Making a custom laptop sticker for my Surface Pro.


Browsing through pictures and picking what I want…


Then getting a vinyl sheet and laying it flat. Mine was folded up, so…


Then printing my selected art from google and sticking it on the vinyl…


I cut the paper with the vinyl stuck beneath it.


I then cut all the insides of the dragon as I want the shape of the dragon to show.


THEN I stuck the dragon to my Surface Pro and stated to peel off the paper on top of the vinyl.


And… Done! It looks quite good, at least for my first attempt. Now the back of my Surface doesn’t look so bold and boring. Haha! Success!

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I might have accidentally erased windows.


I might have acidentally erased windows from my Surface Pro.

Yes, I am writing on my Surface Pro i3 right now, but I really did erase it from my computer.  I was trying to get Phoenix OS working on my computer, and accdentally erased the main drive of my computer.

So yes, all my data has gone to hell.

Thank god I already backed up all my important files (Music, Writings, Reviews, Pictues, etc) onto my other drive.

What I learned from today is that I should do backups on a normal basis. I still lost a few images and such, but nothing too important and nothing I can’t recover. Some are backed up to my google drive, and some are on my external sd card.

So, yeah. Thank gods I already backed the most important files, and thank god nothing really went wrong with my surface pro.

My unboxing and review of Loving Home mouse & keyboard combo

My unboxing and review of the Loving Home mouse&keyboard set.

So, the mouse I was using broke, and as it was a mouse and keyboard wet, I decided to get a new one. After a lot of searching and walking around, I bought a keyboard and a mouse combo from a nearby wall for 25 bucks. What do I think of it? Here’s the anwer

Here’s the picture of the box.


Nothing to exactly look at, except for the small image in the corner saying that this keyboard has pentagraph keys. So, let’s open it, shall we?


This is what you see when you open up the box. Straight forward, there’s a keyboard, and a mysterious box next to it. Probably holding the mouse. So, let’s open unbox whatever’s in the box and pull out the keyboard!


This is what it looks like. I was disappointed a bit. I thought maybe the top of the keyboard was aluminum, but no. It’s all plastic that looks like one. At least the package is simple with nothing exactly going to waste except for the keycover that I’m not fond of. That went to the waste.


So, this is what it looks like with my surface pro 3. I think I quite like how it looks. Even though it’s not as elegant as having a type cover, the keyboard and mouse still has a nice finish that goes well with the surface.



So, the experience.

Straight forward, the mouse was a bit small, but I got used to it and after a day of use. The keyboard was… actually great. I didn’t expect much from a 25 dollar keyboard and mouse combo, but the typing experience on this was actually quite satisfying. The keys have a nice rebound to it, and it certainly feels better than a normal silicone based keyboard. It might be becauuse I’m quite a bit of fan of pentagraph keys. They don’t tire my hands as much as a normal silicone keys do, and the keyborad is much slimmer and looks more modern as well.

You might have already noticed, but there are two more buttons on the mouse where your thumb rests. It was my first experience of mouse 4 and mouse 5, and I must say, that I was confused of what they do for a bit. Later did I find out that mouse 4 awas forwards and mouse 5 was backwards on normal internet. But in gaming, it was a lot better than having just 3 buttons. I mapped mouse 4 as knife, and mouse 5 with grenades in counter-strike, and it worked out very well for me. So, I am pleased as well.

So, in the end, I would give it a 8/10, considering the price and quality. Those other two points are gone as the build quality can improve (Mine has a slight crack in the back where the parts doesn’t exactly join well) and the noises from clicking the mouse can improve. It’s way too noisy. I know it’s not a silent mouse, but I can use a bit less noise coming from it.

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My review of Surface Pro i3 – in 2017!


This is my review of the Surface Pro 3 i3 – in 2017!

I bought this surface a few days ago, and felt like I needed to review it as I didn’t make a review of any of the Surfaces I owned. (Total 4 of them, including this one.) So here’s my review.


The performance.

