know why she deserved this. She didn’t do anything wrong, but everyday, she was bullied inside and out of the house. She had no one. Her dad, seeing her still crying, raised his claw, and striked her. Nida, shocked, instantly grabbed her chin, and looked at her claws. There was blood all over her claws. Shocked, she looked at her dad. But her father didn’t seem to regret anything. He still looked at her with an angry expression, Crying, she ran to her room, and locked the door behind her. She could hear her father punching the door, trying to break it. Curled up in a corner, she cried herself to sleep. Why did she deserve this?

-5 years before-

Nida was covered in bruises. She was still bullied in school, and it had only gone worse. The boys called her a whore, and the girls spread fake rumors of her sleeping with somebody and called her a bitch. But it was nothing compared to what she was dealing with at home. Shakily, she opened the door of her… no, her dad’s house, and crept in. Her dad never got another job after losing his, and was now an alcoholic mess. He had tried to rape her, struck her with his claws multiple times, and always called her a worthless shit. She saw her dad sprawled on the sofa, in front of the TV. As quietly as she could, she crept over to her room. But then a floorboard creaked, and hearing it, her father opened his eyes. Nida bolted towards her room, and she could hear her father swearing and trying to catch her. She looked back, and saw something horrifying.

Not only was there her dreadful father with his hated looks at her, but there was also a feral look in his eyes.

She bolted inside her room, and tried to lock the door. But she couldn’t. With his bigger body and stronger strength, her father crashed into the door, and grabbed her by her neck. ‘Where do you think you’re going?’ Her father growled at her, while she gasped for air and struggled against him. ‘You’re going no where, that’s where.’ Then he turned her, and beat her. She cried out in pain, howled, and yelled, but no one cared. Finally, exhausted, she submitted, only wincing everytime a claw or punch landed on her, hoping that she would get unconscious soon, But even more horrifying thing happened. Her dad laid her, beaten, and worn on the floor roughly, and locked the door behind him. Then he closed the curtains, making the room dark. As her foggy eyes slowly adjusted to darkness, she felt something pierce her. She cried out in pain, but her screams were soon drowned to nothing as her dad hit her in the head, hard, enough to make her get unconscious.

A few hours later, she woke up in her room, with a strange ache in her back. Her mind was still foggy, so she waited till her mind got clearer. Then she located the pain on her back, neck, and wings. There were numorous claw marks on her. Wincing, she crept into a corner, after making sure the door was locked, and looked at her wounds closely. Most of them were clogged with blood, but some were still bleeding. She licked her wounds clean, and crying, went to sleep. She didn’t know why she deserved this.

-1 hour before-

She was done. Today, she was going to end this circle of pain herself. And she was halfway there. She grabbed the blood caked knife she in her claws, and headed towards her home.


She thought of all the stuff that happened today. She had killed the bullies, and her parents who never thought of her except for a punch bag. Now only one step was left for her to end the circle of pain. She heard the police ciren blare outside her house, and looked at the loop in front of her. ‘Till the end, no one cares about me. Funny.’ She thought, and laughed. But it was a sad, bitter laugh. Making sure the binds were tight on her wings, she put her head through the loop and kicked the chair under her. She was struggled and choked for air.

Her last thoughts were ‘Goodbye, cruel world. Let’s never see each other again.’

I’m not going to ask for follows, likes, or shares this time. This is a commison for everyone who’s beaten, abused, or bullied all around the world. I know this writing is bad and all, but PLEASE, CARE FOR YOUR NEIGHBORS, FRIENDS, AND FAMILY.

Memories: Ch17

It was a few days after. I had managed to summon a puddle of water. Each day, after the training, I fell face first into my sleeping bag, exhausted. Each day, my skills continued to improve. I was getting the hold of handling my power, and it required less and less energy to do the same kind of trick each day.

‘Ok. That’s enough.’ Aster said, stopping me. ‘Let’s resume tomorrow.’

‘Sounds good to me’ I said as I panted. ‘I’m out of energy anyways.’

We got out of the abandoned factory, and flew towards my home. Once we were there, I instantly grabbed my clothes, and got a shower, then plopped onto my sleeping bag.


‘Hey, Focaly.’ I called my friend. It was the day after and I was at school. I had just finished Korean, and it was now a day before summer break. ‘What are you gonna do on summer break?’

‘Umm… study? Read fiction? Play video games? Whatever that comes to mind, I guess.’ He replied.

‘Oh. Why study, though? You know the part that counts when you go to university is done.’ I said, curiously.

‘Well, we still got that big test that could change the name of the college, you know. Gotta study for that.’ Focaly replied, casually.

‘Oh.’ I said, and went away.

I went back to my locker and pulled out English. Time to write. I headed towards Mrs.Han’s class, and laid out my books and papers. I put the book on the desk, and piled up my pencil case, phone, and wallet on top of it. I wasn’t going to concentrate on English this class anyways.

I pulled some paper towards me, and started writing. Soon, class started, and Mrs.Han started to teach the class. Of course, I didn’t give a damn about the class as I already knew what she would teach.



Mrs.Han was looking at me. Aster snickered beside me. ‘East.’ Mrs.Han started. ‘I know you’re good at English, but maybe not even opening your book is going too far.’ She said.

‘Sorry, Mrs. Han.’ I said. I cursed my luck underneath my breath. I had to get caught, didn’t I? I opened my book, and pretended to look at the page. My mind was still wandering around writing. Mrs.Han gave me a warning look, and went away. I put my papers under the book, and continued to write. Aster looked at me, and snickered again.


It was now lunch time. I got a plate of fruits as I wasn’t feeling that hungry, and Aster got some beef. We sat down under the ususal tree, and ate.



I growled. This was the 8th time today. Apparently, Aster wasn’t happy with the results. I focused on my powers, and called for water again. I felt a drop of water, then a puddle of water. Then a little more. Then a little more. I didn’t close my eyes anymore, so I saw the whole process. Water was appearing out of this air. I looked at Aster. She shook her head. It wasn’t enough.

‘Urgh!’ I yelled. I was tired. I was exhausted. I was trying hard. Yet, Aster didn’t seem to be planning to stop me anytime soon. I evaporated the water back into the air, and started again. This time, this time, I would do it.

I watched a drop of water become a puddle, and the puddle became a larger puddle, qnd the large puddle became the size of a… car?! Suddenly, water was gathering faster and faster, and suddenly, I knew how to control my power at full potential. I looked at Aster in shock, as if felt like nothing I’ve ever felt before, and she… nodded? And smiled? Although I was confused, I still concentrated on the water. It soon became the size of a small pond, then a large pond. Then it became a floating lake, filling up the whole factory. I looked around. Water was getting pulled out of the air, from the soil, from everywhere! I saw drops of water heading for the mass of water. I saw them unite and become one. I saw… what I could do.

Aster signaled me. I stopped gathering water, and ordered it to return where it came from. It did, and shortly after, there was no mass of water floating in the air. It was as if nothing had happened.

‘Good.’ Aster said. ‘Very good. What you did just now was break your own limit of power. Now you can control your power at full potential. Nice job.’

I was going to reply, then I realized something. I wasn’t panting for breath! Nor was I feeling tired or exhausted! Looking at my surprised pose, Aster laughed. ‘Once you unlock your limits, it doesn’t exhaust you. At least, not by a short shot. I never tested it out on a long shot, but I expect it to be the same.’ She said.

‘Wow.’ I said. ‘That was… incredible.’

‘It was.’ Aster replied. ‘Now you can protect yourself or attack your offender. The style is chosen by you.’

I got confused. ‘What do you mean?’

‘That there’s no regulated style of offence or defense. It’s chosen by you. I guess you can make a water wall to block bullets.’ Aster replied.

‘Oh. I said, then remained silent.

After a moment of rest, Aster finally said ‘Shall we go home?’

Memories: Ch16

‘Waky waky’ someone said.

‘5 more minutes, mom.’ I mumbled.

That someone laughed. That someone was a she. She laughed heartily and loudly. Confused, I opened my eyes to see… Aster laughing. I got embarrassed and got up. ‘You could’ve just shook me up, you know.’ I said, getting up from my sleeping bag. ‘That wouldn’t have been fun.’ Aster replied, smirking. I sighed, and went to the bathroom to wash. ‘You can have the other bathroom. It’s unused, so think of it as a bathroom for guests.’ I said, as I went out of my room. Aster nodded, and gathered up her clothes, and went to the other bathroom.

After washing my scales and hair, I went back to my room, and picked up my bag. Aster soon joined me and picked up her bag as well. I said my departures to my parents, and headed over to school with Aster. Another day, another day at school.


It was now lunch time. I went to the cafeteria, and got a piece of bread with jam. That got me thinking. How did Aster get food on that day the cafeteria was closed? Just as I was about to think more about it, Aster came with a bowl of fruits. She sat down next to me, and offered me an apple.