This particular Surface has an i3-4020y with 4 gigs of ram and 64 gigs of ssd. So, is it good in 2017? Umm…No..? Cause it lags a bit. Again, it’s a Y instead of a normal U. The lowest of the CPU bunch. Or near it. Whatever. But is it usable? Yes, it is. For normal users who normally have 2-3 tabs open at a time, this Surface won’t exactly lack performance. But for mid to heavy users like me who have more than 1 program running and more than 5 tabs at a time, this Surface definetely lags and lacks performance. While it is definetely usable, it also lags in mid to heavy usage. So, if you’re buying a surface pro 3 in 2017, I recommend more than a i3 and more than 4 gigs of ram. For this surface, I’m personally not giving it a pass.


The design.

The design is pretty good, even by today standards. The surface still looks sleek and professional, and personally, I think it looks even better than the pro 4 or the new Surface. So it’s a pass for me.

The compatability/expandability

The Surface Pro 3 is actually quite compatable with other surfaces. Whichever type cover could be used on any Surface, and it’ll work fine. The chargers of 3 is compatable with 4 and vise versa. The dock is also compatable with each other as well. For expandability, the surface has a micro-sd card slot, 1 usb port, 1 mini display port, and 1 charging port. Not much. If you want to change your ssd, you have to totally tear apart the surface, and the ram is stuck to the board. So for expandability, it isn’t really that good, though you can always use a Usb hub or a higher speced out Surface. So… I’m not going to give it a pass for expandability, while I do give it for the compatability.


The screen.

The Surface has a 2160X1440 IPS display, and I must say, it looks sharp and bright even by today standards. So the Surface passes with flying colors.

The Weight.

The Surface itself is under a kilogram, which makes it extremely light, even with it’s rigid build. (Of course, except for it’s touch screen which cracks very easily.) So it’s easy to carry it around, so I also give it a pass.


The speakers.

The speakers are still quite good. Microsoft says that it’s a stereo, and when you use it, you really do feel it being a stereo. With the speakers being mounted on both sides of the screen. The screen, being 12 inches big, you really do feel the stereo. The speakers don’t feel too bassy or trembly, and personally, I give it a pass with flying colors again, as I think this is one of the best speakers I heard on a laptop.

The cameras.

Well…They suck, ok? So let’s just pass this, shall we? They’re only there for looks, nothing more. It. Simply. Sucks.


The kickstand.

Mine’s still in good shape, but the kickstands do tend to get loose over time. It happened to my 2nd Surface, the surface with an i5 and 8gigs of memories. So… I’m not going to give it a pass. You never know when the hinge is going to give up on you. Even if it doesn’t, it feels way too unsteady as the time goes by.

So that was my review for the Surface Pro 3 i3 – in 2017. It got 5 passes out of 9 tests. Not bad, I guess. My score for the Surface Pro 3 i3 in 2017 is a 6.5/10, as it is quite aged and slow at this point of time.

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This is my review of Samsung Micro SDXC 64G card.


The package is simple. It’s consisted of the card itself and a micro sd card reader. The latter being extremely useful to me, as my deskto doesn’t have a sd reader integrated in it.

This card is a UHS-10, and a class 10. It basically means it’s a good card, I guess. Yeah. I don’t know what that means, either. But the package says that it’s capable of transfering files at 48mb/s. Pretty fast, I must say.


So, where do I use it? On my surface pro, of course! I use an i3 64gb surface, so an extra memory to store all my stuff is crutial. And this memory does that job very well with it’s small size and quick transfering speed.

So, the speed. I already said that this card is capable of 48mb/s, and I believe it could actually do it with the right equipments, as I got 41mb/s out of my surface pro. I’m pretty sure it’ll be able to get up there.

The reliablility. Well, it’s a SD card. It’s only going to be as reliable as any other cards. So don’t store any important files on it, or save another copy of it somewhere else. It does have a 10 year warranty, so that makes it a little bit better.

The protability. Well, I’ll pass this. You all know it yourself.


The actual usable storage. 59.6 out of 64. I wonder where the other 4 gigs went. Lol.

The value. I got this for 30 bucks. In my books, that’s not a bad deal, especially with a card reader included.

So, my points? I’ll give it a 9/10. That 1 other point is because of the 4 gigs that just evaporated. Other that that, I can say that I’m satisfied with the performance of this card. Thanks for reading, and if you enjoyed it, please, share, leave a like, and follow.