‘Thanks.’ I said, as I accepted the apple. ‘Umm… Avil. I have a question. How’d you get that food when the cafeteria was closed? You said you got that sandwich again. Are you really living on the streets?’ I asked, carefully. Aster looked at me, then sighed. ‘Fine. I guess there’s no keeping this away from you. I might have ‘persuaded’ a few dragons to help me with my powers. They’re a group of gang who tried to mug me at the start, but after a few examples, they were convinced to stay out of my bad sides. And a few of them run shops, so… that’s how I got my lunch.’

‘Is that where you get the money from as well?’ I asked.

‘Yeah.’ Aster replied. I was dumbstruck. When she said she could live in the middle of bandits, I didn’t think she meant it literally. But she was! And she was ruling over them! ‘Wow.’ I managed to say.

‘That reminds me.’ Aster said, biting into aj apple. ‘We should train.’

‘Train what?’ I asked.

‘Train your powers.’ Aster replied.


‘You heard me.’ Aster said. ‘You should train. I’m pretty sure your powers can come handy as well. Just…think if it as preparing for bad times.’

I thought for a second. Then Aster spoke again. ‘What happened to me… can happen to you. Don’t tell anyone about your powers, but protect your family. Don’t end up like me.’

I looked at her. She kept a straight face, but I knew she was thinking about her family. I shuffled over to her, and hugged her. I felt her tense a bit, then relax. ‘Don’t worry.’ I said. ‘And thanks. Thank you for your help. I’ll train. So when do we start?’


We ate dinner, packed our bags, and left school. Aster, living on the streets, knew the streets better than I did, and knew an abandoned building where we could practice. When we arrived, I saw that it was an abandoned factory.’

‘Ok. Try to summon water.’ Aster said, when we were inside the factory. I pulled out my water bottle, opened it, and set it down on the floor to order the water to float. But Aster stopped me and closed the cap. ‘I said, summon water, not use water that you already have.’ And she handed me the water bottle back. I got confused.

‘You mean make water out of thin air?’ I asked, confused. ‘How do you do that?’

‘Just call for water. And as for making it, you’re not exactly making it. It’s more like you’re gathering up the moisture from the air. Here. Take my claws. I’ll show you.’

I took her claws, and soon, her claws started to get burning hot. I had to removed my claws before it got burnt. ‘Because there’s nothing available to burn, I can’t make a flame. But, I can make my claws hot as so to burn whatever if something touches my claws. You can do it as well. Concentrate on your power, and call for water.’

I closed my eyes, and concentrated. I held my claws out, and called for water. Then something touched my claws, and I opened my eyes in surprise. It was Aster, holding one of my claws. ‘Don’t look at me! Concentrate!’ she said. ‘I’m checking if you’re working hard. Concentrate!’

I focused on my powers once again. I called for water, and called for my powers.


I was home. Exhausted, I threw my bag in the floor, and fell onto the sleeping bag. Man, did that training take a lot out of you! I succeeded in summoning water, or gathering water, as Aster called it, but it was after numerous attempts and numerous failures. When I finally was able to summon a drop of water, I nearly fainted with exhaustion. Aster congratulated me, and announced that we would resume training tomorrow. Then we headed home, and now I was here, lying on the sleeping bag.

‘East, you know you have to wash up, right?’ Aster said, standing over me. ‘C’mon. Wash up, and you can sleep, ok?’

I mumbled sleepily, gathered up my clothes, and went to the bathroom to wash. After having a shower, I went back to my room, and fell head first into my sleeping bag. Damn, was I tired. Aster snickered, but I didn’t reply or do anything. I was too tired.

Before I knew it, I was fast asleep.

Memories: Ch15

It was a few days after. I continued to hang out with Aster. I learned that she had found her powers when she was still a hatchling, and her parents proudly announced this to their family and friends. Then, one day, a group if governors arrived at their home followed by a truck load of army guys. Her parents were captured, and she escaped by a sheer miracle, while her guards were not focusing on her. She then escaped to the streets, where she lived and still lives. She severed all the connections with her relatives as not to affect them, and still has no one. She cried a few times while saying this, and told me over and over not to tell anyone about these powers. I promised her not to, and now, I’m waiting for Avil-Aster to come after dinner. I had something that I had in mind.

‘Hey, Avil.’ I said. We agreed to call her Avil as to let Aster remain incognito. She smiled when she saw me.

‘Hey, East. Had a good day?’ she asked, while landing beside me.

‘Nah. Was way too hot.’ I replied.

‘Yeah. It’s kind of hot now as well. So, what are we going to do today, East? You said you had something in mind.’

I was waiting for this. ‘Better talk this over a flight.’ I said. ‘Come.’

Aster followed me, in a bit of confusion. Soon, I slowed down a bit, letting Aster catch up. ‘So what is it, East?’ Aster asked me. ‘Is it something important?’

‘Yeah.’ I replied. ‘So you said you lived in the streets, right?’

‘Yeah?’ Avil replied.

‘Well… I would like it if you’d stay with me.’ I said, trying to look as if it ‘s no big deal, which it wasn’t.

‘Huh? Why?’

‘You said you live in the streets. That isn’t safe, you know.’

‘But you know I have my powers, right? I can literally live in the middle of a group of bandits, and they won’t dare touch me.’ Avil said, looking at me. ‘It’s no big deal.’

‘It’s a big deal to me.’ I said, looking straight in her eyes. ‘You know, you cant exactly sleep well knowing that your girlfriend could be mugged, robbed, or killed at any time.’

‘You’re talking about things that wont happen.’ Avil said, with an amused face. ‘But thanks for worrying for me. I really appreciate it.’

I frowned. This wasn’t how I wanted this to go out. ‘Avil, please. You said you don’t want to lose me. I don’t want to lose you as well. So please, stay with me?’ I asked, pleadingly.

Avil sighed. ‘Fine. I guess a few days wont hurt.’

I yelled ‘Yes!’ and that got a few other dragons looking at our way. Aster looked at me with a ‘Really?’ look, and I laughed awkwardly.


It was 6 in the afternoon. We decided to skip study time, as I would have quite a bit to explain to my parents. We packed our bags, and headed out of school.

‘So, you got anything to gather up?’ I asked to Aster, who was flying beside me.

‘Umm…no. I got all my stuff always with me.’ She said, nodding to her pack.

‘All good then, right? Let’s go!’ I said, and shot forwards. I loved the rush of wind on my scales. I heard Aster laugh and beat her wings to catch up. I smiled, and headed to my home.


‘What are you talking about, East?’ my mom, Liya asked.

‘Like I said, mom, she doesn’t have a home. Cant she stay at ours?’ I asked, hopefully.

‘Why? Why doesn’t she have a home?’ mom asked again. ‘She’s not kicked out, is she?’

I sighed. ‘No, mom. It’s a long story. Although I cant tell you the details, as I promised to Avil, I assure you she’s not a criminal nor kicked out.’

My mom and dad sighed. Finally, my dad, Getli, spoke. ‘Ok. But we don’t have any spate rooms, so she’ll have to stay in your room. And no funny business!’

‘Thank you so much, mom and dad!’ I yelled, hugging my parents. ‘You wont regret it, I promise that!’

‘Hopefully we wont.’ Mom said. ‘So why don’t you introduce us to your friend?’


After introducing Aster to my parents, we headed up to my room. All had gone better than I had imagined. My parents nor Aster freaked out, and my parents didn’t suspect a thing. I landed in front of my door, and put the key into the keyhole.

‘You look your door?’ Aster asked, laughing.

‘Uh…yeah. Don’t worry. I always leave the window open, so it wont stink or anything.’ I said, as I unlocked the door and opened it. ‘Ladies first.’ I said, smiling.

‘Haha.’ Aster said, and headed inside. ‘Well, it’s cleaner than I thought.’ Aster said, after looking around my room. ‘You got quite a collection of books as well. All yours?’

‘Yeah. That was before I started to write. Feel free to look around. Although… there’s not much of interest here.’ I said, then threw my bag on the floor, and sat on the bed.

Aster looked at my collection of books, and pulled one out. ‘You don’t mind, do you?’ she asked, and opened it, started reading.

After looking at her for a moment, I started unpacking my bag. Once I was done, I started to type on my phone. Time to upload ADL again.


It was now night. I told my parents and pulled out a sleeping bag from the closet. Aster looked at me with curious eyes.

‘Is that where I’m gonna sleep in?’ she asked.

‘No.’ I replied. ‘You’re taking the bed. You know, guests first ‘

‘Oh.’ Aster said, looking a bit dumb folded. ‘Thanks.’

‘No problem.’ I said, and unrolled the sleeping bag. I shut the light off after checking Aster, and crawled into the sleeping bag.

‘Night.’ Aster said, looking at me.